Monday, September 19, 2011

Cordova, Here I come!

I’ve got 3 hours until I’m forcing myself to bed at 9pm.

I am so stinking excited I can barely stand it.

I fell in love with Alaska just over a month ago, and here I get to go again, to another corner, a place remote enough there are only two ways in. Either you fly – or you boat!

I got the funniest email this morning from the gals in charge of my visit there…a list of questions:

Dear Bonnie,

We have a few questions as we prepare for your visit to our remote corner of the planet. ;-) Here goes:

  • What is your shoe size?
  • Is there any specific equipment you need for your lecture and trunk show?
  • Do you mind having food in the same room as your quilts?
  • Do you like seafood?

MY SHOE SIZE?!? Oh, this is going to be fun, I can tell! :cD I’m getting visions of being fitted for SNOW SHOES!

Whatever it is..I’m ready!

Do I mind food in the same room as the quilts? NOPE! Bring it on! Just bring napkins or paper towels too.

Do I LIKE seafood? That’s an understatement! I adore seafood!

And the pic you see above is of Cordova, Alaska. My new home for a week with a bunch of wonderful quilters. UBER EXCITED!

Just WHERE in the world IS Cordova? You can find it to the Southeast of Anchorage, just below Valdez. Small print. Small place. BIG ADVENTURE!

Off to finish packing, and off to bed early ((Do you think I can sleep?))

Oh. PS! We had a wonderful wonderful shout out on the Mary Jo’s Cloth Store blog! You guys are the reason they can’t keep bolts of solid cheddar in stock. I didn’t know they were writing this, but you can check the blog post HERE!

I’m all a dither!


  1. You so deserve all the shout outs.
    Even Handcock's of Paducah was out of Cheddar in Kona. I bought a small bolt of another line, I think it is Bella Solids from 1000 bolts and loved that color. When the Kona Cheddar arrived (after a month on BO) it seems more light orange...like orange sherbert icecream.
    Enjoy Alaska...I envy you so...
    XOXOX Subee

  2. Anonymous6:44 PM EDT

    Have a wonderful time!!
    Faye Bushey, Maine

  3. I lived in Alaska for 25 years and never got to Cordova. It is a beautiful state. In the 80s (?) we went to Denali Park for a great quilt retreat. It was a good excuse to fly up and visit family.

  4. Oh, Cordova looks so lovely! Safe travels and have big fun in Alaska!

  5. Ooooh, I love, love Cordova! I used to live in AK and had an uncle who fished in Cordova each summer. . . this brings back good memories :)

  6. Anonymous10:03 PM EDT

    Have a wonderful trip. Relax and enjoy!

  7. Can't wait to find out if you got moose slippers or something wonderful to keep your toes warm.
    and to see pictures from a part of the USA I have never seen :0).
    Have fun Bonnie and Happy Sewing

  8. That is a great post about you over at Mary Jo's!
    Alaska again--how wonderful! Curious to hear why they needed your shoe size.
    Enjoy the adventure!

  9. I loved the Shout Out from Mary Jo's blog about you! So good and so deserving! I can't wait to hear what the Cordova quilters needed your shoe size for!

  10. Have a great trip. I look forward to seeing more of Alaska through your photos!


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