Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ridin’ On The Magic Bus!

I had so much fun sewing on Missy, my newly painted featherweight!

There is a satisfying blend of the old and the new ---along with something borrowed.

I switched out Missy’s striated face plate for my demolished pink one’s scrolled face plate.  I swapped out a few other screws and parts so the spirit of the broken magenta  beauty lives on!

I even switched bobbin cases ---the one the pink one had was just better behaving – I couldn’t adjust the screws for tension very well on the one from Missy ---we are a happy mix of the two now!

Someone mentioned last night that it reminded them of the song “Magic Bus” by The Who. 

I had to go right to YouTube after Quilt-Cam was over just to hear it. Yep. Missy The Magic Bus now has a THEME SONG! LOL!

Where were YOU in 1968?!

Magic Bus was the perfect song for the psychedelic mess of scraps I was sewing last night!

The blocks I’m working on?  I started these in 2007 ----check this post HERE!


I fell in love with this crumb quilt circa 1900 years and years ago ---and in good old 2007 this was also my header photo here on the blog.  I’ve worked on these blocks off and on ((mostly OFF)) since then –and a zip lock bag containing these blocks was unearthed yesterday moving out the bins from under the longarm machine.  Because all of my “OTHER” projects were unreachable with the furniture pushed clear into the sewing area of the studio ---I grabbed a bin of crumbs, some scrap paper for foundations and set to sewing.


Full quilt, with School Bus Yellow borders!
Is THIS a ME quilt, or what?!

Crumbs 001

This mess of crumb strips got sewn last night during Quilt-Cam!

Crumbs 002

I de-papered them and sewed them into blocks this morning!

This 6 year UFO needs to be pushed farther to completion…..the crumbs are taking over the studio and it is time to sew them back into submission!

If you want to play ---my papers are 2.5” X 8.5”.  No, you don’t HAVE to have paper to piece these, but I like the stability they give when working with odd shapes, and they give me a size to shoot for.

4 columns sewn side by side will give you a block that will measure 8.5” square, and finish at 8” in the quilt, however you decide to set them!

Are you ready for Easy Street tomorrow??

As with previous mysteries this is a limited time release, and will be retired for inclusion in a future book -- so be sure to print each step as it is released. It will be pulled June 1st, and I won't be able to send you parts that you are missing.

Tonight? Get that machine cleaned and oiled-- change the needle, wind a bunch of bobbins, put a new blade in your cutter, and plan on something in the crock pot for dinner to cook all day while you sew!


  1. Let's see in 1968 I wasn't even around until the middle of August then I made my first appearance on this planet called earth. Wow by the comment, put in a new needle, wind a BUNCH of bobbins, and a new blade in the cutter, I have a feeling the clue tomorrow is going to be a doozy! Bring it on, we are all waiting and READY to GO!!!!!

  2. If the machine is The Magic Bus, and since it's painted School Bus Yellow, perhaps the theme song from the kids' show The Magic School Bus might be appropriate as well. :)


  3. a crumb AND a mystery?! at the same time?! bonnie, you're killing me! I am SUPPOSED to be cooking and cleaning, but where am I??? sorting all my crumbs from the strips!


  4. HA! Like I needed any more excitement about your newest mystery. I am so glad that "parts" of magenta made it to Missy. My 1932 scroll FW is names "Sissy". And the Magic Bus is sooooo appropriate for you dear as you are magic personified.
    I graduated from HS in 1968...long time ago!
    XOXOXO Subee

    1. So did I, Subee, So did I. guess that kinda pins down our age-but I have found that it is a thing of mind over matter---If you don't mind, it doesn't matter! We are just getting up to speed, girl! Let's GO!

  5. one of my favorite bands ever!

  6. for the uninitiated, can you explain "crumb"?? I'm assuming something that can't be categorized anywhere else (square, triangle, brick, etc.)

  7. Happy Thanksgiving, Bonnie. One of the things I am grateful for today is YOU!

  8. There are so many quilts to sew and sew little time! I have about 20 projects going! But, The mystery pile of fabrics is ready and waiting! I am praying (ok, just pleading) that you set it to release early! I have to work from 0630 till 1430 and I would really like to take a few minutes to plot and plan and may be, just may be cut a little before work!
    I am also grateful and thankful that you are who you are!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. I am so-o-o-o ready for the start of Easy Street!! My Thanksgiving dinner is Saturday evening, so I am slaving today to get everything ready and then I can devote most of tomorrow to play with my fabrics. But now I really want to start piecing together crumbs! That antique quilt is gorgeous! And I have so many little bits of fabric. I guess I'll put the crumb quilt on hold for a little while. :-(

  10. I love this little quilt--all those great crumbs holding hands and coming together--just super...looking forward to the NEW Mystery..(meanwhile: gobble gobble!!) Julierose

  11. I am thankful for you and all you share. You have changed my quilting life..Thanks bunches . I spied a featherweight that seemed to be froze up so I am going back to have another look. Who knows, it could be a good machine that just need some wonderful blue paint with a little love. Have a blk one but it was a gift and don't want to paint it. Sews wonderful. I am also ready for the mystery qlt and of course I have to do a crumb quilt and you answered my questions last night so thanks. Live is so exciting.. I was married in 1968 and had a son, so you know what I was doing.lol But did find time to sew. but not quilts.. cloths yuck not any more..is it tomorrow yet.......

  12. I was in my senior year in high school. Yes that will tell my age. lol

  13. We're enjoying a leisurely day off, just my sweetie and me. The traditional 'dinner' was two nights ago with my Mom at her assisted living. Our Thanksgiving 'supper' will be ready in a few hours so now I can relax for a bit and catch up on my reading. 1968? Jr.High. Missed quilt cam last night but LOVE the "crumbs" - I see another project starting, LOL. Fabrics are pulled for Easy Street - many excited quilters here in Florida waiting to start! Happy Thanksgiving Bonnie and thanks for all you do.

  14. I am ready also! Sewing space has been prepared with all supplies needed. The day is for piecing Easy Street. Thank you Bonnie for the excitement and pleasure you give! Pauline

  15. Thanksgiving dinner is over and my basket is looaded with Easy Street fabric. Several of us are having a sewing day tomorrow working on it; who needs to shop Black Friday? Not us, we are Easy Street bound. Thanks Bonnie for doing this.
    Even though my Orca Bay is mainly aqua, Easy Street will also be.
    Hope you have a wonderful month off from traveling.
    Paula in KY

  16. I wasn't even a twinkle in my parents eye in 1968... 1970 for me. Cannot wait for tomorrow's mystery! Space is cleaned up, fabrics washed and ironed in anticipation... new blade and needle, check, plenty of thread, check! Just need to see if my MIL can watch my 3YO...! !

  17. Picked up the last fabric yesterday, ironing and bobbins tonight!

  18. Ahhhh, I have to work tomorrow and possibly some overtime on Saturday.

  19. I work retail so I will be working from 5 am until 4 pm. Bus as soon as I get home I will be jumping in with both feet. Can't wait.

  20. I was still single in 1968 - never thought of where I'd be later in my life. So happy I found you, Bonnie. Can't wait for tomorrow's clue. I have to go shopping with 2 nieces, but I'll be up early getting my first clue. I feel like a little kid waiting for Santa to arrive. Thanks for that feeling again, Bonnie. Thanks for all you do for us. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving with your family.

  21. In 1968, I wasn't conceived, but they may have been trying. ;)

  22. I was born in 1974. I love the little yellow featherweight. Those crumb blocks are beautiful. I am in the middle of taming my scraps at the moment and I have a lovely big box of crumbs begging to be made into a scrappy beauty. I think I may have to get cutting up some phone book pages. Thankyou again for being so inspiring.

  23. Oh I forgot to say. Roger from the who lives next door to a very close friend of mine.

  24. Yes, sure more than ready to start. It is 10:30 here in Norway now, and we have just been watching the prettiest sunrise ever. full of inspiration, almost can't wait till I get home from work and will start sewing.

  25. Is it school bus yellow? When I saw it, I thought, of course Bonnie would paint a featherweight CHEDDAR. Have you posted about who painted it? I have a well loved, well used, but pretty beat up featherweight that I'd love to have painted as a gift to myself. I bought it on eBay a few years ago because it was almost the same age as ME (born considerably before 1968 ;-)


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