Friday, September 30, 2011

Down to the Dining Room!

Funny how the connection is in Alaska…..

If there IS one, that is! :c)

((And that is said tongue in cheek, because most times I HAD a signal!)) I could get phone calls pretty readily, but something funny happens with long distance text-sending, ESPECIALLY if there is a photo attached..

The conversations go something like this

((Ring, Ring))

Me: HI!

DH: Did you get my text of the dining room floor demolition?

Me: ((!!!)) Text? Nope! When did you send it?

DH: HOURS ago! I thought you were too busy for me!

Me: Did you include a picture with it??? Pictures take FOREVER!

((Thinking: Of course, HOURS ago, I was still in bed. There is a 4 hour time difference between NC and AK, remember!?))

Simple texts will get there fairly well, but if you include an image in your text it can be like waiting for the slow boat from China. So we are sewing away, and a couple hours ((YES HOURS!)) later…..PING PING!! And in came the first pic!

Our dining room floor was 1970’s oak parquet. Every slat and piece GLUED to the under floor. It took a huge scrapping pounding thing to lift up each piece, and I’m sure it was back breaking work and a big MESS to get it up. I had no idea he was going to just dive right in to the dining room, but EVER so glad he dug in when I was not at home!

cordova_AK2011 348

More of the floor mess coming up. It’s not that it was a “BAD” floor, but it was VERY VERY worn over 30 years and needing a refinishing job anyway if it were to be salvaged, and some of the slats had already come loose. Better to just replace it so it would flow into the other floor.

The black scraper thing is propped against the back wall.

cordova_AK2011 349

This was another text! How do we dispose of unwanted oak slats? Build a BON FIRE of course! It had been raining for days, everything was soaking wet, and there was no wind, so it was a good time to just burn this stuff up rather than haul it off to the dump.

cordova_AK2011 350

Another text picture showed the floor going in! Isn’t it looking nice? This is the same “Yorkshire Oak” that went in the Sun Room. It was a no brainer this way. We had 2 boxes left over, and only had to purchase an additional 2 boxes to have enough to complete this room.

cordova_AK2011 354

Here it is, mostly put back together! The tall cabinet is one I picked up at a sale at a one-room school house in Idaho that was being torn down. I got the cabinet for $2.00 And then paid to have someone strip it!

house 049

My big worry with doing this room “without me” was that DH would try to move the china cabinet without removing the china first! This thing is old and heavy and has the original glass in it. He didn’t! He moved the dining room table out, and emptied the contents of the cabinet on top of the table…and I spent Tuesday afternoon revisiting each piece and putting it all back away.

The two quilts you see hanging there on the doors are a couple of my really early ones…very well loved and very well faded out from use and abuse. Still love them!

quiltsinthemail 008

The lighting isn’t great, but here we are, new floor and furniture back! It’s just a tiny dining room nook, just perfect for 4 to 6 people. If we had more than that, we’d have to spill over to the living room with an extra table, but it could be done in a pinch. I like living cozy and small!

Some people get or expect fancy expensive gifts for a momentous 30th wedding anniversary. I got a sun room remodel and two new floors. I’d rather have THESE and the effort that went behind them. It’s way too easy to swipe a credit card at a store…..or order online. THIS? This took hard back breaking work and lots of TIME. The time is the most precious of all.


  1. Beautiful new dining room floor... and yes! Time and effort are way more precious than sliding a credit card at the store!

  2. Anonymous7:39 AM EDT

    Oh I TOTALLY agree!!! The PERFECT gift and the entire room including the floor is beautiful!!!

  3. And it looks great. It will be a gift that you will treasure for years to come.

  4. It is gorgeous!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  5. Your floor looks great! I think the best part of the present was getting done while you were gone. Love the ladder display of quilts. I would like to do one of those, but we have a six month old kitten in the house right now. I'm sure he would climb it.lol

  6. Your dining room looks warm and inviting - said because it is only 3 degrees here as I write this. I love how you display your quilts. I need to be more ambitious and get my quilts on display.

  7. I love your floor Bonnie. We lived in a house built in 1956 for over 30 years, and the only thing I miss about that house is the gorgeous hardwood oak floors. And you are right about our guys. Mine would probably have moved the cabinet with everything still in it :-S Love that guy :-D

  8. Love that your dining room table is sitting at an angle.

  9. Lovely, makes me want to come for dinner. Does DH cook too?
    Did you know Pergo use to be advertised as the floor you take with you? Since it floats and is not glued down the thought was that you can buy this put it down in your apt and take it with you when you move on. I have it in my kitchen, foyer, and family room...but the previous owner thought green woodgrain was the way to go :0( Oh well it is in good shape and looks okay.

    Enjoy your "new" spaces and the gift of love that got them done!

    Happy Sewing in Tenn.

  10. Our 30th is in April and it looks like our gift to each other is a redo of our 20 year old bathroom. Some things will finally be finished actually! Wish I had somewhere to put a ladder full of quilts.

  11. Love the Reno's but I've gotta ask is that a ladder the quilts are displayed on. the one that goes all the way to the roof? what a neat idea!

  12. Your hubby did a great job, it looks fantastic! It is a wonderful gift that will last a long time. Congratulations on your anniversary!

  13. Your new room looks great. I agree with you completely about the gifts. My DH is a talented carpenter and has built me all kinds of great things, from end tables to a sewing room.

  14. Absolutely beautiful!

  15. Congrats on having a Do-it-yourself-er in the house. Congrats on 30 years, too! Ours is 35 Thanksgiving time. I think I'm going looking for a LADDER...Or putting it on my list.

  16. So jealous of that gorgeous floor! I love how nicely your room is decorated too. It looks beautiful.

  17. Simply beautiful! You are one lucky lady! And so smart to know it!

  18. Your new floor looks beautiful, Bonnie! I love my Pergp flooring--I think you will, too. That quilt ladder is wonderful! I've been trying to locate one I can use in a corner of my living room. But I live in a dome, so the walls slope in part way up and I can't have one as tall as the ones I see everywhere. I'm about ready to order a custom made one, but I had hoped for something rustic.

  19. It looks great! Isn't it awesome to get a project like that finished?

  20. Fabulous! Your hubby certainly gets a boatload of brownie points with this one! Love the way y'all painted the walls, the floor looks amazing and ladder of quilts is on my list. It adds so much coziness to your beautiful room. Well done!

  21. I got a new dishwasher for my birthday one year. I asked for it. I wouldn't have gotten it otherwise, and it was great. I love those 'different' presents. They are usually the best ones. The dining room looks great!


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