Friday, September 02, 2011

Quilt Fairies!

Every once in a while a package will show up with no return address. SERIOUSLY! And sometimes there is a note inside, but no address, and sometimes there is a name but no email address so no way to contact the person….

But in these packages are WONDERFUL things, and I am excited to have them!

Sometimes they even come from amazingly far away places, and I eagerly grab the envelope and have to open it right then and there because…WHO would be sending me a big squishy from so far away?

This package had INTERNATIONAL type stickers and custom forms and EVERYTHING

This package came from Jackie, all the way from Australia!

I eagerly and carefully cut my way into the padded bubble envelope with hands shaking....You gotta love Christmas in the middle of Summer ;c)

Inside the package I found:

orphans 002

Look at this scrappy goodness! Isn’t this terrific? She didn’t just send me orphan BLOCKS, she sent the whole top!

orphans 006

She did include a return address, but no email address, so Jackie, I’m gonna have to thank you here, and in public for your wonderful quilt top!

She writes:

Dear Bonnie,

Thank you for your energy & love of quilting. I follow your blog in chunks rather than every day as life seems to allow it that way and marvel each time of what you’ve been doing & the inspiration you raise in so many people.

I’ve made a few of your patterns for our community quilts and hope that you’ll be able to use this top for one of the causes over there.

Our group North of the Torra Quilters (NOTY), being close to the 2009 bush fires received many donations including from the states, and I like to think that this quilt top may be used for one of your disaster victims.

Being able to do even a little when needed always helps those who give and those who receive. Strangely we had quilts sent from Christchurch New ZSealand for the bush fires, then we sent some back for THEIR earthquake!

In a few years I hope to be able to organize a small group within NOTY which concentrates on scrap quilts and expect to use your books & site to inspire the members.

I know I”ve done this already from the Show & Tell at our meetings.

Keep up the good work! Yours in Quilting,


Jackie, I can’t thank you enough for this gift top!

Just look at these fun crumb blocks, Y’all!

orphans 003 orphans 004

Aren’t these a great way to set these precious little bits?

orphans 005

I’ll be quilting up this top so that I have something on hand to donate the next time a need arises. I hate to think that a need WILL – but unfortunately that is inevitable, isn’t it? But instead of panicking next time, and scrambling..I’ll have something to fit the bill right away, and we’ll get this quilt off to someone who needs it, from both of us --- Jackie in Australia, and me in North Carolina.

Sometimes it does take a village….or just two people on opposite ends of the earth.


  1. I love this quilt. What a great way to use up all those little pieces we all have hanging around. Thanks for showing us. And Kudos to Jackie for sending it to you for charity.
    Jackie from Canada

  2. What a great quilt. Funny how I see quilts and they read "Bonnie" all over them!
    It'll be a much loved quilt even before it goes to help somebody.

  3. You have touched so many women, that must be a great feeling.

  4. What a lovely quilt! This is so special xx

  5. How exciting to open a package like that. This is further proof that quilters are the most generous people in the world!

  6. What a generous gesture. This is a fun top and will certainly brighten the day of someone who is distressed.

  7. Wow! Just makes me feel good and delighted to be a member of such a wonderful group of quilters around this globe!

  8. Hope the need doesn't come while you're gone cruising... Quilters 'round the world quilts have special hugs enclosed with them. Hurray!

  9. Anonymous11:58 AM EDT

    What a fantastic quilt! Quilters are wonderful people, and so are Aussies, in my experience. Thanks Jackie and the NOTY group for such a selfless gift.

  10. Wow, that is such a wonderful quilt top. And Jackie must be a very special person to send it to the other side of the world. I do hope you'll post pictures of the finished quilt. I'll be interested to see what backing and quilting you come up with.

  11. Anonymous12:08 PM EDT

    Beautiful quilt! Love it! And you are so inspiring, Bonnie!

    It would make a lovely raffle quilt for some charity.


  12. Good luck Jackie in forming your great cause group. Nothing better than a BKH design! Sandi

  13. Quilters are so generous.

  14. Well done Jackie and Bonnie. Quilts that are given to someone unknown and in need have to be the best quilts don't they...you know the ones that give the donnor warm fuzzies.
    Happy Stitching all you generous hearted ladies.

  15. Fantastic quilt Jackie! someone will be very happy to get that quilt at some point.

  16. Love the scrappy stars!

    By the way, it's "North of the Yarra" Quilters. The Yarra is the river that the city of Melbourne sits on.

  17. Wow! What a idea to use crumbs blocks! I've got a stack that I was looking for away to make a block! Thanks Bonnie and Jackie!!


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