Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rollin’ Across Kansas!

Yesterday morning I packed up all my STUFF loaded up the luggage cart, and headed down to the lobby to meet Connie who was going to be driving me from Wichita to Holton! It’s about a 3 hour drive…..poor thing, that is 6 hours round trip for her, but she pulled it off like a trooper!

It’s always an adventure when meeting new people, especially when you find yourself throwing your bags into the back of a stranger’s car – not knowing them personally, or what they are like. Will I like them? What will we talk about? Will they like ME?!

We made our pleasantries, and as we started to drive off I looked in the console of Connie’s car, and there was a huge spool of thread, half used, just siting there. I said…”Now I KNOW you are okay, you have thread in the car!” It was a big ice breaker, that put us at ease with one another. That spool of thread seemed to say “You are a Quilter, and I am a Quilter, and we belong to the same club!”

From then on we had no trouble talking our way all the way to Topeka!

kansas_Sept2011 115

Good THING we could talk easily with each other. There wasn’t much to look at! LOL!!

kansas_Sept2011 119

We took that Topeka exit and made our way to the Blind Tiger for a yummy lunch….and then we stopped off for some antique shopping! It was the perfect way to stretch our legs. The only thing I had to do was be ready for my lecture last night, and we had hours to kill.

There were just a few things that caught my eye. I especially loved the red gingham apron with the chicken scratch embroidery on it. There were cute buttons in jars, an Improved 9 patch quilt top ((that still needed some improvement! LOL!)) and a couple of 1940s quilts that were very sweet. Nothing came home with me, but I enjoyed looking at them all the same! I nearly NEARLY came away with that blue-work embroidery table cloth though…TOO CUTE!

From here we made our way on to Holton! Holton reminds me so much of when I lived in Burley, Idaho. And some of Sulphur Springs Texas too. There is a courthouse square with shops all around it…just takes you back in time!

kansas_Sept2011 144

One of the shops around the courthouse square IS “Quilting On The Square!” and it is a WONDERFUL adorable shop! If you are ever in the area, GO!!

kansas_Sept2011 131

You will be welcomed and overwhelmed with the expanse of variety and color. The old building has been renovated into the perfect quilters shopping space….and you’ll find lots of inspiration here. I especially loved how Mary painted the bolts along the top of the pillars to emphasize their flower shape!

kansas_Sept2011 136

Only a quilter would think of doing this!

kansas_Sept2011 133

Presentation is everything, as the saying goes….and I just loved the display of fat quarters in these old looking luggage pieces! CUTE!

Our lecture was full to capacity last night. Today I’ve got a “Smith Mountain Morning” workshop going, sponsored by the shop.

I want more time to explore Holton a bit before I leave tomorrow for home..the streets are lined with Victorian houses. The weather has cooled off and fall is on it’s way! I’m even staying in a very cool old 1889 hotel called the Hotel Josephine. More pics of that to follow. I’m out of space, and out of time…and I’ve got to go get set up for class.

Have a Super Thursday Y’all!


  1. I have a 1950-1960-ish improved nine-patch that is even less improved than that!
    That Kansas terrain doesn't vary much, does it? Good you hit it off with your driver or it could have been a long, quiet trip. Though honestly, I can't imagine you not hitting it off with someone!
    To think you ever lived as close as Burley, Idaho--just a couple of hours away from my home!

  2. I think I would have had to bring home that sweet little chair spool holder/pin cushion! I love it!

  3. I would have come away with the blue work tea pot/tea cup table cloth too. In a second, I would have. The chair pincushion looks like one that my mother won as a girl learning to sew in 4-H--in the 30's. She was SEW proud of that pincushion.

  4. Wow! I didn't know you had lived in Burley! I lived in Boise for 8 1/2 years, and my friend Ginger Chugg(deceased now...I miss her!)grew up in Burley. I love Idaho. Wish I still lived there!

    Lovely shop in Holton. I love reading about your adventures!

  5. That looks like a great quilt shop...lovely displays to drool over!

    That sure is a long lonely road - good that you had compatible company.

  6. It was fun finding out your were in Topeka--quite a few relatives there--but then you went to Holton! I had some relatives who went to Holton when they "went to town." (They're now deceased.) I haven't been there for several decades! Glad to know it has retained it's character! Living the the Southwest, I so miss little towns like these!

  7. Ah! Your slipping around in my roots! We're from Sabetha- not far from Holton. Makes me long for home. Have fun!

  8. fun traveling. fun meeting new friends. fun antiquing. fun quilty, quilty. thank you very much for taking us all along!

    p.s. when do you have time to quilt? lol

  9. the drive from Wichita to Topeka is BORING! I'll be driving it again in November (twice). I have one of the cute 'sewing chairs' like in your picture. Mine doesn't have the drawer or the cushions.


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