Monday, September 05, 2011

Trip to Florida..recap part 1!

How do I start to tell the story of this trip, except at the beginning? I can’t skip everything that happened on the way can I?

I had gotten a call the night before I was leaving that Jeff was having trouble with his car, and I decided to go down to Columbia on Thursday morning instead of late Thursday afternoon so we could get his car in the shop and get it worked on while I was there. It also meant that I left home early enough to make a couple pit stops!

Can you guess where the photo at the top was taken?? Huh?? huh huh??!?

I stopped at Mary Jo’s in Gastonia! I was on a mission…for a whole BOLT of solid cheddar…and I scored!

I also found a few goodies on the fat quarter table, and a couple remnants that needed to come with me as well. And since I had time, I made it to Long Creek Mills, otherwise known as “the thread place!”

augcruise2011 315

There is a certain color of tan/gold thread that I use a lot when machine quilting scrap quilts. It just seems to blend through everything….and it doesn’t shout out as “too dark” or “too light” and my supply was running low. These 3 cones should hold me over for a while!

You can also see I bought a bunch of pre-wound bobbins both in red, and a beige.

The red and purple solids were in the remnant bins, and the rest came from the FQ table. I had another piece of blue that I saved to welcome Lori with--- but that comes later!

I stayed Thursday night with Jason and Kim, got Jeff’s car business settled, and the next morning I was on my way to Florida! What was fun --- Lori was up and texting me on her way to the airport! I’d be driving just about as long as she’d be flying..and it was fun getting messages like “Made it to Portland!” “I’m now in Houston!”

I stopped for lunch and a leisurely stroll in Savannah. I love that town! I just found a place to park my car, put on my running shoes, plugged my ipod in my ears and walked the historic district. So worth it!

From there I headed further south, across the border into Florida….passing by Jacksonville – glad that that smoke is not as bad as it was in June!

Of course, by the time I was closer to St Augustine I needed another break…and I saw a sign for “ANTIQUE MALL” at the side of the road….that was all I needed to make an impromptu detour!

augcruise2011 025

Quilts just are NOT as plentiful in Florida….let’s face it--- it’s just too hot there! But I did find some. Look at this trip around the world with the lovely 40’s and 50’s fabrics!

augcruise2011 026

This one really caught my eye! Of course, I’m thinking of how it would work in strings, but this one was even strips. Tied. It’s a fun one with that solid red, isn’t it? Here is a close up of some blocks:

augcruise2011 027

Did you notice how they tied IN the block with red yarn, but the red areas are tied with yellow?? I thought that was a fun choice!

augcruise2011 028

This was my favorite of all! And while I’m taking pictures, my phone gets pinged..by Lori, saying she is still stuck in Houston. I sent her a picture of this one so she could guess where I was…LOL! It’s late 1800’s early 1900’s but the outer border/backing could be 30s…like a top that was tied later. ((YES, TIED!!))

augcruise2011 029

AREN’T THE FABRICS GREAT?! I loved that there are plaids and stripes mixed in with the prints, and they are not all gorgeous ones..they are every day house hold type fabrics..

augcruise2011 031

Lots of red polka dots and blue indigoes….but see that double pink in the far right next to that burgundy resist? YUMMY!

augcruise2011 032

Even a bit of chrome yellow in there…/and look at that green/yellow/orange paisley! Wow!!

augcruise2011 037

I thought the black button hole embroidery on this dresden plate was adorable! Machine applique is too perfect…I loved this hand stitched version! Again, this one is TIED! ((And these were all at different vendors…so are tied quilts more of a Florida thing for this era?!))

I didn’t buy anything…but I certainly oggled the handwork in this crazy quilt piano stool:

augcruise2011 035

Isn’t it beautiful? As you can tell by the one gingham silk…it’s shattering…..I wish I knew the story behind it!

And by this time, it was time for me to hit the road again. I had several hours to go before hitting Orlando and getting to the airport on time to pick Lori up!

Her flight was delayed enough I was able to walk around a bit more. Luckily the Orlando airport has a food court and shopping area that is BEFORE the part where you go through security!

augcruise2011 040

Isn’t she the cutest thing ever?! So tell me why the guy in front of her in the orange shirt is such a grump? LOL!!!!

It was 10pm by the time we got to Port Canaveral and found our hotel. We were both starving by this point ((And it WAS only 7pm Oregon time, after all!)) and we found a British brew/pub for a bite to eat and a catch up before turning in for the night….

Our adventure had begun!


  1. Great trip! Thanks for sharing.

  2. "Lots of pit stops" = a great way to start off your trip!

    I need a road trip to Mary Jo's soon... *lol*

  3. A bolt of cheddar!?! Wow, you obviously have more than bowties in mind.
    I love those antique quilts. How interesting that so many of them are tied. I haven't seen that so much in quilts from that era.

  4. Will be enjoying your trip the next few days...great starting post.....

  5. Maybe we bloggers need to plan a rendezvous at Mary Jo's sometime in the near future? It would be a fun get together.
    Looking forward to hearing about your recent adventure.

  6. I know exactly why that man was grumpy. Cause I had the cute blond waving around at me and not HIM! lol!!!!

  7. Lori's comment is funny! What is the brand and color # of your cheddar, I'm struggling with colors online to buy a bolt of cheddar. Thanks

  8. orange shirt???? looks absolutely cheddar from here, how did you let THAT get away????

  9. I saw you on Facebook, so I looked ...I live in Florida but I have no idea where this place is at ,I have never heard of Gastonia, But I sure would love to go to this Shop !
    I love the solid cheddar fabric and the tan /gold thread !
    I also like the quilts ,just look at the old fabrics in them !!
    I wonder if my shop here in Winter Haven has the fabric and thread ...have you ever been this far ?

  10. Anonymous6:49 PM EDT

    I've been looking for some Cheddar fabric as well...okay not a whole bolt but several yards would be great. I have a pattern for some civil war reprints and it would look great!

  11. This was a feast for my eyes!

  12. The guy in the orange shirt wasn't grumpy; he was afraid she or your self would mug him and take his shirt.

  13. All of that in one day - wow!

  14. Oh I love reading about your adventures.

  15. Mary Jo's is in Gastonia, Nc just outside Charlotte, NC. I use to visit many times when I lived in Georgia, Charlotte,NC and Columbia, SC. A little far from Florida!

  16. Maybe the man was acting grumpy to protect his cotton cheddar shirt....

  17. Hubby took me on a side trip to MaryJo's during our fall visit to the Blue Ridge Mountains last year. We made it a day trip and I enjoyed the experience! I'm interested in the thread you got that goes so well when you are quilting with it....can you tell us the color/brand?

  18. Sounds like a great beginning to your adventure. Wow-a bolt of cheddar? You must have big plans! Love those antique quilts!

  19. Ok give, what are you going to do with a whole bolt of cheddar? Let's see,think it would make a great background for blocks, more bow ties, and a great shirt for you-would look good with your sunburn?? Hope it's better!

  20. Anonymous7:41 AM EDT

    I went to Mary Jo's last week and spent a fortune like I usually do. Her place is a quilters dream store. I love Lone Creek Mills too. They have the best prices on thread. I stock up there too.

  21. That was certainly a full couple of days for you!! Love those antique quilts.
    Even better, your cheddar and other fun fabrics.
    Can't wait for the next installment of your trip.

  22. Anonymous10:14 AM EDT

    Bonnie - this is so exciting, being able to re-live the cruise through your blog. Would you post the manufacture name and color of the cheddar? I hope you are able to adventure over to Facebook - Cynthia (Cindy)Nelson and see the rest of my pictures.. Thank you for this freeing experience, I wish I had taken a class with you years ago. God bless you and heal soon.Go to a health store and buy Silver Biotics. They will teach you how to use it. By using it, it stopped in its tracks what Ruth and sounds like you have been suffering with. Have a good days rest, Cindy Nelson. nrsi2000@aol.com

  23. Anonymous6:12 PM EDT

    Hi Bonnie,

    LOVE your cheddar fabric! Please tell us who the manufacturer is or the fabric number.


  24. HAHA Maryjo's is not too far from Florida, we live in Orlando, and have made the trip, once was just to goto Maryjo's. We were just there in July once on the way to Ohio and once on the way back, it was our half way point and there is a nice Fairfield Inn across the highway that we stay at both times.

    When we got the economic stimulous payment, we went up over Labor day weekend and spent ours there. That was our first time meeting Maryjo herself who is a very nice lady, and she is soo tiny.

    But I saw that picture ans KNEW INSTANTLY where you were, it was simular to my facebook post in July, haha.


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