Saturday, November 03, 2012

Let’s Go Sew!

It’s 7:30 am and if I hurry up and get this written and sent off I can go sew for an hour before class starts!  But before I write what I need to write I need to remind you to go to Suzanne’s Blog for Yard Sale Saturday!

I had grand plans of staying up late with the ladies last night, but by the time 11pm had rolled around there were only a few of us left.  I took this picture as I was heading out the door to go back to my room and call it a night.  So much for well placed intentions!  I’m just not able to stay up and sew until 2am anymore ---not when there is a class at 9am the next morning!

This retreat has 30 some attendees, and we are spread out over 2 rooms.   It’s cozy and friendly and several of the ladies I am reacquainting myself with since I was here last – 3 years ago!

The reason I had to quit sewing early?

PipestemWV2012 046

When you start sewing the 4 patch rotated the wrong way and have to pick out ----

PipestemWV2012 047

And after picking out and fixing the 4 patch – you sew the whole section on wrong ---

It’s time to go to BED!!

There are several featherweights in attendance ---along with a Singer 301.  Lots of vintage machine chatter going on amongst us, but none got as much attention as our one Quilter, Dee – who not only prizes her purple featherweight that she sews on ---but, loves it SO MUCH that she wears her passion on her sleeve  SHOULDER!

PipestemWV2012 048


PipestemWV2012 052

Here’s the beautiful smiling front side of Dee!

I think we all agreed that she is “Plum Crazy” as the name of her machine plainly states on her shoulder!  But what a way to be crazy about something we all love so much? Smile  Thanks, Dee for allowing me to share your artwork on the blog!  Even those of us who are tattooless can see the extreme amount of time and skill that went into this one.

PipestemWV2012 058

I DID get THIS done last evening though….blew me away – 8 blocks in the period of a few hours, vs the 3 I can crank out in 2 hours of QuiltCam time…..amazing what you can do when you aren’t stopping to talk to everyone ;c)  But it’s not a race, right?

More to share later --- the facility is awesome, just wish it were warmer because I would so be out there for some walking!  There are DEER everywhere, and eagles flying ---the pines smell SO good, even in the crisp frosty air.

Gonna go sew before class ---


  1. You accomplished a lot! I'm heading out to our guild's Southern Charm quilt show in a bit. taking some handwork with me (bowties)! Enjoy your day and keep warm!

  2. Bonnie, how about a photo of the Plum Crazy sewing machine? Would that be possible? The actual one, this time, not the inked one! Awesome artwork on that tatoo!

  3. Wow! That's some tattoo! So detailed!
    LOL! I start making booboos when I'm tired too! Especially flip flopping between day and nights when working on night shifts. Sure does make you an expert at ripping out seams! Have fun with your classes today! Can't wait until your back for Quiltcam! I think I would even miss TrueBlood to watch you! (That's saying a lot!)

  4. Bonnie thank you for your quilt cam. Although you accomplish less sewing, the inspiration and generosity of your time, smile and encouragement is priceless. Sonia

  5. Enjoy your workshop! I'm headed off to a sew day with my Bee. Trying to wrap up a boatload of lap size flannel rag quilts (little laps) for the grandchildren & little grand nieces and nephews for Christmas; plus a pieced lap quilt (for bigger laps) for our family Christmas exchange. Tick tock! Travelling mercies! B

  6. That is one heckuva tattoo!! The first thought in my head was "ouch!" As for making sewing boo-boos, I find that I can't sew as well in a group as I used to. Can't seem to concentrate on the sewing AND the conversations. Old age????

    1. I second that "ouch"! I bet that was painful - but then I speak as someone who was 30 years old before I plucked up the courage to have my ears pierced! :-)

  7. Wow! I don't usually like tattoos, but you have to admit, that artwork is amazing. Can we see pictures of the actual featherweight that inspired it?

  8. PLUM Crazy is RIGHT! But the Featherweight in Purple looks great! I've resisted the 3" spools, but you got me going on the 8" Moth in the Window Blocks. DE-boning shirts left and right. Gotta love the 1/2 price days at the thrift stores!

  9. What a tat! I would love to see photos of her actual machine. Have a great weekend Bonnie!

  10. OMG!! I can't believe that tattoo! I have always wanted to get some kind of quilt block tattoo on my leg and I am even nervous about getting that done. What a brave gal to have that done.

  11. ok...all i can say is yuck...

  12. Interesting tattoo! Yes, she's wearing her love on her shoulder! And I too realize that when I start making booboos like that it's time to put the work down and walk away and go to bed! LOL Enjoy your retreat!


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