Wednesday, September 21, 2011

That Sunroom ---


((Well Mostly!))

And you will notice that the two most important things have already found their place.

The desk and computer.

And the green putting mat/carpet. LOL!

Boy, has this been a LONG process! We started in MAY--((Yes, it’s really been that long..this is what happens when it’s a mostly do-it-yourself home renovation!))

While I was gone to Kansas, I’d get updates on how the floor installation was going.

kansas_sept2011 214

It looks SO good! I really like the color we chose too. Not too light, not too dark..it’s a pergo called Yorkshire Oak.

kansas_sept2011 221

Saturday, after our Denny’s run for breakfast, and our Lowes run for more “STUFF”, it became a trim painting day. My job was to tape off the windows and start painting trim. Boy, this just does NOT look like the same room as it used to!

We turned the music up loud on the 70’s channel…

kansas_sept2011 220

Here’s a funny little “Instagram” I took with my phone….

There are a couple things left to finish. The windows all need new plantation blinds. So does the door that leads to the storage room. I think in the top pic above you can see that it is an old metal blind that is all bent to heck. Haven’t been in a rush with that. It hides a multitude of junk that is IN that storage room!

Oh, and one thing we did….all the windows used to have that crossed window paning making it look like there were several panes of glass, you know what kind I’m talking about? We removed ALL those dividers and I can’t believe what a difference it made with actually being able to see OUT the window without lines of molding going across my field of vision. I like BIG VIEWS…not staring through small squares all divided, know what I mean?

All the windows and doors in the house used to have that small pane look. NO MORE! Open it up! We are also removing the divider things on the door to the storage room. It also sure makes the windows easier to clean when you don’t have a wipe down a bunch of smaller panes.

I'm even considering removing those divider thingies from the french doors that go from the dining room to the sunroom. Can they still be called french doors if they DON'T have those dividers? Well why not? Again, that would make it so much easier to clean!

Cleaning windows? What am I thinking?! I don’t do that, do I?


  1. Brilliant idea to remove those things from the windows, big views are so much nicer :)
    Love the flooring and the paint colour, have to admit I do like French doors though! I think because we had some in my house growing up :)

  2. It's turning out beautifully!!! You're going to love it.

  3. The flooring is beautiful. I like the wall and trim colors. Good choices! I don't know that I would cover those wonderful windows with plantation shutters though. It looks like you have a beautiful view outdoors.

  4. It looks beautiful! Enjoy!

  5. Looks Great! Pergo is awesome. Easy to install, lasts forever. Before the end of the year our entire home (save the basement) will be floored with Pergo.

  6. Job well done, it looks clean and fresh. I'm not fond of panes either. :)

  7. Beautiful choice, Bonnie. It looks so good! And I'm with you on the window panes.

  8. I put yorkshire oak in my entire downstairs a couple of years ago and it looks, great and is so easy to care for. My oldest dog, however, hates it! Congratulations.

  9. It looks fantastic Bonnie!! The floor is a beautiful color!

  10. Gorgeous room, Bonnie! Love the floor, and the windows....and the putting green! And yeah, I love a clean window....but I'm not willing to do it! HA!

  11. They're called muntins.

    The room looks nice!

  12. Yay Nann! Muntins, not mullions! I got those mixed up!
    But, Bonnie, the fake ones? I couldn't agree with you more! Off! And they are still french doors.
    My house stager got some really cool Lill sheers from Ikea for my french doors and they do a lot to soften the room but they also let a lot of light in and are easy to swoop to the side. Just an idea!

  13. Nice "instagram". So exciting to have a "NEW" room! The shutters will look fabulous. I'll have to admit I thought the two most important thing would have been sewing machine and chair! Guess we can't have them in every room. Sandi

  14. Great looking room! Cute Handy Man too. Have fun in Alaska!

  15. I know exactly what you mean - I HATE those things in the windows!

  16. Beware!
    From experience, I know that you have to make something visible on panes of glass, especially in french doors... The bumps felt aching for over a week 8^{ . Even after so many years (my grandma had those doors, and my dad helped her remove the grid on the windows...) I still remember how miserable I felt. As a reaction to those wicked doors, I do remove what ever door can be missed from the house. No grids, but no doors as well!
    Love the redo of the room, it was certainly worth waiting for! Seems to me that you do like the same floors as I do ;^}
    love from a dark and somewhat chilly Asterdam,

  17. Wow..nice job you two!
    Now you've got to get home and spend some time enjoying the new space.

    Happy Sewing and safe travels Bonnie!

  18. Hi Bonnie,
    Looks like my living room. We just finished painting as well Benjamin Moore 233 Cream Fleece. Had to go with the fleece part. I guess the fiber is part of who I am. LOL

  19. Looks great. You'll enjoy spending time there.

  20. Beautiful, it looks so fresh! Dave did a great job. ( and you too with the tape;-)

  21. I'm with you Bonnie-when we replaced the 2 sliders and all the windows in the back of my house-we left out the muntins. We have beautiful woods out back and didn't want to spoil the view. (DH insisted on keeping the muntins in the front so we'd look like all the neighbors). Your room is gorgeous!

  22. Muntins! Removing them is the first thing I did when we moved into this house! :-)


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