Sunday, November 18, 2012

iPhone-O-Gram! A Date with Aunt Elsie!

After a lovely dinner at Jean's home, I returned to my hotel with a priceless package under one arm.

This little featherweight is nicknamed aunt Elsie after Rosemary's aunt Elsie – it's original owner!

The same little aunt Elsie that got left in the backseat of Rosemarys car on my first night's visit here in Lansing.

Below you will see an early photograph of the original aunt Elsie – and a photo of my setup!

The desk faces the mirror and if I turn the television toward the mirror I can watch TV via reflection as I sew!

Yes, there will be Jammie stitching tonight!


  1. FABULOUS day, Bonnie .. thanks for such a wonderful workshop ... great memories and learned a BUNCH of new stuff today. WHO KNEW!! LOL Incredibly beautiful weather welcome for an incredibly wonderful woman and teacher ... you're welcome to Michigan ANYTIME!

  2. Love the setup. I hope you are getting to use your time in a fun way.

  3. sew on sister! joann's opens at 6 am black friday, then home to easy street! cant wait!

  4. You've been working hard, Bonnie. You've earned some jammie stitching time!

  5. LOVE the picture of Aunt Elsie! ♥

  6. Bonnie, seeing all your featherweights and vintage machines inspired me.I just bought a featherweight. It's in awesome condition, and has all its original parts and paperwork. It has been sold several times, and the singer salesman who first sold it in 1949 is still servicing it! I bought it from a friend and can't wait to start a project on it! I am trying to come up with a great name or her!

  7. what a delightful provenance....i know my phoebe wasn't an orphan but her past life is unknown to me...wish she could talk!

  8. how wonderful that you have a picture of the original owner sewing on her!

  9. How great for you!!!:)). I have a featherweight ( in Grand Rapids ) for sale if anyone is interested.


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