Friday, November 09, 2012

Good Morning!?!

The sun is shining out there this morning ----but it was one of “THOSE” nights….around 4am I groggily found myself being pulled out of a deep peaceful slumber by the sound of some guy’s car alarm going off – and going off – and going off – and going off –

It was the kind that changes the sound it is shrieking every 5 seconds from wailing to whooping to honking to screeching…AACKKK!

And of course, the alarm never woke the guy who’s car it was – it went on and on and on, and no amount of pillow piling on top off my head would drown it out.  I think those things eventually time out and just stop, don’t they?  After a while it did, but by then I was so awake there was no point in going back to sleep.

The silly thing is ---who knows what sets those things off?  Could have been a squirrel for all it’s worth ---and in the mean time a whole side of a hotel was probably grumbling in the wee hours because of that stupid car alarm.

I’m gathering up my stuff for a crumbs workshop today with the Quilters Unlimited of Tallahassee, Florida!

I love this workshop!  I get a big kick out of seeing people who “thought” they were matchy-matchy just let go and let their inner child come out to play with the pieces.  I fuflly intend to help everyone make a big huge scrappy mess and have a blast doing it ;c)

I mentioned that there really wasn’t anything that wanted to come home with me in my jaunts around Tallahassee yesterday ---but I do have some photos I snapped on my stops in Georgia on my way down, and I thought I’d share those with you this morning.

Tallahassee_2012 027

Beautiful decals on a White rotary treadle!

I really think I must live in one of the best areas --North Carolina--for machine and quilt finding ----this one was at a mall in Macon, and they wanted a ton of money for it.  Worth the picture, but not worth my wallet!

Tallahassee_2012 041

Japanese Singer Clone, 1950s.

Just because a machine is black and has decals does not mean that it is “really really old” and “VALUABLE!”.  Someone wanted $150.00 for this ---I wouldn’t pay over $50.00 for this.  Yes, it’s pretty, but it’s not that rare or worth that much money.

Tallahassee_2012 042

Beat up and rusty green 1950s singer!

This one was frozen up ---and the machine is in really bad shape.  $120.00  Not going there!  The color was once wonderful, but this machine just was never going to be clean-up-able to get it to the point where you would be happy with it.  Not sure the model on this one ---201?  It was direct drive. It’s like the big sister to the 185J of the same era – same green.

Tallahassee_2012 044

Big green Elna Supermatic!

This machine had a busy life --- you can tell by all the green that is chipped up off of the machine bed.  Isn’t it such a funky looking machine?  This one was going for $100.00 and no – just not that interested, even though the color was cool!  The hand wheel moved stiffly, but it is going to take some work for who ever picks this one up. 

Tallahassee_2012 054

Funky 30’s to 40's Westinghouse!

This little machine looks like a bomber!  I was really interested in the treadle table because it fits a 3/4 size machine ---but they were asking $300 for this beat up table and a very locked up machine.

Tallahassee_2012 053

Close up of the machine head!

Isn’t it just an interesting looking machine? It is a vibrating shuttle machine ---you can see the chrome slide plates and the long bobbin winder. It has a crinkle finish popular during that era.  If the table were in better shape, I would have loved to have it just for the size of the cut out in it!

Tallahassee_2012 067

BEAUTIFUL parlor cabinet!!

Tallahassee_2012 068

Lovely decals on the machine labeled “Domestic Vibrator”  LOL!

Tallahassee_2012 069

Look at the fancy foot pedal!

But there is a lot of rust, and though the cabinet is in great shape, the machine just is NOT.  I think it’s partly to do with the climate down here – intense humidity and heat, and who knows where this was stored.  They wanted $695.00 for this machine in the cabinet.  Nope!

Tallahassee_2012 072

A little 185J – so locked up it wouldn’t move!

This one was going to take some work and since I already have one, it wasn’t worth the $85.00 they were asking.  Hopefully someone will find it and love it and give it a new life.  I do love that funky green color!

Tallahassee_2012 079

A “free” treadle ---cabinet not in great shape, but I love the style of it!

It was still a great day out machine hunting!  I’ve come to think if it as a kind of “Catch and Release” fishing ----find it, photograph it – and leave it!  LOL!

Time to throw myself together and get over to the church where our workshops are today ---

Have a great day, everyone!


  1. Bonnie ~ I continue to be impressed with your knowledge of machines from other times. I have learned SO much from you ... not just quilting but about the craft of sewing in general. Thanks for sharing that wisdom. And yes, I also hate car alarms and am resentful when someone's paranoia about their car causes sleepless nights for others. Have another cup of coffee/tea today to combat the loss of sleep ~ take care and enjoy the workshop. Sounds like fun!

  2. Oh I love the Catch and Release bit!!! It so sums up some of my shoping,browsing.look and touch but dont buy trips!!!

  3. Oh really cool machines! and they will be there for a while. if they don't even move.... just saying.

  4. It is so interesting to hear your thoughts as you see these machines and learn what makes a good purchase and what is a deal breaker. I had a good laugh over the domestic vibrator :)

  5. Don't like car alarms. Happy they are few around here. Hope you will have a good day anyway. So cool machines, my grandmother had one of those. I hoped to get it, but she sold it for some coins to a guy passing by. I was so disappointed. Happy weekend!

  6. Catch & Release is a great philosophy for collectors! Thanks for the pictures and commentary.

  7. Did I ever tell you about this cool corner shop in Seattle that
    has sewing machines as their window display? The machines are stacked on shelves from the top to the bottom on each window that forms the sides of the building. It is amazing to look at, so much so that I can not remember what they sold in the shop!
    I'll see if I can find a picture.

    Happy Sewing and safe trvels

  8. So sorry your night was disturbed . Hate that. All the machines were so interesting. Love looking at old machines. The chase is so worth the find. Wish I was at the crumb class, I need help..lol in more ways than one..lol

  9. Bonnie I love your use of the phrase "catch and release." I live on Lake Fork, a bass fishing lake and that is what we promote for fishing! My email addy is thus 'fishinstitchin' due to my love for both. My exposure to sewing was by watching my grandmother make clothes on her treadle machine. I so loved to watch her in motion, if someone came to her house and she liked your dress she would get paper brown bags and hold it up to the dress and eyeball outline a pattern! I often wonder what became of that machine.......

  10. Anonymous9:34 AM EST

    Thanks for the sewing machine show - it made my morning. Hope you get a good night's sleep tonight.

  11. Oh loved seeing the Elna Supermatic, my dad bought me a brand new one of those when I was 6 years old because he said someone needed to learn to sew in our home and my mom wasn't interested. Made a lot of doll clothes and blankets then clothes for myself throughout high school and college and then traded it for an Elna Carina when I started quilting. Wish I still had it if only to look at from time to time. Still have the Carina though.

  12. Really like the cabinet on the parlor stand. Very different from any cabinets I have ever seen. Good thing I don't live close to that place-would probably try to chew someone down on price!

  13. My White Rotary Treadle looks just like that!!! It works wonderfully - I love it. It is in my sunroom and I can use it whenever I want. Enjoyed the pictures.

  14. I have a Free treadle whose cabinet is nearly perfect. Pretty sure I paid too much for it, but it's just so pretty!

  15. I have two Elna Supermatics!!!
    One my Mother got new in 1953 for $353. Have the receipt. This is the machine I learned to sew on.
    the other one was a give away.I can sew with my mother's but it makes a noise. Need to investigate.

    1. Wow! $353 for a sewing maching in 1953. That was one pricey machine! 8-)

  16. Sometimes I read your blog and wonder why I had to buy the machine I did. Don't get me wrong, I love my machine. I spent months researching machine before making the purchase. However, after I bought it, I started to notice machines from the 1950's to 1970's for $25 at thrift stores. I'd look at them, and they were clean with all accessories and manual. I would tell myself that it would be worth it to get an oldie running. They don't make them like they used to!

  17. I have one of those green Elnas. What I learned to sew on. My mom bought it in Japan on the Air Force base in the mid-1950's.

  18. LOVE the spearmint green on that Elna! That's my second favorite color, after the 1950's aqua on the Singer you posted the other day.

    I recently inherited one of those drab green, rough-finish machines - brand is 'New Home'. It weighs more than my car! 'Bomber' is a good description, or maybe TANK! Don't know much about it but I know it needs rewiring at the very least. Have to take it in for a repair estimate before making any decisions.

    Thanks for sharing all the 'catch & release' finds. Fun to look! Hope you get some better sleep tonight!

  19. WoW! Lots of interesting machines!

  20. Thanks so much for today's sewing machine lesson! I'm leaning a lot about older machines. I think your catch & release philosophy is just wonderful. It's very nice that I can waunder through so many different stores without having to get out of my jammies!

  21. Of course the price may have been because the shop owner didn't really want to sell them. That might have been my strategy, lol.


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