Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Which Airport?!

I spend a lot of time in airports. And they are usually really interesting places!

The picture you see to the left is of the infamous dinosaur skeleton at O’Hare. Usually I take a picture of it straight on, or looking up at its neck..but this time, I actually saw where the TAIL goes as I was walking through ---it extends into the security area! I’ve seen this guy so many times, I’ve almost named him. Does he have a name I don’t know about?

Last Saturday, Connie drove me from Holton to Kansas City, MO, where I would catch a plane to Chicago, and then another plane to Greensboro.

We had stopped back at Quilting on the Square to load up my quilt bags, and distribute the rest of what remained of the books between my bags so I didn't have to MAIL anything home.

kansas_sept2011 193

Off we went through the morning drizzle over hilly green roads – this corner of Kansas is NOT like the flat lands we had driven through to get to Holton!

Of course as we followed the signs to Leavenworth, I said that I’d love to get a picture to send home…

kansas_sept2011 199

We joked “What’s the fastest way to Leavenworth Prison?” “Commit a Federal Crime!” Really, the place looks like an old university from the front, or maybe a museum. Until you see the barbed wire and guard stations. CREEPY! But we drove in one entrance, took a quick pic, and got the heck out of Dodge Leavenworth ---


Welcome to Terminal A, Kansas City Airport! What’s weird about this place is that every cluster of gates has its own security check-point. Once you get through the security check-point you are IN the gate area….all the restaurants and book shops etc are on the OUTSIDE of the check-point! So take it from me and do not go through security any earlier than you need to!

((There is also not a single water fountain PAST the check-point so if you want to fill your own water bottle, it’s going to be warm tap-water from the bathroom sink. Of course, you could BUY bottled water inside the gate area, but come on!))

The one thing I DO like about Kansas City’s airport? It’s not carpeted! Which makes it really easy to roll your luggage along. And there are BEAUTIFUL mosaics in the floor. SO many of them remind me of quilt designs. And some, like the one that depicts Northwind blowing, are just amazing works of art. Below are just of a few of my favorites. They are ALL OVER the floor in that terminal!

My favorite thing to do? Stay OUT of security, plug in my ipod with the music up loud and just power walk the corridor. Most of it is uninhabited…I figure if I walk for an hour, I can do about 3 1/2 to 4 miles! I give myself just enough time to get through security and get on the plane.

I’m setting this post to go live while I’m on my journey from Greensboro, NC to Cordova Alaska today! I’ll keep my quilters eyes wide open and see if there is anything else inspirational to post. My route? I have a 6am flight from Greensboro to Newark to Seattle to Anchorage to Cordova, finally getting into Cordova at 7:50pm! That’s only 1am North Carolina time ---

Send Quilty thoughts for safe travel please!


  1. I've always just called the ORD dinosaur "Sue". I know it's not right. :)

    I, too, enjoy the mosaics at MCI. Two of my three sisters live about an hour from there in Blue Mound. :) [Sister three lives in FTW]

    So, do you talk in airport codes? ;)

  2. I went through the KC airport just a few weeks afer 9/11. I had cleared security and was waiting for my flight when some well-meaning but obviously uninformed individual tossed a duffle bag over the partition into the gate area. Seems his family member (who was inside the gate area) had forgotten it. This was back when they were still searching bags and the security process was very slow... Well, the tossed bag created LOTS of excitement - the terminal was evacuated, we all had to wait until the bag and helpful individual were cleared, and then we had to start all over with the security process. Flights were delayed, people were held on incoming planes - it was a mess!

    Have a great trip to Alaska!

  3. Anonymous9:53 AM EDT

    Before 9/11 the layout of the airport was wonderful! Flight at 6:30? You could be dropped at the door in front of your gate at 6:15 and still make it to your plane. The security now needed just doesn't do well with this airport layout.

  4. Love the mosaic tiles! Safe journey to you!

  5. Sending Quilty thoughts for safe travel, and no delays. Loved the tile mosaics. They kind of look like they could be made with some small hexagons, maybe your next travel quilt.

  6. Safe journey to Alaska....we will be waiting for the pics.

  7. Anonymous10:56 AM EDT

    I found this online. There is no name for him yet.
    "The brachiosaurus, whose long neck and skull soar 45 feet above the ground, is relocating to make room for Sue, the Tyrannosaurus rex that is the prize find of the Field.

    Sue's is the largest T. rex skeleton found to date. Her bones will occupy a place of pride, the north end of Stanley Field Hall where the unnamed brachiosaurus now stands. So, as in days of old, a herbivore will succumb to a carnivore.

    The brachiosaurus will remain at O'Hare for an indefinite period--"Once it gets there . . . it's going to stay there," O'Shea said. And judging by its size, the reptile should draw more than a few stares."

    dltquilt@juno.com Donna, LEH,NJ

  8. Having flown in and out of MCI multiple times over a two year period. I got to be quiet familiar with the airports while visiting my father. I do recall the beautiful floor designs, but never thought to take pictures, maybe because I was under so much stress at the time. I have not been back since my father passed, but may fly in there when I go to visit my son at Fort Leonard Wood Army base in November. If I do I will definitely be taking pictures of the floor. I can just see some of those in a quilt. Safe travels and I hope you enjoy your visit to Cordova. I hope that one of your trips up here you will be coming to Anchorage to teach. I would love to take a class with you.

  9. How large were those mosaic designs?
    I can see you tracing them and using them as quilting designs.
    I am picturing you on your belly with tracing paper as the security guards decide if they should take you away or not!
    XOXOXO Safe traveling prayers coming your way

  10. Fantastic floor tiles. Safe travels.

  11. Wishing you a VERY safe trip! Cordova will be beautiful, I know you will fall in love :-) Enjoy your trip, I'm looking forward to reading all about it!

    Sorry I've been MIA for a while, first weeks of school and all!

  12. My Army Son works at Leavenworth. Much better than living there. I forgot to look a the tiles at the airport, must go back... I don't remember the T-Rex either.

  13. That is a lot of ups and downs in one day.....I hope everything lined up and you arrive safely......you are such a seasoned traveler!
    Love the tiles, I'm surprised security didn't ask you what you were you to!

    Happy sewing


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