Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Studio Re-Do, Day 1!

I know I just got home, but when you’ve got a 5 day weekend to throw yourself into a job – instead of putting it off til later – you do it!

Or at least we do!

At least this room doesn’t have as many areas to work around ---it’s a pretty straight-forward rectangle.

We started by emptying shelves and clearing the desk and moving furniture out of the studio side to the “other” side…..there is talk of finding new shelf units that don’t bend and bow with the weight of books. 

The big yellow cord that ran from one side of the basement to the other so that the iron could be on a separate circuit?  We ran that cord through the ceiling......Yay for small improvements!

studio 005

Old carpet and yucky pad coming UP!

You can see all the “STUFF” pushed to the corner where I usually sew!

The plan is to work this in sections ----placing the carpet tiles in the front half, shifting everything to the newly carpeted area, and then finishing the back half.  We want to move the long arm as little as possible…carpet behind it…push it all the way back onto the new carpet, and continue…

studio 010

Do you recognize this tile?!

studio 009


This house was built in the 1970s.  I think I can guess how old this linoleum tile is! LOL!

After putting the adhesive down on the front side of the room…the plan is to run to town for some errands while it dries ----here is my list! ((Oh I love the voice to text on my phone..makes list making easy!))

studio 011

Yes! Getting a new DOOR too!

I’m sure that Lowes won’t be as bad of a run as going to the grocery store ---that drink pitcher and the syrup may wait til another day!

Still planning on Quilt-Cam time from the dining room at 9pm Eastern tonight – who will be there?  I’m sure many of you will be too busy, but I’m anxious to plug in that new featherweight and give it a whirl!


  1. Welcome home Bonnie,
    So glad you will have time home with your family.

    Thank you for all you give to the happy residents of Outer Quiltville.

    Hugs,Nancy in Sunny SC

    AKA -- The mom of the two mystery shoppers at MaryJos in Gastonia, with the white with black fabrics. My daughter, Jennifer, the other mystery shopper, and I are getting so excited about Easy Street.

  2. You can count on me, Bonnie! I shall be tucked in my bed trying to keep warm as I don't have any proper heating yet. My house extension is still in progress. The upstairs studio is being plastered tomorrow! Yeah! Hoping I can get the walls painted soon, then my Gammill can move out of the garden studio and into the house!! Can't wait.
    See you later! Sandra in the UK

  3. Vegetables are prepped for stuffing. Potatoes peeled and in cold water in the fridge. Turkey is thawing in the "beer" fridge in the garage. Pie shell prepared and filled with chocolate filling (no one in our family likes pumpkin pie). Manicure scheduled at 2:00 p.m. Ready for quilt cam after dinner. I'll be there, ready to rest and sew.

  4. Love the tile...we actually have the same tile in our summer cottage. I'm afraid it will be there a few more years, until we rebuild! Looking forward to "sseing" you tonight.

  5. I remember the red version of that linoleum. My parents had that in their kitchen which was built 1964.

    I will try to watch tonight. Really want to get motivated on things in the basement. BUT with our weather taking a drastic change on Thursday night, I may be putting up Christmas lights outside. With 60's forecasted through tomorrow morning followed by teens and 20's on Friday, I really don't want to put that job off until the weekend.

    1. I'm almost 99% sure we had that same linoleum tile in one of our houses in gray tones. I would love to sit down and watch tonight but I'm afraid I will still be doing last minute preparations for tomorrows get together. I never seem to be done till someone rings the bell and then I call it quits and time to enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  6. Oh my, we had that same tile in a farm house we lived in. But it was the gold tones. It was the best tile we ever had and durable. I have also seen it in avacodo greens.
    Well, good luck with all the rearranging, I like moving stuff around and clearing things away and making things new. I know it can be a headache, but will be soooo good to get things in order and be ready sew on your time off. Looking forward to QuiltCam. And my son in law is likeing it too.

  7. Hurray for you, getting your studio finally finished. Carrot Cake is coming out of the oven in about 10 minutes. The rest of the planning is done, shopping is done. Lunch is in the microwave right now. Dinner for today is planned. As soon as I am don't eating lunch, I am going to sew for about 3-4 hours till I start dinner. Might make it back later for quilt cam time too. This is my sewing week, getting lots done too.

  8. I have that exact same vinyl pattern in my kitchen right now, only instead of individual tiles it's sheet vinyl. No idea how old it is, was here when we bought the place.

    It's sturdy stuff, but it has this dimpled texture that's just impossible to keep clean. The little divots trap dirt like crazy, and with two kids and a house dog, well, my floor is usually gross.

    Good luck on the carpet project!

  9. Wow!!! You are really moving right along! Sounds like you have it planned out real well. Quilt Cam tonight will be a real treat for all of us happy residents of Outer Quiltville (as Nancy has named us)!

  10. Rural Quiltville is also looking forward to the cheddar Featherweight gal to be in action!!!!

  11. That tile looks like the tile in my son's former apartment, which I took a picture of because, of course, I saw it with quilter's eyes!
    I wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. How come your Lowe sells syrup, mine doesn't I checked! See ya tonight Bonnie.

  13. I am working on my bow tie blocks. Not as a leaders and enders - just doing them. A couple hundred down, and a lot more to go.

  14. Whoo hoo Quiltcam tonight!! I've got to bind a small little art quilt and then I can work on finishing Step 7 of Orca Bay! I'm quite the turtle but getting as much done before Nov. 23 gets here.

  15. Anonymous3:44 PM EST

    Do you take vitamins I need to know about? lol - mercy Bonnie you do have energy! Looks like your sutdio is really making progress. I know how it feels to see a job well done that makes life easier. Can't wait for you to see your "new" studio!

    Well try to sign on later. With wackoness stirring around us here, who knows?
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  16. Hope the syrup on your list isn't the maple syrup!~ The gals of HGTV will be watching your web cast tonight so give us a holler!



  17. My mom had that exact linoleum on the wall under our bar area. That is where me and my sister ate since we had more people than would fit around our dining table. Mom said it was the answer to our feet alway on that wall. Once I had a family I thought about that and wished I could cover all our wall in linoleum!

    Love watching your studio re-do. I am preparing to pack my studio for an upcoming move. I'm not excited! I didn't get to stay in this sewing room long enough to forget the headache and backache. Oh we'll maybe I will get a roomier and cooler room in the next house.
    Hope to join you for Quilt Cam.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  18. I remember that floor from my middle school days. Ours was darker - had more brown and dark red in it - but definitely the same pattern. We ripped up our kitchen floor last summer and found gold paisleys under the cabinets - now that was REALLY ugly!! Sue K

  19. We bought that same tile in BLUE in the mid-80's. YEP, I liked it then but I love my Hardwood floors so much more. I'm glad you have a DH who is willing to use his time to help make your space better. I am planning to catch a bit of Quiltcam, It will depend on how late my DH works today so he can have the day after Thanksgiving off.

  20. I hope to drop by and see your new baby in action. I missed QUiltCam while you were gone :)

  21. love that tile! i see another quilt made from scraps in that pattern.

  22. OMG...I had the EXACT same flooring in my apartment kitchen. Sure brings back memories!

  23. Anonymous5:40 PM EST

    This off quiilt topic. I've been perusing the voice to text apps, and there are so many to choose from. Which one do you use? If you were shopping or a voice to text app would you choose the same one? It's too slow to key by lists, and that darn slip of paper is either in the car or left on the kitchen table.
    Thanks. Welcome home and have a great Thanksgiving.

  24. Count me in for the quiltcam!!!

    I had that same flooring but in groovy shades of gold, yellow, orange and beige. It was really popular back in the 70's and I almost wish I still had it. It never showed any dirt. Now I have a white floor and 5 big dogs with muddy feet :) Love my dogs but hate my floor.

  25. I remember the vinyl and I liked it a lot! It was in mixed golds. It sure was around for a long time ! I am always amazed and envious of your organizing skills! I had to rearrange the basement to fit my new longarm, but can't get it "comfortable"again. It's a long narrow room with only one real wall. It's a dilemma. I'm gonna just keep hanging with u and hope some of your talent rubs off! See u tonite!

  26. We had that same flooring in a house when I was a kid. That was in the early 60s, so I'm betting it's even older than you think it is.

  27. Very good and trustwothy website! A lot of interesting info. We were hoping for this.Thanks for sharing!
    Trina Pockett

  28. We had that exact linoleum in our family room when I was growing up. Yes, it was from the 70s. My dad passed away and we sold his house, but that flooring was still in there. Thanks for reminding me of my old house!


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