Monday, September 12, 2011

It’s Bluegrass, Baby!

And I’m so sad I’m not going to be here long enough to fully experience this….but I want to come back!

Last night some Quilty friends arranged for me to get a pass into the fairgrounds to walk around and witness for myself the fun going on there.

Musicians gather from all over the world to celebrate and share their love of Bluegrass music. Jam sessions are plenty! You can simply walk area to area to area, and find people gathering with friends and strangers to make a joyful noise!

I saw hammered dulcimers, mountain dulcimers, autoharps, guitars and mandolins of so many different varieties!

There were other instruments too...

String bass, flutes...you name it! And if you don't have an instrument to play with your hands, there is always your voice, the instrument you were born with!

kansas_Sept2011 053

Tents are decorated with lights, the late summer night was warm and welcoming, and we couldn’t help but stop to listen, and soon found ourselves tapping toes and humming along! There was a gospel music session going on here..and soon, one of the girls wanted to practice her hand at Orange Blossom Special!

I took this from y phone! With no extra lighting, so I was amazed at how well it turned out.and it’s just a short excerpt, my phone was about out of battery!

kansas_Sept2011 056

See the decorations? They go all out, I wish I could have shown you more. We had a whole group playing on autoharps here….wonderful!

kansas_Sept2011 057

The night was really settling in her….so this picture isn’t great, but you should have heard the music coming out of this group….I LOVED IT!!

That’s it. When I get home, I’m going to look up local Bluegrass Fests and find a way to go …take my chair, a cooler, some bug spray..and surround myself with some of that old tyme ((and new time!)) music to fill my soul!

If you have a chance to make it to Winfield Kansas in September….do NOT miss this event! Had I known, I would have changed my flights and flown home SUNDAY instead of FRIDAY…I’m missing all the good stuff!!


  1. Anonymous6:22 PM EDT

    You really have a good time and get around girl.
    Good for you. Sounds like a great time.

  2. One of the most well known "bluegrass plus" festivals is held in Wilkesboro, NC - Merlefest. I believe it has traditional bluegrass with a lot of other types of music such as folk, country etc. etc.

  3. Love bluegrass... how wonderful you got to enjoy it first hand!

  4. Bluegrass is a family favorite. As my kids were growing up we would hit outdoor bluegrass concerts whenever we could. You should hear Orange Blossom Special played "duelin' fiddles" style between two championship fiddlers. Jaw-dropping how fast they can move! Ain't it fun?

  5. Oh man, change your flight! It would be totally worth it. We used to go to BG festivals around here (Ga) when ds#1 was little. He LOVED live performance music and BG in particular. He used to sit four much longer than you would think a 2 year old would sit and watch and listen. Or second is not so enthralled and by the time he came along the first one was losing some of his interest too so we stopped going. We just love that music and miss seeing it live and hearing impromptu jam sessions all over a fair ground. Have fun!

  6. And next time you go look out for the Aussies (and then ask them "Hey, do you know Jasmine?" There are some who will even say "Know her? I sleep with a piece of her". Cos I made them quilts...). This weekend is Banjo Jamboree at Guildford, come on down to visit next year!! http://www.banjojamboree.org/ Last month a friend was playing in a pickoff in Nashville, with quilts as the backdrop (he got second). Hooray for music!!! Hugs from Down Under, xxxxx

  7. Sounds like a great evening. It's sods law you finding an event that you like and then you have to go home and miss it. I hate it when that happens.

  8. This looks just my cup of tea, though it is sadly a long way from Bonn in Germany!
    Just thinking about how much you are travelling and how many groups want to do classes with you - you are ripe, I think, for television exploitation... Has anyone approached you about a Quiltville tv series? I'd buy the dvd!

  9. Bluegrass music is awesome. I love that old time sing along feeling and the autoharp has always been a favorite of mine. Wish I could play one.

  10. Yep you gotta check out Merlefest...last weekend in April on the campus of Wilkes community college. We always go!


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