Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Night ---Just Sayin’ Hello!

We have had a great day just being home.  After dinner Jeff went to go enjoy pumpkin pie at the house of one of his friends, so while DH was off watching football, I have been sewing away at the dining room table….trying not to think about the amount of work it is going to take to put the studio back together once the flooring is finished…this is just the TIP of the ICEBURG!  

I took some time out to catch up on some mail --- do you read Willy Wonky??  I was forwarded an article that just BLEW ME AWAY!

Rondi wrote:

Glad you are home for awhile, enjoy your time. Don't know if you follow Bill atwillywonkyquilts.blogspot.com but you need to go look at something he posted today. It will make every quilter or recipient of a quilt furious!
Its not what Bill wrote, its a editorial that appeared in the Chatanooga Times. The wasteful spending on the museum at Nebraska! 
Thought you would be interested if you've not already seen it.
Happy Thanksgiving,
You have GOT to go read the article.  And Bill’s reply to it…..at last check he commented twice on the article itself, but man oh man, has the author of that editorial opened a can of worms --- he/she is going to regret the day he put into print:
A quilt museum may seem like an ideal summer vacation destination for the Waltons, Aunt Bee or Ma Ingalls, but quilting fails to hold the interest of most Americans today. Since department stores carry a wide selection of affordable bedding, and special memories can be recorded by photographs and videos rather than by laboring over scraps of cloth, quilts have become largely irrelevant in modern culture.
HOLY COW!!  And that is where the pic at the top of this post comes in.  We are the QUILT SQUAD --let us at this guy....we'll snip his dog ears, stitch him in the ditch and bind him to within an inch of his opinion!

To read the article and post comments, click here.
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The article is beyond absurd, but what I found so worth it was to read people’s comments to the article…ROCK ON, QUILTERS, ROCK ON!  Everyone stated their case in a very intelligent and precise way ---as for me I held my tongue because I was afraid of what could have come out of my mouth if I had let loose..LOL

How about a bit of Studio Re-do day 2 to entertain you further?

QuiltCam 005
The front of the room with carpet down!

EasyStreet 003

All the furniture and bins of fabric moved to the newly carpeted front area.

EasyStreet 001

Removal of the old carpet and pad from the back sewing corner!

studio 012

Carpet now down to the corner of the sewing desk area!

studio 015

Long arm moved over to the newly carpeted corner….one section left to go!

The baseboards are being put down as the areas are being completed too.  It’s been a lot of work, but boy does this make a difference in here.  I’d like to get two new chairs.  And two book cases that won’t bow under the weight of the books…..is there an IKEA run in my future?  Perhaps, but definitely NOT THIS WEEKEND!  I’m not that crazy.  Maybe mid-week next week?

Time for trimming up some more of my crumb strips while the next section of glue dries…while you are all sewing Mystery part #1 tomorrow – I will be reorganizing studio!


  1. it is a pain doing floors isn't it, I have to redo our dining area floor - small area the problem is the living room is not really big either and the dining room table and chairs need to go someplace while the work is being done so that means we will be climbing over furniture in the living room for a day.

  2. make that two days - one to scrape all the old stuff off of the floor and get it nice and another day to put all the new ones down!

  3. Bonnie, you may need to bite the bullet and get your local carpenter to build you bookcases that will support quilt books. I have bookcases made with 1" ply wood shelves and they bow slightly under the weight of quilt books. I don't think Ikea is the way to go for this.

  4. I disagree I have Ikea bookcases and the books in it are just fine no bowing! I use the cube styled cases and love them!

  5. Embarrassingly, that article is in my hometown newspaper, which perhaps gives you insight into why I haven't read that paper in years. The quality of the research and writing is generally so poorly executed as to be considered irrelevant to a thinking citizen here. I am getting an idea - maybe I can collect a group of quilters from our the patrons of our local quilt shops to picket the paper! Just kidding, but it might be fun.

  6. That article about the Quilt Study Center in Lincoln in the Chattanooga paper is just plain ignorance. They gave the the same treatment to the Corn Palace in Mitchell too so we Nebraskans don't need to feel special. The folks at that Chattanooga newspaper should just mind their own business and let Nebraskans & South Dakotans mind theirs. And we quilters will go on making those irrelevant quilts and spending money to do so, thereby helping this country's cracker-jack economy.

    Your new carpeting looks great. The whole room will have a new lease on life.

    1. OH! The Corn Palace! When my husband and I drove out to California (to live here) we had to stop and see the Corn Palace. I will remember it always, a very special place.

  7. The article just goes to show that anyone can write an article whether they know their subject matter. It is an example of how one person can mislead an entire segment of the population.

    Your "new" room is looking fabulous!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving! Just wanted to say that one of the things that I am thankful for this year is your generosity and your constantly upbeat presence in the quilting world. It's always a pleasure to see what you're up to and I have learned so much from your great advice.

  9. The difference between the before and after pictures is absolutely amazing! The room is looking really great! That editorial must have been written by someone who has not done his research.

  10. Your studio is beginning to look great. The new carpet is fantastic. Can't wait to see all the "after" pictures. I'm just glad it isn't me who has to move a long arm!

  11. Your studio is looking great. I know you will enjoy when everything is back in its place and you can just sew. I feel so blessed when I go to my studio. My DH is so sweet. I don't read newspapers because articles are like belly buttons, everyone has one. Doesn't make it right. can't wait until tomorrow, I am ready... I hope.

  12. Your studio is really coming together nicely! I'm amazed how much work you've accomplished in so short a time!

    The editorial is most very insulting and the paper that published it shows a lack of common sense. I wonder how many quilters are in the State of Tennessee? I guess if it were a football museum, the writer would have been fine with the spending. Or maybe he was just unloved as a child, and never had a quilt made by that someone special.

    I am so ready to go on the Easy Street quilt! I'm excited to participate, this will be my very first mystery quilt, and I thank you for taking the time and effort to do this! Your so awesome! HUGS!

  13. Oh,Bonnie your new work room looks great but I think you are going to be sorry about the dark blue floor. The thread is going to be all over it soon. I know my kitchen floor is dark blue. But I love the carpet. What a job . I think you are going to have to get book shelves made out of good heavy wood to keep from saging.
    I would ignore that paper article. We know better. We love our quilts. Enjoy getting that studio back in order.

  14. Bonnie the expedit shelving at Ikea are sturdy. Scrapbookers load them down with paper and full albums with no bowing. I think they would look good in your studio. I love the long-arm, wish I could afford one. Nancy

  15. Lookin GOOD!~ I came over to see if you'd posted the mystery yet. lol It's 1:02 a.m. lol
    I wonder how many hits you got after midnight. lol We are all on pins & needles.
    I am so happy for you that you have the time to be home and to finish your project. You are going to feel so fresh and productive when you have your studio all back together. Take care.

    1. Me,too ;o) I'm off to bed now - don't think I'll be up at 7 am EST, as I am on the opposite end of the country which would make only 4 am!

  16. Well I wouldn't give that person any importance by reading the blog. Remember, the more people read his blog, the better it is for him!! Let's face it, the beauty of the internet is that if you don't see it, it isn't there!
    I just love you stove nestled in the fireplace! How cosy!
    Do take time off and relax. You deserve it. The rest of the world can wait.

    1. Actually, Sandra - it wasn't the blog writer who was disparging, he had read an editorial in a newspaper and was horrified that someone would put out such a misinformed piece.

  17. Thank you for sharing the news of the opinion piece in the Chattanooga Times Free Press. I've done a couple blogs about it, commented a lot, and have enjoyed seeing all the wonderful comments from the quilting community. Although the publication may never issue an official response, I believe our comments should prevent them from ever making the same mistake again.

  18. How fun to see your studio coming together Bonnie! And starting Easy street mystery!! Yippee!!

    As far as the opinion piece....that is just what it is, an opinion.

  19. We were at our local IKEA today and it wasn't bad at all. Actually, not very busy by mid-afternoon. Good luck finishing the room!

  20. Bonnie,

    I too want to thank you for all the wonderful information that you have always given us, for the pictures of your classes, and your free patterns. You are one wonderful, kind hearted, and inspirational woman and I feel very blessed to be able to read your blog and try out your patterns. I can hardly wait till I can retire and just quilt full-time. Thanks, Daisy

  21. Wow, just wow. Read that article and I think I'm speechless.

  22. Happy Black Friday (if there IS such a day) Enjoyed your article. Floor looking great. Thank you for all your quilting info - you are my Daily Must Read. I am retired - sewing every day. Life is GOOD. St. Louis is slated for a new IKEA store sometime soon. I may need to "re shelf" my sewing room because it has become a mess tho I (usually can locate whatever I'm searching for ha) Ya know?

  23. Happy Black Friday (if there IS such a day) Enjoyed the blog - flooring looks great. The new IKEA store is slated to open in St Louis next spring - I may need to re shelf in my sewing room (or use lots of my stash before then ha) as it becomes more cluttered by day. I am retired so I SEW all day. Life is GOOD


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