Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lunch Time!

After our hike, Sara drove me into town --- we were hungry by this time! I hadn’t been into “town” proper yet…..and I couldn’t wait to see what life was really like in Cordova.

This was our lunch spot!

Baja Taco!

Let me see if I got the story right, and someone correct me if I’m wrong – Baja Taco started in this little reclaimed school bus and was operated out of the bus “during the season” which runs from about Mid April to the end of September.

cordova_AK2011 052

We just BARELY made it before the season ended!!

cordova_AK2011 054

Sara and Amelia ordering our lunches! Everything is still cooked in the bus “kitchen” and the smell was SO delicious! Did I mention how hungry we were?

cordova_AK2011 053

Here’s a glance at the “surf board” menu board!! FISH TACOS are a must when the sea food is really fresh. Today’s “catch of the day”?? Halibut! OH, Halibut Tacos with black beans and rice, I’m ready for you!

Because the business was so successful, a building was added to the side of the bus – a warm dry place for customers to sit and enjoy their lunches!

cordova_AK2011 055

It was really cozy inside, I loved the mis-matched chairs and the d├ęcor. To the bottom right of the pic is Sara’s smiling face. In this town everyone knows everyone….and everyone stops to say hi or wave!

cordova_AK2011 056

I can honestly say that these halibut tacos were to die for! I’m also sure that I’ve gained 5 lbs on this trip ----One thing Cordovans know how to do, and do well is cook! ((And EAT!!))

cordova_AK2011 051

A memorable lunch with new friends! The season is almost over, Baja Taco will close for the winter, but I’m sure everyone in town will be waiting anxiously for “Opening Day” in Spring of 2012!


  1. Oh, what a wonderful lunch you must have enjoyed... Baja Taco looks like a great place to dine! Thanks for sharing your visit... it is almost like being there...

  2. Looks like a really cool place to eat... not sure about the fish tacos but the ambiance is so awesome that anything would taste really great sitting there and eating.

  3. Good fish tacos are to die for and especially hard to find. Rubio's in San Diego has the best I've tasted so far.


  4. sounds like you had a great time - what a great "job" you have traveling to all these nice places and spending time with such great people. Being able to experience all this is so nice.

    p.s. I have never had fish taco's I will need to give them a try

  5. Love those quaint little local eateries. The food is real and good!! (And so, usually, are the people!)

  6. What a nice place! That plate looks delicious...

  7. Only the locals would know that this was a "great place to eat" the rest of us would run and say
    "no way"! Your lunch looks fabulous.......hey I was just at a beach wedding in NH that served fish tacos.....fabulous.

    I look forward to your next adventure :0)

    Happy Sewing

  8. Oh YUMMO!! That plate of halibut tacos looks sooo good. Lucky you :o)

  9. What a cool restaurant!! Those Alaskans really know how to think outside the box.

  10. I'm officially green with envy. I LOVE fish tacos.


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