Monday, September 26, 2011

Good Eats!

As I try to break down these days into posts…I’m doing the best I can to keep things kind of “coherent” in little episodes as they happened in the order that they happened. Even though I write this to share, I am also writing this as my own memoir. I don’t want to leave anything out that I will want to remember later. And time passes so fast and things are so quickly forgotten.

However, I will never forget our Wednesday night dinner at Terri’s house..and how the food and friends and fun just kept coming through the door!

Yep, it’s Alaska! And we had more seafood fare than we could make a dent in, but oh did we try!

I felt so welcome as I was introduced to everyone –like we had been old time friends!

What you see in the first pic is the view from Terri’s balcony deck. Can you imagine? Her house is on pilings right over the water, and the tide comes in and goes out and comes in and goes out and it is ever changing.

I started taking pictures of the food as it came in…..as foil was removed we all oooh’d and ahh’d at the wonderful aromas ---

cordova_AK2011 062

Diane W’s Macadamia nut encrusted halibut!! OH MY! This was served with a buerre blanc sauce on top…delectible!

cordova_AK2011 061

Julie’s blueberry cheese cake made with local blueberries! YUM!!!

And at this point I got side tracked and gave up taking pictures until we had all laid out in front of us at the table:

cordova_AK2011 063

Can you see it all? Yes! Diane U brought King crab legs with garlic butter for drizzling…they melted in my mouth! The wonderful tomato goat cheese salad was made by Val, Lila made the SALMON CHEESECAKE! ((Yes, salmon cheese cake…)) and it was served with crackers like an appetizer…You can see the halibut and the pot of buerre blanc, and Sara’s home made yeast rolls. Debra made a delicious pot of home made clam chowder as well…and we stuffed ourselves silly!

cordova_AK2011 065

As the sun set into the west, this was again the view from Terri’s deck. What a wonderful evening with new wonderful friends. I never laughed so hard in my life at some of the antics that were going on amongst these women who are such good close friends. I love the sense of community.

Quilters are a force to be reckoned with!

And this was only the end of Wednesday.

Note to self --- next time…bring stretchy pants for weight gain…LOL!


  1. Anonymous8:09 AM EDT

    OMGoodness!! Such wonderful food with new friends in a gorgeous setting. Wish I could have been there but I felt like I was from you sharing your description! I have to wonder, though, how cold it must get in the deep winter up there when you're on the water like that. I think it would be worth it though to have those spring/summer/fall sunsets! Flatlander (Linda) Canends@Hotmail.com

  2. Sounds like a wonderful visit with your host guild, glad they were able to make you feel at home. The food looks good, guess you will be taking some more hikes soon.

  3. I think I'm going to be dreaming about that food all day :)

  4. My mouth is watering...now that is not your typical potluck meal is it!
    Yes, Bonnie always travel with those plain black stretchy pants.....you can wear them with anything that hides the tummy :0).
    What views! Are any of these ladies locals or have they all come from other places and fell in love with the beauty of Alaska?

    Happy Sewing........hey did I gain weight from reading this post????:0)

  5. Oh my! What a menu! "Stretchy pants"--I love it. But you can do better than that, Bonnie. I can see it now--Bonnie Hunter's newest pattern, "Patchwork pants with elastic casing made from scraps" to wear at quilt retreats and teaching trips where food is in abundance. I want a pair!

  6. The Elks Club in Anchorage once put on a spread for the National President or whatever he was called. Somehow we two young girls (in our early 20s) got tickets for the dinner. Each Alaskan unit sent a dish that represented their area. It looked like your spread. Wonderful.

    I remember picking wild blueberries down the road from our house in the 50s and cranberries in back of the junior high school.

  7. My mouth is watering too! My favorite food in Alaska was shrimp cooked in ocean water over a campfire. We ate until midnight! We were camping on an island that only had a couple Forest Service cabins. Looks like your "cup" is pretty full. Glad you got to see Alaska this way. Thanks for sharing!

  8. OMG! That food looks so wonderful! They really went all out to show you Alaskan hospitality.
    Hey, Bonnie, didn't you mention that they asked for your shoe size before you took that trip? Can you share what that was all about? I'm nosy.
    Linda in Southern Illinois

  9. Oh my goodness, my mouth is watering just looking at all that delicious food arrayed for sampling. Stretchy pants is right!! Yum. Double yum.

  10. I can't imagine living in a place where I could sit on my deck and see that incredible sunset.....amazing!

  11. Holy cow, all that food looked so good! And that view! Wow! Looked like a really great day!....and was there any quilting going on? lol


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