Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Moths Have Flown The Coop!

Today during Quilt-Cam I was able to finish 4 of my Moth in a Window blocks. 

After dinner I sewed a couple more….and wanted to do a block count to see how many I had.

I began laying the blocks out on the floor ((Yes, the design wall is taken up by something else right now!)) to see --- and I KNEW I had more than this.  I just knew it!

Where are they?

Where are the ones that Andee sent me from Arizona?

Where are the others that I first started sewing on Quilt-Cam?

Here are my blocks today:

mothinawindow 016
18 moths all in a row!

But which are we missing??

I had to go back to an earlier post to find out:

mothinawindow 014


Some of these are in the photo above for today – but what are missing are the dark blue ones.  And some others.  Where could they be?

I don’t remember boxing or bagging them up.  They HAVE to be here.  There are still some boxes full of books and studio stuff in the other side of the basement waiting for me to go to IKEA and get some new book shelves….could they be out there?

And until I figure it out, I’m going to have to keep kitting up and sewing more anyway…..I’ve got a long ways to go!

Good thing I put a new blade in my cutter this afternoon---


  1. Hope you find them Bonnie. It drives me nuts knowing I have something somewhere and can't find them.

  2. Could my klepto-kitty gone visiting?! Hope you find them soon. The blocks I was missing during your visit showed up a couple days later boxed with another project!

  3. I didn't get to tune into Quilt cam, did you find the missing embroidered block center you lost several weeks ago on quiltcam?? Maybe they are hiding in the same place.

  4. And that is why it is never a good idea to clean the work room!lol

  5. if anyone wants a singer treadle machine...needs a belt....and some cleaning up...there is one in my neighborhood for $50...nice looking cabinet but no drawers, just the foldover top. south portland, maine, is where i live

  6. I'd have a nice chat with the cat if I were you...lol!

  7. Cats DO like to play with moths!!

  8. I was watching when you made those, on Quilt Cam, a few weeks ago. Maybe your moths got lost where ever that little pocket patch got lost on that night. Maybe they are all hanging out together in their own little Bermuda Triangle/Quilting Room Triangle space....lol! Has anyone else wondered if Bonnie ever found that little piece of fabric....haha!

    1. Ooops, I just read Nanette's reply. I guess great minds think alike....lol!

  9. I agree with Rebecca...I lose things when I clean. But sweetie...it was 2 whole weeks ago when you were sewing them on "quiltcam". That is a LONG time ago in your world!!!
    They must be under a quilt or some fabrics. Or perhaps under what is on the design wall???
    Hope you find them.
    I am cutting for another quilt I designed yesterday in EQ7 (love this program) to be a L&E for this mystery. I am using 2" strips. This is my least numerous strip size. I am ready to do some major cutting to fix this deficiency.
    XOXOXOXO Subee

  10. Oh what a bummer! I so hope you find them - but in the midst of all the cleaning and moving and reorganizing and spiffing up you've been doing - if it were me, I'd probably have them at the bottom of a pile somewhere.
    Am finally getting started on "Easy Street" - just cutting at the moment. Really hope I can get some 4 patches done tonight.

  11. I am sure they will turn up! Meanwhile thanks for the motivation to dig mine out and get going on them! :)

  12. Have to agree with the others, ya lose more stuff when ya clean. Be ye a pile-r or file-r.......stuff like that drives me nuts.
    On the other-hand ..... It will come to you once you rest your mind.
    Be Well and Thanks for all you do.

  13. As many things as you are doing at any given time--secret projects for upcoming books, a year's magazine scrap blocks, mystery planning, bow ties, spools, L&E projects, it is amazing this does not happen to you more often. I try to make myself have a container of some sort for each project, but still things/parts/pieces/important notes go missing. Reassuring that it also happens to someone like you. They will turn up after you give up on them and make replacement blocks--count on it.

  14. Anonymous9:25 PM EST

    Oh my, it's nice to know that my sewing room isn't the only one with a black hole in it! I searched all over the other day for a set of blocks only to find them later in a plastic bin I had touched at least three times! lol Don't worry, as my mom would say, "It will surface.)

  15. My dad always said it would be in the last place you look for it! Took me years to catch on that once you found it, you quit looking and that was why it was in the "last place you looked"!

  16. No time to read all suggestions right now but at end of quiltcam you threw something over laptop camera. Could that have blown blocks away?

  17. If you're like me, you put them somewhere safe because you wanted to think about how to use them...and they're REALLY safe...

    Our cats don't usually steal blocks, but at this time of the year, the static is bad enough that if they flop out on a quilt that I'm laying out, they sometimes walk off with blocks stuck to their sides...especially a problem with longhair cats which we have a few of...

  18. This is going to be a very pretty quilt!~ You will find them. Order new ones.. lol (iPod)
    Hey, I might have missed it, but I am curious about your review of the 007 movie.
    Enjoyed sewing today. I cut the entire time. 2 hours of standing, my hips were killing me. Worth it though. Took a nap and then sew, sew, sew... Still sewing now while watching LIZ & DICK (Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton on LIfetime)

  19. I was recently making nighties for my Mum & planned to use an aqua plaid (we call it gingham in Australia) that I bought years ago but knew I had a couple of metres left....I searched thru my whole stash more than once - I was soooo frustrated & eventually used different fabric - the aqua plaid was found days later (sheepishly coy) on the recliner bside my sewing table....waiting to be included in a rainbow ticker tape quilt [url]http://www.stitchedincolor.com/2011/06/bottled-rainbows-on-my-bed.html[/url] too many projects in mind to keep track of my ideas

  20. I am new to your website, so I may be asking something you have already mentioned. What are the dimensions for the blocks you are working on now? I love the blocks and it looks like something even I could manage. If its not too much trouble, can I get this information or tell me where I can find it, so I too can begin this? Thanks for all you do for the quilting community and specifically for me. You give me hope and inspiration.

  21. They will turn up when you are least expecting it. I had lost a bag I made for my mum for christmas. Do you think I could find it. Stopped looking and yesterday I came across it. The moths look great Bonnie.

  22. Your blocks hang out right where my drivers' license kept hiding....
    Hubby drove me mad, got no rest and finally had to order a replacement... after that I came to my senses finally to do the things I should have been doing in the meanwhile, and tadaaa! there it was 8^{ Could not undo the order, now there is a spare one, in case the official replacement wants to have a skinny dip in my ocean of scraps again.
    Lesson to be learned: they surface when you're calm enough to forget about them!
    Love from a sunny Amsterdam,

  23. just a thought, but have you tried checking in the dining room yet? maybe that stack never made it back to the sewing room.

  24. Gosh, this sounds just like me; drives ya crazee when you KNOW they HAVe to be around somewhere!! I really love this block--so cute--enjoyed "The Cam" so much yesterday Thanks--who knew watching someone else sew could be such fun!! (ROTFLOL) Julierose

  25. What a lovely design. I hope you find the missing ones.


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