Monday, November 26, 2012

Moth Blocks Found! ((And Other Stuff!))

First off -- an oops post!  I was writing my post for tomorrow's 15 minutes of Play Blog Hop -- and hit POST instead of SAVE so...ha!  It posted when it wasn't supposed to! I Caught that one and it is back saved as a draft.  I guess you can call THAT a teaser and it will just post tomorrow morning!

Sorry about that, folks! :c)

On to this post.

Remember my lost ipod from more than a week ago??

I have found the sure-fire way to find ANYTHING.

Order a new one.

I ordered a new ipod from Amazon – and no sooner did I pull it out of the mailbox than DH found the missing ipod between Shamu’s front seats.

It was wedged between the seats and the center console – and the stupid thing is I *KNOW* I went scrounging around out there for it.  FRANTICALLY.  I looked under and around and over and through those seats.  The case I had it in is nearly the same color as the seats –and it was wedged between the seat belt buckle and the console and really looked like it was supposed to be there as part of the set-up.

But still.  Here I was sitting in the passenger seat in the driveway – the amazon box on my lap, and the missing ipod being found and handed over.  UGH!

The new ipod is going BACK to Amazon.  Or maybe I should keep it as a spare?

Last night I was kitting up more Moth in the Window Blocks.  I use the table side of my long-arm as my cutting table.  See these strips and kit parts draped over the roller bars?
mothinawindow 018

cut cut cut, pin block parts together – all ready for sewing on the go!

It was in the “putting-away” that I FOUND the missing stacks of blocks!  So I have way more than I thought -- or, rather—I had as many as I thought I did and knew I was missing some!

mothinawindow 017

Looking good!

I’ve kitted enough blocks to finish the quilt.  What I don’t know is if I’m going to set these with or without sashings.  I kind of like how they mush together here :c)

Which brings me to another topic.  I have had so many people ask me about VALUE.  Yes, I do play with value, but with this quilt, just like with the Easy Street Mystery – I’m playing with specific color families.  To me the impact and interest of one color against another color – the contrast and intensity-- is just as important to me as value.  When I am playing with color families, putting one color against another, the value thing happens automatically.

These blocks above are about color-on-color, not just about light/dark.  But the light/dark still happens doesn’t it?  It does.  But it is the color-on-color that calls me first.

In the Easy Street Mystery, I’m playing COLOR FAMILY oriented.  If your 4 colors are strong enough to contrast against each other and show against your background, it’s going to work.

For instance – in my purples – I have several different shades of purple –some red/purple – some blue/purple and everywhere in between.  My purples go from a medium lavender to a dark plum or royal purple.  So the differences in “value” which translates as light/med/dark happens WITHIN the color families.  I don’t choose just one shade of purple, or one shade of green, or one shade of turquoise. They all have different values playing within the color families I’ve chosen.

Where it comes to my grey – there is less contrast, but that is going to work too. Trust me. Think of my lighter grey as a shadow. It has its place. If you’ve gone darker, that will still work too. I want you all to love your quilts!

I hope this helps some of you relax a little bit.  I know I am unconventional.  NO FOCAL FABRIC?! Egads!  NO LIGHT/MED/DARK??  OH MY!

Play with me.  You will see.  If you keep your fabric choices color specific  ((And BTW – the purple, green, turquoise and grey in the quilt  are all interchangeable and would work in ANY placement order –see, it’s not about VALUE!)) you will love your quilt.

mothinawindow 024

Emmy Lou, helping me test out the blocks.

Contrast and Color is sometimes more important to me than just focusing strictly on “Value” when it comes to a quilt with loads of interest to keep my eyes moving from block to block!


  1. I like these blocks without sashing...you get the unexpected 4-patches!

  2. I think they look great without sashing, too. And I love that the moths are flying off in different directions!
    Please take this as the compliment it is intended to be--this quilt already has that "make do", "found in a thrift shop" kind of feel to me. I love it!

  3. I'm loving that vintage, pre-loved look. My preference would be to sash it. I love showcasing each block and giving them all centre stage!

  4. Glad you found them.

  5. So glad you found your moth blocks. The more of these you had the better this quilt looks! I like the 'no sashing' idea. These plaids are wonderful! Lovely design!

  6. So glad you found the missing blocks and the Ipod! I just have recently given up looking "hard" for anything. I just keep a post it of what is missing (but then misplaced that as well)... I will come across it someday because nobody throws anything out in my house!

  7. Love the moth blocks. I think "no sashing" would be my vote but it will look great either way. I don't know if you wanted an opinion but I'm sure you'll do what YOU think is best not our 2 cents.
    All your quilts are beautiful.

  8. I love your quilt tester, all of my quilts are cat tested! Glad you found the missing blocks! Something like that would drive me nuts until they were located.
    I am hoping my tone on tone blacks are not too dark for Easy Street. Going all out scrappy here, since that is what I had in the stash (not one single piece of gray in there). Most of them are gray on black, so maybe!

  9. Anonymous1:36 PM EST

    Bonnie, there's no shame in keeping the iPod...I have found that with regular use, the battery lasts about two years. It's not a repairable item, so when the battery can't be charged anymore, the iPod's junk and has to be thrown out (in recycle program, that is) anyway, don't worry about your music, all of it is stored in iTunes and you can get it whenever you want. I am on my third iPod and I use mine for lots more than music, as you probably do, too.

    As for your Moth in Windows...I like it just the way it is now, no washings. All your quilts are beautiful in the way the fabric go together. I have adopted your stance on quilting...no hassle, no stress, just sew and enjoy it. I hardly ever think about value.

    1. Anonymous1:38 PM EST

      Oops, meant 'sashings'. Sorry!

  10. I swear, my car is a portal to a parallel universe. Things disappear and reappear where I've already searched. Maybe your car is one of those portals, too. Glad you found the moths - they look great without sashing!

  11. I love love how your quilt is coming together... and oo ja I have the same with missing things.

  12. I love the blocks without sashing!! Concerning the iPod....you know that if you return the new one, something will happen to the old one! That's Murphy's Law, not mine. Murphy is not a nice man!!

  13. Glad the missing blocks showed up. I think I normally would sash but in this case i think the way you have it laid out looks great. Emmy Lou is a beautiful quilt tester. That chartreuse-y block behind her practically jumps off the quilt! I realty like this block and will be ordering that issue of QM soon so I can make some too!

  14. Anonymous3:41 PM EST

    Bonnie, this is a good time to ask this question. HOW do you keep your plaids nice and 'even'? what I mean by that is -- I have to starch my palids into just about cardstock stiffness to make sure I stay straight with the plaid lines.

    Moth in the Window is GREAT. It is so simple looking, made using the Bonnie-scrap-method it will look very vintage! Because the plaid shirts are used, as iot were, they all have a bit of fading... that really doesn't show up easily, but does add authenicity of "vibtage"!!! Don't you love it?

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  15. Bonnie...I love your way of thinking outside of the colour theory box/straight jacket! And I love every quilt I have ever made with you, so I know your system "works".
    Maybe that could be the topic of a future book, since quilters have been inundated with so much "thou shalt not" when it comes to working with colour that they are afraid to put certain colours together...you have NO fear and it is so inspiring!

  16. Anonymous4:22 PM EST

    Glad you found your blocks - it's so frustrating knowing you have something but they are gone. Same thing happened to me re ipod, except with son's glasses. Bought a new pair, then found them in between the car seats where I looked several times. I love your moth in the window without sashings too - all the blocks look so great together.

  17. Love the moth blocks! As to the IPod - one for home and one for the road.

  18. I notice that you are laying them out on the floor...do you not like your new design wall? Or is it too tight to get a photo? Love the blocks, just curious.

  19. jumping on the 'no sashings' band wagon here. i had to go and fondle my stack of plaid homespuns after reading this post.
    it's sooo tempting to start a third quilt of Moth-in-the-Window blocks, but maybe i'll compromise and just cut out the parts now, and start sewing them together after we finish the mystery. thanks again for the inspiration.

  20. So glad that you found the missing moths! They look wonderful flying with their brothers and sisters. They do look great without sashings, but I haven't seen them with sashings. I'd probably have to lay them out with sashings and see just how they look. As far as your I-Pod goes, my IT manager bought everyone in his department a new one at the end of the year, as that's the best way to do it.

  21. Hi Bonnie, I just wanted to say "thank you" for all the info you give, and for doing it in a way that I can understand. One thing I really enjoy about your blog is the teaching that goes on. I'm always learning something.

  22. I agree with kadyb up there that cars are portals to parallel universes - things go missing in there that never return to this universe. Either that or the missing items are transmogrified into extra socks whose mates never appear, or extra hangars that suddenly materialize in my closet.

    I could go either way with the "Moths" settings - you do get the extra 4 patches without sashing breaking up the blocks. Might have to audition some sashing alternatives and see what happens. That IS a great-looking block that I will have to add to my bucket list. That is my key to longevity - adding things to my bucket list. I will already have to live to be 125 to complete it.

  23. iPod's have a way of turning up. I always know where mine is (watch, now I will lose it) and my daughter is always looking for hers!

    I love the moth blocks all together - so glad you found the 'lost' ones. But ... I really like the picture of the quilt and your 'helper' reminds me so much of my first Lhasa (Brandi) who would always help arrange my blocks with me - I would sometimes put a child gate up to keep her out of the room and she would just sit there and cry until I let her in. She also thought her job was to guard the parts - I would sew and make a stack next to me o the floor and sooner or later I would find her 'nesting' in them. Oh, how I miss my little girl! I have her daughter but she's not a much help in the quilting arena.

  24. Here, I thought I was the only one that lost stuff!! So glad you found the Ipod and the blocks.
    Beth in MN

  25. Love the moth blocks. I subscribed to the magazine because you are a regular contributor. (I do not have any other subscriptions.). I emailed them to let them know you are the reason I subscribed. in MHO, they need to take very good care of you!

    Also, thanks so much for elaborating @ value "happening naturally." You had responded to my emailed quiltcam question @ value right after you posted the colors. I didn't understand how value would not matter, but I understand better now. Thanks!
    I'm still finishing up some Christmas sewing & knitting, but looking forward to starting the mystery soon. Thanks!

  26. Gorgeous quilt! I LOVE IT AS IS!! Perfect!

  27. I love the blocks...I'll have to find the magazine it's in. Like Becky G., you are the reason I started a subscription to QM magazine...they better keep you!
    As to your discussion on color vs. value, thank you for helping us to venture out of our comfort zones.

  28. Thanks for the words on value and color family. I have only made 2 mystery quilts, and I really didn't like the first (tossed the blocks) and never finished the second (not so pretty, either). So it is nice to hear that you think this one might just be a winner no matter what. I am so excited to be participating - wish I lived on the East coast so I could take one of your workshops, but this seems a little like being there sewing with you and all those happy, scrappy quilters! Now I have to try a "moth" block. Glad you found yours.

  29. I really love these blocks. I agree with the no sashings crowd. This will be a homey comfortable quilt. Thank you so much for the extra explanation of your use of color in the same way that we have commonly thought of value. I made a couple small quilts from your Patchwork Posse class and found that making the blocks in colors and not paying particular attention to value made very interesting quilts. I was going to try to keep the value consistent in my stacks of color, but now I've decided to open it up . . . same color light through dark and play along. Thank you again for posting the mystery and letting us play with you!

  30. When it comes to value in a scrap quilt, sometimes I like to play with a fabric that isn't the right value, but is the right color. It can be fun to look for blocks that don't jump out, but have a more subtle effect. I think it gives a good quilt movement. But, that's just me...and you, because I see it in your quilts sometimes as well. In fact, maybe that's where I got the idea. Lane

  31. "I have found the sure-fire way to find ANYTHING. Order a new one."

    Well, duh!

  32. The best way for me to find lost items is to straighten my stash. I found my blood pressure cuff that way after a couple of weeks of searching. I like your blocks without sashing. You can always make another quilt top with sashing.


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