Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Lee’s Summit Day of Awesome!

How cool is it that friends will come from near and far to show their support and say hello in PERSON – even though you “see” each other nearly every day online?

Such was my day yesterday in the beautiful city of Lee’s Summit, Missouri!

Completely bamboozled, stressed out in a flurry of activity of getting quilts set up for the presentation, unpacking boxes in a hurry to set up the book signing table with crowds of folks waiting for me to “Open, open, open!” I didn’t even notice who had snuck into the wings, just hanging out at the way back.

My dear friend Kevin the Quilter!  So good to see you, Kevin! 

And it was such a short hello – a hug, a selfie, and off he went because his life is just as busy too.

But real hugs are ALWAYS the best gift of the day!  And there were many!


Heather, Charnette & Friends!

More Iowa girls – with a completed and gifted Diamond Tile quilt made for Heather as she moves away and heads into her own next chapter. 

Quilting not only brings us together, but KEEPS us together, no matter how far apart in distance we are.  Wishing Heather the best of luck in her new digs, and still hoping I’ll see Charnette and Heather tag-teaming another event somewhere, sometime – perhaps at Quiltville Inn?  So good to see you ladies!


My buddy Jessica!

My sweet friend, and the voice of reason – she can set me straight with just “that look!” is my friend Jessica Vaughn from Wichita.  She came for the meeting and my half-day class after, and we even snuck off together after all was said and done to play catch up over dinner.

And I forgot all about time.  

We came back to Sharon’s and the quilty chat continued with the 3 of us in Sharon’s sewing space where we sat comfortably around a table, talking up a storm until it was nearly bed time.  

These special friends are my anchor.  So grateful to have time to spend REAL TIME with them!


More friendly faces into the afternoon!

Michelle on the right was at my Iowa workshops a couple of months ago – when spring was slow at arriving and we wondered if it would EVER get here.  And here we were not-quite-mid-June with temps around 100, high humidity and no air moving and we were back longing for March again.  What a fickle lot we are! 


43 around the room -

Tables as close to outlets as they could get!


Sewing, slicing,  re-arranging, re-sewing!


And playing with layouts!

My half-day classes are cram packed with activity and block construction and everyone go so much done!


Love the 30s prints! 

And here is the rest of our whirlwind Scrappy Mountain Majesties afternoon!  Click to play:

So many great colorways and layout options!


Great job, ladies!

And we do it again today – Texas Tumbleweed from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders is up on deck!

I’m ready.  Bring it on!

June 12, 2018 at 07_12AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Lone star quilt found in Washington.

Always a great reminder! Face the sunshine today!

Have a lovely Tuesday, folks!


  1. Looks like a whirlwind of fun! Beautiful quilts ladies

  2. Enjoy and be blessed Bonnie!

  3. Yes, face the sun but don't forget to wear your sunscreen!

  4. wow, only 3 comments, a great time to post and be fairly certain you'll be seeing/reading this and find AGAIN how much i appreciate your contribution to my life! Every day you quip something that reasonates and makes my heart sing. Thank you. Cats in Carlsbad, CA

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