Friday, November 16, 2012

iPhone-o-Gram! We interrupt this blog!

I arrived in Ann Arbor last night about 11:30 PM.

I fell into bed awaking to my alarm at 7 AM.

My thought was to share photos from yesterday's Great Lakes quilt collection visit.

But my laptop is not cooperating this morning.

While shutting down at the airport at the end of my layover on Wednesday, I got the dreaded "please do not turn off or unplug your computer applying update 1 of 12!"


I found myself going through the airport carrying my laptop with its lid open hoping it would finish the dreaded updates before was time to board.

Somewhere around applying updates seven of 12 it was time to power everything off for take off. I had no choice but to turn the laptop off and stow away.

When I arrived in Lansing, it did finish its updates – but has been slow and sluggish and uncooperative since.

This morning programs won't open.

I know I need to reset it to an earlier time frame and undo those bad updates, but I'm being picked up to go teach a class this morning in about 20 minutes and there just isn't time!

Please bear with me as I deal with computer issues and go teach a class – hopefully I'll have time tonight to get it all back sorted out.

I am sharing with you a lovely Weedwhacker quilt shown at last night's trunk show in Lansing – all watermelon fabrics! Isn't it wonderful?

Have a great day everybody! Catch you later :-)


  1. Computers....they can be a blessing and a nightmare all at the same time. Once you get it all sorted out, since your on the go a lot. Maybe instead of doing auto updates you could tell it to let you do them manually, so you can do them at home when you have time to let it go for as long as you want to. Will help you save time in the future and give you less stress in your already very busy life.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Ann Marie, your comment made me go look. There was one setting marked for automatic updates. I changed it. I hope that's the one, because there areupdates I hadn't seen in earlier versions of Windows (I have Win 7). Always at shutdown with no warning or options. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. We'll survive without you for the day, Bonnie! Try to enjoy your class and your students, and leave the computer worry for later on tonight. Have a smiley day!

  3. the weed wacker is lovely! trying to wait patiently for you to return from your travels and see you and all my quilty friends on quilt cam, and the mystery of course! safe travels to you!

  4. Oh, I do like that weedwacker--good color combo. I had to wait for the dreaded updates, too, Bonnie. I don't know why MS can't give us a warning or at least one chance to postpone it. So rude!

  5. Love the double-framed effect around those Weedwhacker blocks.

    To Bonnie's Computer: Behave yourself!

  6. just like cars...when they work they are great, when they don't they are junk

  7. Hi Bonnie: Thanks for the post that you do.
    As for the computer....because my laptop is 9 years old and gets arthritis every time there are multiple updates, I now click on the icon that says you have updates and review them. I un-check all of them if I am in the middle of something critical. Then I go back later and allow them in smaller groups. Some of the optional ones I don't run at all such as updates to Skype. My daughter borrowed my laptop one day to Skype, I never Skype. I had a week where I received over 20 updates and then the laptop would not run. I did restore about 6 times. Then I just allowed 4 at a time and my laptop is working well.
    Anyway after you do restore, uncheck them all while you are out of town.
    Hope this helps!

    Have a great weekend!
    Aileen from FL

  8. Next time you need a new laptop or computer, i'd break down and spend the extra $ and get a MAC or Apple or whatever you call them. I had to be DRUG into the store by my husband for the umpteenth time and he MADE me buy it. lol
    I did not want to get off the $. NOW... HA!~ What a joke... All those laptops that broke and all that McAffee and Norton and all that... all the $ I spent. HA!~ I could have had a good mac and never bothered with all that. I will NEVER GO BACK now. NEVER!~
    You don't have to mess with all that mess. LOVE them.

    Great quilt!~


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