Friday, September 23, 2011

Out The Road!

I love spending time out doors and I was quite happy when Terri informed me that she had “activities” lined up for me every day of my time here!

Yesterday, it was Sara’s turn to babysit me!

She showed up around 10:30am and off we went in her trusty subaru along with her 13 month old daughter Amelia and her 4 year old St Bernard/Husky mix Coco! Coco is known as the anti-bear dog….and we were glad to have her along with us!

In Cordova, if you are headed to the outskirts of town and beyond, you aren’t just going “Down the Road”…you are going “OUT the road…” and Out the road we went! It had been pounding rain for days, and we knew it would be muddy, but we were ready for it.

cordova_AK2011 021

Headed “Out The Road!”

I told Sara that I was a picture taking fiend, and she said that she would pull over if there was anything I wanted pics of. The picture you see at the top of the post is of a little roadside spot that just took my breath away! The rain had stopped and we had blue skies…for a while at least, and we had to make good use of it while we could.

We arrived at the end of a gravel road and parked…..and I laughed when Sara said “Your purse will be perfectly okay in the car, but I’ll lock the car if you want me to” OH MY! I could get used to a place like this!

cordova_AK2011 036

Coco was already one step ahead of us, exploring every nook and cranny and following her nose to wherever it lead!

cordova_AK2011 026

This spot. I could stand here and just look forever at this spot! That big flat icy spot is the glacier….and you can’t see it in the picture, but the ice is really blue! It reminded me a lot of those blue raspberry snow cones. By this time our blue sky was already disappearing above the clouds that were coming back in.

cordova_AK2011 034

Hurry, quick! Take my picture in front of the glacier too! Sara was a good sport, doing all of this with her baby in a pack on her back! Amelia was having a great time on her nature hike too.

cordova_AK2011 031

We made it just a bit farther and…..UHOH! WASH OUT!! ((Sung to the tune of WIPE OUT, don’tcha know?!)) All the rain had created a river flowing through our trail…and it was quite deep. There was no way through it, or around it, unless you were Coco and could just wade on in.

cordova_AK2011 033

Neither of us had packed hip waders, so at this point we decided to just turn around, double back and walk some of the gravel road areas instead. At least they wouldn’t be muddy or under water, and we could still get some exercise in! Coco agreed whole heartedly!

cordova_AK2011 038

Rivers were running like crazy….don’t fall in!

cordova_AK2011 037

The fall colors are really starting to appear here. You know, even if it IS raining. It’s just a whole nuther kind of beautiful. Every season and weather condition can have their moments of WOW.

cordova_AK2011 035

After our hike we bundled back up in the car and headed for “TOWN” You know, all that nature can bring on a mountainous appetite! I’d love to come back another day when we can hike further in…I’d love to get closer to that glacier. I’m adding this to my bucket list!


  1. WOW.......it must be awesome to be out in such beauty and near glaciers like that!

  2. Many years ago I found a beautiful pattern called "Chugach Pines". It is a stylized mountain scene and my grandson loved it. I know it was designed by an Alaskan quilter.

  3. That looks absolutely gorgeous Bonnie!!

  4. that is a beautiful place! How nice to have quilt workshops in such gorgeous places - enjoy!!

  5. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing.

  6. Beautiful! Nothing like the Alaska wilderness for picture taking.

  7. I really love all the pictures you post of your travels around the country! I was wondering what kind/model of camera you use?

  8. You can totally see the blue in the glacier.....very cool! Great pics....thanks for sharing!

  9. that shot of the glacier would make a great appliqué wall hanging - if only i were that skilled

  10. Can I fit in your pocket on one of these trips??? I'd have to stay there because I'd never be able to keep up with you! 8-))) You sure do get around and see a LOT of wonderful places. Enjoy!

  11. Oh it is wonderful to see more of Alaska.....don't we live in a beautiful country!
    Terrific shots Bonnie.

    Happy sewing, how are the workshops going?

  12. It's so beautiful...! I envy you.
    Enjoy it!!!
    Thank so much for the pictures

  13. Amazing beautiful! It must be great to be there.


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