Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Ship Shape!!

I wish *I* were feeling ship shape, but I think in the midst of too much sun, too much shipboard a/c too much late night dancing, too much inhaled snorkel water, and up-the-nose "*sputter-sputter** water slide water, SOMETHING has settled into my chest! Today I have almost no voice! And I’m doing everything I can to get over it as quickly as possible. Cold-Eze. Airborne. Vit C. Lots of fluids. Lots of rest. ((This is the hardest part!))

I am flying to Kansas on Saturday, and this is GOING to be gone by then. That’s all there is too it! I’ll be sipping tea all day…..

I started going through the rest of my pics last night..what a wonderful time we had! And I think the best place to start is to show you what WE saw the moment we pulled into port on our shuttle.

The pic you see above was taken from the shuttle window….my mouth was gaping open! This ship is HUGE! And it was going to be our home away from home for a WEEK! We had 7 nights ahead of us. I could hardly wait to board!

Here is a pic of what we saw when we entered our cabin:

augcruise2011 051

Pretty cozy, don’t you think? We had a balcony room, and yes, that is my shoe, already kicked off my foot in the middle of the floor. Let’s make it home! The plastic mat on my bed was to protect the bed from our luggage which would arrive some time during the day. The ship holds 3,646 passengers who are served by 1,369 crew members. It was a floating city! And we were SO spoiled by our stewards.

augcruise2011 052

The rest of the room from the balcony door toward the cabin door. We had a couch too…but honestly, most of the time it was covered with luggage and….STUFF. Lots of STUFF!

augcruise2011 053

We had closet space to spare, really, dresser drawers, a mini fridge, and lots of counter space for….MORE STUFF of course! The one thing there is a shortage of is PLUG INS. So I was glad I brought myself a socket extender that gave us 3 places to plug in instead of 1. Remember that if you are coming on our November Cruise…

augcruise2011 323

This one just lives in my luggage because I find I quite often need it in hotels as well. Just pick one up and tuck it in your stuff now so you won’t forget it.

Also…irons are not allowed in the rooms. Fire is the biggest hazzard on a ship. So pack things that are non-wrinkle. And worse come to worse, there were irons in our sewing room, so we could iron our clothes for dinner there.

augcruise2011 056 augcruise2011 055

Bathrooms of course are small, but efficient! we each had shelves to put our “MORE STUFF”. Hair dryer was provided, and we plugged in curling irons using the 3 outlet extension that I brought. Our one plug in was not in the bathroom, but at that counter in the room itself, and there was lots of mirror space so it was easy for us both to get ready at the same time.

augcruise2011 059

This was the view from our balcony before leaving port!

augcruise2011 057

Lori couldn’t wait to try out our balcony chairs!

augcruise2011 067

This is the “main” pool deck, with the big jumbotron TV!

augcruise2011 066

Waterslides on a cruise ship? Oh Yes!! Did we go down them? OH YES! The very last day, we challenged all the quilters in class to join us on our lunch break for a trip down the slides! This day was a bit over cast and rainy and the kids were not as plentiful ((There were over 1000 kids on the ship!!)) and several of us took the challenge…MORE THAN ONCE! Let’s just say that we are NOT your typical “Old Lady” Quilters!

augcruise2011 070

Minature GOLF on top of a cruise ship? FUN! There was so much to do, that I never actually got to play the mini golf, but we walked this deck every morning trying to burn off what we had eaten the day before….what a fun place to be!


We power walked EVERY morning! Here I am with Regan of Floating on a Quilted Cloud! Lori, that hard core task master, even made us RUN laps…”Come on girls, it’s only 2 minutes around, you can do it for 2 minutes…” And we did!

augcruise2011 071

There are even basketball courts on the top deck!

augcruise2011 050

More pools and hottubs everywhere….

augcruise2011 268

I loved just looking out toward where we had come from…watching our wake stretch out into the distance!

augcruise2011 047

There were more food places than I care to describe…but this was by far my favorite. A Tandoori grill! Right on deck! These peppers and kabobs were slowly roasting and the smell was fabulous!

augcruise2011 060

Before setting sail, we returned to our room to discover GORGEOUS chocolate dipped strawberry confections, and a bottle of Champaign!

Yeah, that’s me in the mirror, hurrying to take a picture so I could get down to EATTING these yummies!

augcruise2011 049

We set sail about 4pm, our first destination? Nassau, The Bahamas!


  1. Incredible!! Great pictures. I'm feeling very jealous. I'd love to go on a cruise and actually me and my grandmother were talking about sailing to America - I WILL do that in my lifetime :)

  2. Bonnie It looks amazing, I am so envious, looks like you had fun!

  3. so, i'm guessing you took to this cruising stuff right away....LOL

  4. Love all of your pictures and anxiously await the quilting pictures. Can't imagine a more fun trip than being with like-minded and spirited quilting ladies/men. Judy C in NC

  5. I'm sure if you had one of those umbrella drinks like the one in the photo your cold would go away in a snap....

  6. What fun! Makes me want to go cruising even more...

  7. Glad this was so much fun! Can't wait to see more photos. Hope you are well in time for the next venture.

  8. Miss Bee Haven' may have to take one of these in the future...I can only imagine how much fun!!! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the pics

  9. I agree with Nane... a Bee cruise would be the ultimate outing! :) What fun~ feel better, Bonnie!

  10. Oh Wow!

    What you need now is some more of those kebabs and peppers, or a really hot chili.

  11. Did Lori snore? LOL! You would not want me for a roommate. With my back problems, my DH says I moan and groan every time I roll over at night.

  12. Anonymous3:16 PM EDT

    GOTTA put this on my bucket list ... looks like the trip of a lifetime!! Canends@Hotmail.com

  13. Cruising! The only way to vacation. Haven't tried a quilting cruise yet though. Think I'd better put that on my bucket list for sure. Your enthusiasm is infectious and I love it!!!!!

  14. Anonymous5:46 PM EDT

    Loved, loved, loved the cruise DH and I were on, we chose Carnival Cruise lines as well. And YES, there is food available 24 hours a day. Wonderful adventure, recommend it to everyone. Bonnie, our ship was smaller than this one, yet had 2500 passengers. The crew members were delightful and so very helpful. Can't wait for the rest of your posts. Get better soon.
    Faye Bushey, Maine

  15. Ha, I'm in Kansas and have the same thing - sore throat, etc. Sure wish I'd been on the cruise so I could at least say it was fun getting my sore throat!! See you Monday at the lecture and Tuesday at the workshop, I hope. Looking forward to it so very much!

  16. PUT VICKS VAPOR RUB ON THE BOTTOM OF YOUR FEET!!! I am a school bus driver in nw wa...i am always, wet, cold, and encounter over 100 runny noses every day...many of us drivers tested this last year. our consensus, it seems to help!

  17. It looks like an absolutely fabulous trip! Hope you get better soon!

  18. What fun. Everything looks so exciting. Will there be pictures of you on the waterslide? ;)
    Hope you feel better quick.


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