Wednesday, November 14, 2012

iPhone-o-Gram! A Warm Michigan Welcome!

I was met at the Lansing airport by Rosemary who helped me grab my luggage and whisked me off to her lovely home on the lake.

This photo was taken off of her back deck as we watched flocks of Canadian geese swim in formation, silently moving through the water.

Temps are in the high 30s, but it felt warmer than that with the last of the afternoon sun shining down.

After pulling the casserole out of the oven, we headed over to Jean's house where a potluck dinner was held including members of the board and others from the capital city quilters guild in Lansing.

Food, fun and a house full of quilters!

And one thing I had to take a photograph of because I think it is so ingenious:

How many of you are avid bag savers like I am?

I admit it! I will wash out Ziploc bags and reuse them and reuse them until their seals give way!

It's the drying part that drives my family nuts. There are baggies to be found on top of bottles, over jars, over faucet handles and anywhere else a drying bag can find a resting place!

I think Jean said it was her son that made this bag drying rack for her, and isn't it a great idea?

Find a piece of wood to use for the base. Drill some holes, and insert dowels – and voilĂ !

Instant baggie drying rack :-)

I'm all settled into my hotel room for the night. I was planning on doing some sewing tonight, but Both Rosemary and I forgot to bring in Rosemarys featherweight a.k.a. aunt Elsie from the backseat of the car.

After Rosemary left, and I remembered I ran to the front desk to see if they had a phone number for her, and they didn't. Besides – how could I explain that we left aunt Elsie in the backseat of the car?

We will deal with aunt Elsie another time! :-)

Tonight? It's early to bed for me.


  1. Glad you're enjoying Michigan...we're crazy 'bout you! That baggie drying rack is genius!!

  2. I do reuse zip bags but only if there was not meat it them. It must mean you were to get some rest and not sew. Happy piecing tomorrow.

  3. I turn my bags inside out to dry. Glad your enjoying Michigan, it never feels as cold up there as the thermometer says it is.

    1. Sometimes it feels colder. ;)

      (Been living in MI for 6 years - brrr!)

  4. Sure hope that Aunt Elsie doesn't get too cold tonight. Get some rest and have fun tomorrow!

  5. I do that sometimes with the ziplocks but not as much as I should - that is a great idea!

  6. My younger sister found something similar to the bag drier you showed... her's is a small disk with the dowels coming out at an angle fanning into a wider circle... I like it. Doesn't take much space. We too throw out plastic bags which have had meat in them. We really do try to cut back on our waste. I'll put the heavy plastic ware through the dishwasher. I rarely use paper plates, my sister uses those that can go into the compost pile. I love cloth napkins; they stay amazingly unstained... I wash, dry & fold them... no ironing for everyday napkins. Funny tho, I use WAY too many paper towels. These are the little things. Maybe I'll start preparing for the New Year by looking at other things I can become more frugal using...
    Hope you all have a great time tomorrow. Your hostess and her guild seems like the Bee's Knees...

  7. Hope your ups and downs are with needle and thread! Left several emails.with.the guilds to come up to take this class but got no response. Maybe you will hey close again! Have fun!!

  8. Super cool idea! Thanks! Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. When in the US I always stock up on Ziploc bags because the ones sold here in the UK are not always up to scratch. My mom always washed and re-used her bags and I do the same.
    Enjoy your time in Michigan.

  9. I laughed when you said you hang your bags over bottles. I looked up and counted four bags draped on bottles in my view. I think I'll try and convince my brother to build me a baggie drying rack for Christmas. Maybe I'll give him a quilt in return. :)

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  11. I love that! I am a ziploc bag saver! I started years ago after becoming a student of Amy Dyczyzn, the Tightwad Gazette mentor. Oh, I would love one of those. We always have one propped up on something. But, I do have a kind of snooty rule, I just think real ziploc's are the best, lol.

  12. Love the bag drier. I also reuse the bags--many many times. I hang mine outside spring through fall, but this would be handy now in winter.

  13. I used to have a metal cabinet in the kitchen and I would 'slap' the open wet bag on it, it would stick and dry, easily peeled off, looked terrible, but no rust was created. Although people gave me funny looks. And that was back in the 70's.... now I stick them on a bottle or jar try to stand them up alone.....

  14. LOL! I do the same thing.... over bottles, faucets... even the baby bottle brush that has a suction cup and stands on the corner of my sink!

  15. Wish you could come down to the Dear Jane retreat. We are in Shipshewana right now.

  16. I can see gloves/mittens on the dryer too!
    Hello from Northern Indiana!
    XOXOXO Subee

  17. Again, wish I had been tracking your blog before you came - in a non-stalkery way. Rosemary is right across the street from me? I would have gladly pooped over to also welcome you to MI!

    Thanks for bring warm weather with you!


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