Monday, November 12, 2012

Time Out for Nature!

While waiting for my room to be cleaned ---I took myself out for a little bite of lunch, and took some time to ask the local restaurant employees at the counter where they would go to spend some time if they were passing through.

Hands down, on this beautiful day, I was told to go down to the Riverfront Park.

I’m so glad I did….My leg has been feeling better every day, and it’s on my mind to start increasing my activity levels --- with easy walking first on the list.

The Riverfront Park also includes the Albany Welcome Center, and the Riverquarium.  What I was interested in is the view of the bridges from the river ---and the miles of paved trails that go along the Flint River Greenbelt!

AlbanyGa2012 010

History of the Bridge House, now the Visitor’s Center.

Notice that the sign reads "During the War Between The States"  NOT the Civil War!

AlbanyGa2012 012

Beautiful Autumn view on this 77 degree afternoon!

AlbanyGa2012 015

Old train trestle crossing the Flint River.

AlbanyGa2012 014

More river views along my walk!

AlbanyGa2012 019

Hard to believe in a few days I’ll be freezing my tuckass off in Michigan!

AlbanyGa2012 021

Taking a “nature-break” and stretching my legs and getting some fresh air was just what this girl needed!

My evening was filled with more of this:

AlbanyGa2012 031

Law & Order on ION and paper piecing on the Featherweight!

Lots of questions on my thread spool --- I’ve been trying to use up all kinds of machine quilting thread in all different colors.  This is a star spool ---and to make it more stable, I’ve used an empty aurifil spool as an adapter --- slid the aurifil spool plastic deal inside the star thread spool so that it wouldn’t wobble so badly on my machine.  Let’s face it – I’ve got YEARS worth of thread collection to sew myself out of.  Maybe some day someone will wonder about the colors of thread I piece with!  I’ll use whatever gets the job done.

AlbanyGa2012 032

Speaking of getting the job done -- -this is the “coffee bar” where the little coffee maker goes in the room.  I’ve put the coffee maker down underneath and am using this counter as my block trimming station!  No idea how many of these I’ve got done yet, but I need a bazillion, so there is a long way to go – just sewing myself out of the scraps!

Today is a Cathedral Stars workshop followed by a lecture tonight ---Tuesday --- Drive all the way home to NC --- Wednesday – off to Michigan!


  1. Have a great week! Thank you for blogging!

  2. And sometimes between locals the Civil War is referred to as "The War of Northern Aggression." (or, in the dialect: The Wowah of Nawthren Aggresshun!)

  3. Very much enjoyed your Riverwalk pictures. I feel like I get to tour places in our wonderful country I may never get to see!

  4. The river scene with the Spanish moss was my favorite...I am sure I lived in the South in another life...

  5. I love the pattern you are working on. Flying Geese squared... is there a pattern for this on line we can get? Looks like a great way to use up scraps.

    1. Last i heard, it is to br published in Quiltmaker magazine, but Bonnie is also having a mystery over 4(?) issues in that mag. I do mot have any subscriptions, but just ordered a year so i can get those two patterns. Hope this helps!

  6. Wonderful views, on a wonderful walk. Your funny too.....sewing yourself out of scraps! Is that even possible at your house? Because we all know scraps multiply like rabbits when we are all sleeping! LOL!

  7. In defence of Michigan, Bonnie, it was 70 degs here yesterday! Unfortunately, you have missed it! Love your travelogues, thank you!

  8. Looked like a very peaceful walk. Out country is a beautiful place. Always enjoy your updates. makes my day a little better.

  9. Awe.... wishing I was in Michigan for your workshops as that is were I grew up, but moved to AZ long time ago. I should of planned a visit and your workshops in one trip... Would of been the smart thing to do....
    Enjoy your daily travel updates.

  10. So are the trimmings on yo,ur mat finally trash, or do you have a use foe them too?

  11. Beautiful pic's! Love to see how you're set up to sew in your motel room. Question: about your quilting thread... do you use 'quilting thread' to piece with or it is ok to use regular sewing thread?

  12. Looks like a fun place for a walk, Bon. Love that little block!!

  13. Beautiful walk....and such nice weather! And I'm with you....use up that thread on piecing....who cares what it is! And I love me some Vincent D'Onofrio.....yummy! lol

  14. Awesome photos!
    Love your work stations. Curious to know when you take the paper off your blocks.

  15. I am sure that my longarm quilter wonders the same thing. I used to wind bobbins to match the quilt, and I have several of those left over -- can you say "wound too many because I didn't want to stop in the middle and have to wind"? ;)

    I have slowly been using them up. Burgundy was a big one, as was a variegated neon. :)

    When I bought my machine, which also embroiders, I purchased 144 EACH of black and white pre-wound bobbins. I've been trying to use those up. You *can* use them on the top spindle of your machine, too. :) I'm going to a retreat this weekend, and have a couple handfuls (!!!!) of bobbins that I'll be using.

    Next time, I'm going to purchase either pre-wound beige or grey so that it 'blends' better. :) That is when I have used up all of these others! Maybe next lifetime! LOL!

  16. Can you point us (well, point me) to the pattern and/or foundation and/or instructions for the block you're working on in this post? Thanks!

  17. Beautiful pictures of the scenery Bonnie! One time I took my sewing machine and project when we stayed in a hotel and I used the coffee counter as my cutting station also, worked great!!

  18. Thanks for taking us along on your river walk. It looks like it was a really lovely day. You have shown us your tubs of scraps... I sincerely doubt that you will use them up. :-)

  19. Wondering if you have blogged about how you "pack for trips". I've never even considered bringing anything other than hand work!

  20. That is so funny that you mentioned thread. Today while I was sewing I thought "I wonder what thread Bonnie uses?"

  21. It's so fun traveling around with you, Bonnie. I love your pictures and bits of history that you include on the blog. It was close to 70 in Ohio this past weekend, but now it's 35. I'm sure Michigan will be a bit cooler than Georgia. Safe travels!

  22. I need a like button it would be so much easier to comment. I too bought an embroidery machine, which actually is the best sewing machine I have ever owned!I too bough bookoo amts of prewound bobbins. I have yet to embroidery enough that I would have to buy more! Good to know that they can be used on top of the machine.

  23. People always need a break from all the work, stress, and anxiety they're going through. In your part, your break served as a great opportunity to explore the outstanding things in your town. You get to appreciate the beauty of your place even more. Well, some don't even know that their town has lots of gorgeous things to offer and hidden attractions just waiting to be discovered. Albany is such a great place. The environment that you have there has a comforting feeling.

    Daphne Michaels


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