Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ann Arbor, MI–Day 2!

The guild in Ann Arbor has THE BEST place to meet, hands down!

They are lucky to have the use of a community college ---with a huge auditorium with comfy stadium seating for guild meetings and lectures, class rooms for workshops and a gorgeous atrium to set up all their various stations. 

And even better – they have a different shop each month come and set up a vendors mall, right there in the atrium!

I walked around meeting and greeting and getting to know some of the quilters.  This place was awesome!  See these three happy quilters in front of the “FREE!” table?!  I had a very hard time keeping myself from snatching up any of these goodies full of ideas and inspiration, but being as the basement re-do means I am cleaning out book shelves and going through a magazine back stock of about 5 years, I didn’t want to add any more to “THAT” pile at home --- but still --- it was tempting!

MI_Nov2012 165

This group does a phenominal amount of philanthropy work – focusing on sending close to 300 quilts a year to an organization called Safe House.  Click HERE for more info.  I just happened to be there when they were collecting the quilts to give, and representatives of Safe House were there to receive them.  The stories that were told were so inspiring I felt like I could just pack up  my quilts and go home.  THIS is where my heart is.  THIS is where it all started for me, with making comfort quilts for others.  I saw hundreds of quilts marched across that stage last Saturday, and my heart was so full!

Tables were set up in the atrium with kits and fabrics and ideas for making more Safe House quilts ---members give graciously to the Safe House tables, and then sew graciously from what is provided, and the results are well worth it!  ((Bring a UFO, swap it out for someone else’s and FINISH IT for Safe House!))

MI_Nov2012 166

Here is where a shop set up all along one wall of the atrium, hanging samples and everything – there were BOLTS galore here!  There was a whole lot of shopping going on!

MI_Nov2012 163

Lisa’s Hexies in Progress!

I met Lisa while meeting and greeting ---the time before the meeting starts is a great time to talk to other quilters, and anyone stitching ANYTHING draws me near!  Love the big chunky size of her hexies – perfect with those bold modern florals!

Because this was a lecture day ---our workshop was in the afternoon after lunch.  We did Texas Braid ---and accomplished quite a lot in 4 hours!

I want to take a moment to wish EACH of you in the States a Happy and Warm Thanksgiving!

And for those of you outside of the states and in ----I’m so grateful for all of you for all the joy you’ve added to my life.

Much love from my family to yours!!


  1. OH, that turkey!!!!

    I LOVE that Civil War braid with the cheddar! MUST do!

  2. So much fun. The Guild is so very organized blessed to have such a wonderful place to meet. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  3. What an awesome guild - wonderful location,wonderful charity, wonderful participation. Much to be thankful for!

    I also have much to be thankful for...I try to remember that every day, not just on Thanksgiving. Thanks for all you do to make us better quilters and better people.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Bonnie. Don't work too hard in your studio.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Bonnie and thank you for sharing yourself with all of us.

    Myrna in KY.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Bonnie. Wishing you and yours a blessed day.

  7. Photo #5 with the 3 Orca Bays is cool! It's interesting to see versions with the light/dark star blocks' positions reversed, side by side. Subtle but substantial difference between the two layouts.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving Bonnie!!! I love the turkey.

  9. Happy Turkey Day to you Bonnie and to all the quilters in blog land. Eat, sleep, and be well rested for start of EASY STREET....:-)

  10. Glad you are home for awhile, enjoy your time. Don't know if you follow Bill at willywonkyquilts.blogspot.com but you need to go look at something he posted today. It will make every quilter or recipient of a quilt furious! Its not what Bill wrote, its a editorial that appeared in the Chatanooga Times. The wasteful spending on the museum at Nebraska!
    Thought you would be interested if you've not already seen it.
    Happy Thanksgiving,

  11. WOW! Love the Texas Braid!!! Also liked seeing the old Kenmore machine-used to work for Sears and gave lessons on to new owners-remember that model-is a sweetie! Those gals sure had the pedal to the metal to achieve so much!!

  12. Bonnie, I am still enjoying the sharing you do with everyone. Many thanks to you for all that you do. Liz

  13. Hope you had a lovely thanksgiving. I thought of you all across the sea yesterday. I personally am very thankful to you for everything you do for us. I love your site and blog and you have set me free with my quilting, I love scrappy quilts no stress over colours etc. Take care x

  14. Big chuckle on the dressing the turkey. LOL


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