Saturday, June 23, 2018

Vacuums,Chairs, Friends,Deliveries & Found Things!

It was a day of lost things found –things discovered hiding in plain sight.

The last morning at the cabin means a bit of tidying up so that things are nice when I next return.

I looked everywhere for the blasted vacuum. I checked, rechecked, and triple checked every closet, every place that it may be found. I checked the Utility room, the garage, and even asked the hubster when his flight landed in Detroit if he had taken it out to his man shed.

I had completely given up hope when I turned around and saw it right next to the Accuquilt.

It had been here the whole time. I had walked past it at least a dozen times yesterday morning, passing right by it to double-triple-check the utility room for the vacuum. Not to mention how many times I have walked past it every day several times a day for the past week.

I did a ton of cutting at this Accuquilt Studio this week, prepping future projects.  Yet I couldn’t see this vacuum sitting right here? Nuts!

I must be completely losing my mind.

Things cleaned up, I headed down the mountain toward Wilkesboro, NC.  Mona had told me to hold off coming for a bit, as they were completely fogged in with zero visibility at that elevation.  Mouth of Wilson, being much higher – we had clear blue skies.  The mountain ranges can each have their own weather systems at times.  It’s the Blue Ridge!

I had told her of my plan to stop in Wilkesboro/North Wilkesboro for a bit of an antique mall peek, and would she care to join me?  And she declined due to having to go with her hubby to Lenoir for appointments.  Well, Dang!  Next time.


Okay – this I love!

It won’t fit in the van nor do I know if I’ll have space for it.

Tables with seating for 16 first.  Then we'll see.

But I am keeping my watchful eye on it – it is from the 1920s or 1930s and is solid mahogany.  I would love this in the dining room at Quiltville Inn.

But today is a day for practicalities.  Stick to the agenda, Bonnie!  You are searching for porch chairs, den chairs and night stands!


What about a sewing machine?

NO!  Chairs, or nightstands!  Get with the program!


Ooohhhhh!  Hello, Glider Rocker!

I remember being envious of my sister in law as she had one of these chairs to rock and nurse her babies in.  The chair pads are in like-new condition – and I gave it a whirl!  This is perfect for the den at Quiltville Inn!  It will fit all sizes of folks comfortably –and is solid oak.  $50.00.  Sold!


Possible night stand?

Ehh…not really into shabby chic.

And they spelled it Sheik.  Which made me giggle.


Quilt stopping is always a great time out!  Oh…those Baptist fans!

Are you a chair?  No.

Are you a nightstand?  No.

Move on!


I got so excited over this!!

Original balls of crochet thread on the spindles beneath the lid!

It’s a sewing/needlework stand!

Could you be a night stand?  YES!

Sold.  $40.00.


Ooohhh…how lovely you are.  And how do you sit?


Texts were flying between myself and Mona – showing her what I’d found, asking what she thought.  Was this a good price?  I carried this up to the front counter, and offered $60.00 as some of the wicker on the bottom of the chair were broken.  Offer accepted, I moved on. 


Tall boy dresser with chippy paint.

Oh, how I love this in all of its shabbiness.
(No sheiks included!)

At some point in the 1970s (guessing) This dresser was “antiqued” the way things were during that time period.  I remember my mom “antiquing” old furniture with a “coat of this, and a rub down of this” to give it a new “old looking” finish.  Think the “Chalk Paint” of the 1970s.

(Eventually it makes everything look dated to the time period in which you “improved” it…and that goes for chalk paint as well, not a fan.)

Solid and sturdy.  $55.00.  A great deal, but I am running out of room in the van.  And as I text the photo over to Mona…here comes this vague text from her that simply says “Well…….”

And around the corner she comes talking to me in person telling me what she thought about it! 

She made it back from Lenoir and headed right on over to surprise me.  SO AWESOME!

I passed on the dresser (for now) but did grab up this rocker:


Solid, comfy – $30.00!

I was coming home with 3 chairs – one needle worker's night stand –I kept to my agenda!

We made a plan to drive over to a little diner where we could sit, enjoy a beverage and catch up.  It had been a couple of months since we’d seen each other.

And as we sat, sipped and chatted, the sky opened up and poured like I had never seen it pour before.  And it continued..for more than an hour.  Outrageous downpour.  And I kept thinking that if she hadn’t come to join me, and we hadn’t decided to sit and chat – I’d be trying to drive in that dangerous zero-visibility downpour.

As it was ---when the rain subsided enough for us to get back in our cars – As I pulled on the highway and started east down 421, there were many cars in ditches – some wrecks were still in the clean up mode – traffic going the OTHER way stopped for miles.  It was a bad one.  Time with my friend stopped me from being in the worst of it.

As it was, I did hit a little pocket of torrential ran that lasted for about 10 miles before I was out of it, but all was well.  I had another date to keep.  Click to play:

We picked the pallet load of Quiltville Date Keepers up from Yellow Freight.  They are here!

The perpetual Date Keeper features more than 60 of my quilts, with spaces and places for planning your current and future projects. Hints and helps. Tips and tricks and more! These will be available on my website as soon as my Bonnie Hunter Quilty Pencils also arrive - they are on their way! We have decided to hold off until both are in house and available together!

We will open up orders/preorders soon, very soon. 

I head for Chicago tomorrow, so likely when I get back.

And that isn’t ALL that happened yesterday.


Guess what I found where?

In cleaning out the back of the van, I discovered the missing GATE REMOTE hiding in the space behind the fold down cup holders at the back of the van’s center console.

How it got in there, I have NO IDEA.  It is the same color as the cup holders..I never would have seen it if I hadn’t have reached in that hole just to check.

A found vacuum (hidden in plain sight.) A found gate remote (Hidden away from view in an unlikely spot)….now if only I can find the missing sound bar remote!

I’m running crazy here.  Getting orders out before I head off to Chicago – packing for tomorrow’s trip.

And getting ready to meet up with HollyAnne Knight of String & Story via Facebook Live on HER String & Story Facebook Page for Summer Social Hour at 8pm EASTERN! 

Which means – somewhere in there I’m going to have to get a shower and get presentable in the midst of all of this.

Warning – Busy Day Ahead!

June 23, 2018 at 06_46AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day.

I will choose happiness over success every single time! Then takes log cabin shared at our luncheon in independence, VA this week.

Happy Saturday – Catch you tonight!


  1. Great deals, funs times, thankful for safety, loads of greatness, info chatting...happiness...priceless.❤️ Have a wonderful busy day.

  2. What amazing bargains! Thank goodness you missed that ferocious downpour! Mona's well-timed visit was perfect.

  3. Sometimes Bonnie things happen for a reason. With your delay in leaving you missed the accident. Getting caught in the cleanup is better than being in the accident. Glad you and Mona are both safe. Catch you later tonight, enjoy the rest of your day....

  4. I'd say yesterday was your lucky day. I hope you bought a lottery ticket while you were at it. :)

  5. I have a cabinet just like yours. Mine has a label inside saying Caswell Runyon Company, Huntington , IN. My dad bought it a long time ago just because it was made here in my hometown. Mine is full!

  6. Looks like a return trip with the trailer to load up pretty things for the Inn. Way to stay on task. So fun for Mona to surprise you! I dislike driving in pouring rain.

  7. Yeah for finding the remote!! I prayed to St. Anthony for you to find it and you did! Thank you St. Anthony! Really excited about the planner and pencils!!! Looking forward to the time to visit Quiltville Inn as well!! Will be watching you guys tonight. Safe travels for tomorrow!

    1. Sandy, You made me smile because I thought of St. Anthony for the lost remote :) and told myself that was silly. Just thinking "Tony, Tony, look around. What is lost must be found", a few misplaced items came into view.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Great post, I'm glad you weren't caught in the rain. I had to laugh when I saw the picture of the buffet piece of furniture. My daughter and I have a joke whenever we go to an antique store. We try to see who can be the first one to see "Blue Boy" by Gainsborough. AND, there it is on the wall behind the buffet. We see that painting in some form in almost every antique stores we go in. He must have been wildly popular at one time. Love the needlework stand!

  9. Bonnie I always have a smile when reading your blog. You are an inspiration and an achiever. Today I have been shopping not for antiques but fabrics delicious gorgeous fabrics in Singapore - which will find a place in my luggage back to the UK. Next week I WILL sew & sort my beautiful fabrics. Thank you for always inspiring.

  10. All the quilty friends might not notice what I did...and that is OK! I love the pickup truck color and license plate! Go Boise State! Hoping tonights Quilt cam can be embedded....I am going to miss it live tonight! Thanks for all you do and including us in your life! So much fun!

  11. As soon as I saw the title of your post I thought you found the remote but it was the vacuum you found. At first I was disappointed that was what was found until I finished reading to the end. Yahoo so glad you found it. Safe Travels this week.

  12. Great deals! But I do love that dresser. Glad you missed the storm. Have fun in Chicago, my home town.

  13. You were busy as usual Bonnie. Nice treasures and I’m glad you found the gate remote.

    I enjoyed seeing you and Holly Anne tonight. Thanks for answering my question about the Accuquilt Go! Can’t wait to order my Quiltville Date Keeper and I dream of a stay at Quiltville Inn.

  14. All things happen for a reason. We were purchasing a new house but the owners just kept putting obstacles in the way so we pulled out with me having a hissy fit and looking in a completely different area. Husband wasn't keen to look elsewhere because he loved that house - whereas I wasn't keen. By the end of the week we found the most perfect place in the most perfect situation, husband was smitten immediately and the owner keen to move and our offer was accepted. We are just waiting for the legal bits.
    As for the missing items - went on holiday and just sewed one block with my featherweight - I had forgotten to pack my rotary cutter having looked through all my boxes. The day we came home I picked up a box of fabric while packing my sewing things away (cathedral window by hand quilt also brought to work on - just as well) and something rattled. It was the rotary cutter. So yes, sympathies with the lost items. A relative blames these sorts of things in her house as being Pete the Poltergeist's fault!

  15. I laughed about the vaccuum. We have exactly the same one and my husband couldn't find it in plain sight the other night. Also laughed about the shabby chic. We just bought a duplex and one side was furnished so we bought the furniture. The dining set was shabby from Pier I. I think the planned chips made some of the guests assume it was okay to do anything ON the table. It has some huge black smear on the off white table. I don't think that was part of the designed shabby.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.


  17. Oh Lenoir! I will be running a 10K in Lenoir this weekend. Are there places I should make sure to eat? I'm not familiar at all with the area. Is Lenoir where Mona lives? My husband says this area is so beautiful:) Can't wait to visit!

  18. Lost your mind but found your remote-sounds normal to me! Your schedule wears me out but love to hear about and see what you are doing. I agreed with your friend about the dresser. Those interesting finishes never come off. Enjoy your say. Sheik-ha! ha! ha!


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