Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cheddar Shoo-Flies and Cathedral Stars!

The previous day, Marge and I had talked about her love of antique quilts and especially the story of one that had come her way ---A Shoo Fly quilt oozing with cheddar, and some other very special details!

We both have an affinity for quilts with this distinctive bright orange color, and I told her I’d bring my bowties ((all bound, except for the sleeve!)) so she could see it, and she would bring the Cheddar Shoo Flies so I could see them too.

See this date hand quilted in to the border?


What’s interesting here is that she STARTED to stitch the year in chain stitch – the number 1 is there, chain stitched, and then she switched to straight stitch for the 8 9 7.

Pay attention to the quirkyness!!  Besides the funky doings in these blocks...I love how the far right column just plain got out of control ;c)

Tallahassee_2012 186

Marge with her wonderful quilt!

Tallahassee_2012 187

Quirkily Delicious!

The blocks are all a bit on the crazy side – not all square, and the pencil lines that mark the hand quilting lines are plainly visible !  FUN fabrics!

Tallahassee_2012 188

Whooops!  Love it!

Tallahassee_2012 190

Do you see the hand quilted to the right of the crazy bottom block?  Look:

Tallahassee_2012 191

The quilter’s name is believed to be Willa, and her name is hand quilted next to the hand.  The hand is adorned with a winding vine of flowers.

Thank you so much, Marge – for sharing your wonderful antique quilt!  I can sure relate to this quilter and her love of that awesome color!

Here are the pics from yesterday’s workshop:"

Today I’m moving up the road to Albany, Georgia!  No class today, but it will be a long busy one tomorrow with another Cathedral Stars Workshop, and an evening lecture ----The weather here has been absolutely GORGEOUS, and I’m reluctantly working my way back north where I will be flying to Michigan on the 14th!

After getting checked into my new digs later today, I’ll be drawing for the winners of the Quiltmaker Magazine 100 blocks Give-Away!  If you haven’t left your comment on that post yet for your chance to win, you’ll want to do it before 6pm Eastern today!

Good luck everyone!


  1. Marge's quilt is just awesome, much as that word is over-used, it IS! It inspires me!
    Thank you for the fabulous slideshow,too!

  2. This is really cool! Love that hand. With so much quirkiness, makes you wonder if a lot of it was on purpose!

  3. Thanks for sharing this antique cheddar quilt. Just like cheese, it gets better with age! LOL! I know, I know, too corny of a joke especially this early! Just couldn't resist! Have a great day!

  4. What a wonderful treasure! I love orange, too!

  5. This quilt is wonderful!! I think it is funny that we accept & even love this type of mistake in an antique but can you imagine the comments if this was taken to your local guild or heaven forbid, entered in a SHOW!!! LOL
    Done IS good!!! no matter the age!!
    Travel safe
    London, UK

  6. Great quilt! I've seen a couple of antique quilts with a hand quilted into the design. They came out of Pennsylvania and West Virginia...not sure if it is a regional thing. Do you know where this one came from? (Pretty sure it isn't Florida!)

  7. I have to say this is my fav quilt pattern.....except for.... really I love this pattern and its on my list to do soon.. just want it out of shirting and have to go get me some shirts. oh what's a girl suppose to do, will I ever love so long.. hope so

  8. It's a great " personal"quilt. Perhaps not show quality, but a picture of its maker! My favorite kind. Micki

  9. Marge - if you read the comments that is a wonderful quilt. Loved meeting everyone!

  10. This is just too fun and wonderful! Big smiles here!

  11. Seeing that hand quilted in there gave me chills - what a wonderful idea!
    I'm an Army wife, just moved to Hawaii. I bought some of my fabrics for Easy Street during the move and will pick up the rest here. I'm going to make the mystery quilt for my guest room bed, so you know it will get a work out here in paradise! My sewing machine arrives on Friday. The unpacking will be slow since I'll be busy sewing - lol! Thanks Bonnie!

  12. Thanks for showing us the Shoo-fly quilt with close ups! I bet there is a "Willa" up there smiling to see it being remembered today.

  13. Wow, I love that chedda' quilt! Looks like you had fun in Tallahassee! Thanks for always sharing with us!

  14. What a fabulous quilt. As it is in such good condition, no fading etc, maybe it was Willa's first quilt, then put away because of the "quirkiness" or perhaps she was getting older and her eyesight not what it used to be and the family stored the quilt after she passed this world. I love antique quilts more for the stories they can tell rather than the sewing of them.

  15. Love that chedder quilt. What quilting. So tiny in those blocks and am glad you told us about the hand quilted as I cvould not tell what that funny quilting was. Safe travels and hope the weather stays good.

  16. fantastic! love love love that quilt.


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