Thursday, September 29, 2011

Oh, Rocky Top!

Hello from just the other side of Knoxville, TN!

I arrived in Oak Ridge just a bit ago, and when I checked into my hotel, the clerk at the desk said, “Oh, YOU are Bonnie Hunter! We had some crazy quilters check in a bit ago and they were looking for you!” Gosh, it’s nice to feel anticipated….friendly faces everywhere! We are going to have a great time, I can tell!

This morning I woke to the most BEAUTIFUL day --- what a day for a drive from Central North Carolina where I live, all the way through the Western side of the state, across the Smoky Mountains and over to the Tennessee side!

I left my house around 10:30 am, and after a short visit to the post office, hit the road. I love driving toward that first glimpse of mountains!

Granted, THESE mountains are much different than those I was viewing just a week ago in Alaska, but these mountains are HOME to me. Or right next door at any rate…The pic at the top was my first peek as I drove closer to Asheville. The leaves are just STARTING to turn yellow, but there were many early drifters floating across the highway as trucks and cars drove past….leaves are falling, ready or not!

oakridge_TN2011 006

See that blue blue sky with the white puffy clouds? Temps in the mid to high 70s --- just gorgeous! And don’t worry..my eyes ARE on the road. I propped the camera on top of the steering wheel and was blindly shooting without looking at what was on the camera. I just HOPE that if I click about a dozen that some of them will turn out! This one did….I love the shadow of the clouds high up, showing on those mountains ahead!

oakridge_TN2011 008

Hello Tennessee! And can you see the view in my rear view mirror of where I just came from?? It’s just as pretty in front of me as it is behind me!

It was a 4.5 hour drive and I feel pretty road weary. I can rest up a bit before dinner. MEXICAN is on the agenda….doesn’t that sound good? I’m sure they won’t have halibut tacos, though!

oakridge_TN2011 009

Since this is a driving trip and a 3 night stay, I’ve brought some “Homework” with me to work on!! I think it was Julie in Cordova who loves to see how I set up in a hotel room for some solitary retreating. I’m set up! I’m ready! After dinner I’ll be burning some late night oil trying to get caught up on a few things in the pipe line.

That is IF that cozy bed doesn’t claim me first!

PS. If you get me on Google Reader, please disregard that post that came through last night that said "Hexie Uhoh"....it was a mis-fire! It will come through the feed later, I was trying to stack some things up in the queue and I got the wrong date on that one. Oops! My bad! Sorry to entice you, but it will come through in its own due time, promise! You didn't miss anything --- :cD


  1. Love the NC Mtns and the drive to Asheville and then thru the mtns is spectacular! Thanks for sharing the photos! Makes me want to take a road trip!

  2. I enjoyed your road trip but have to hunt for my atlas to find where you are.....as you move around quite a bit.( I live in New Zealand so am quite a long way from you...but all the quilters down our way know who you are! )
    I love the idea of a retreat on ones own in a hotel where all the meals are provided. It is the 2nd best option to going with stitching friends.
    Yesterday, I had tears in my eyes reading that post. Just imagine having to give up old family treasures like that. I know you will cherish them so it was a smart move on their part.( too sad about her sister. )So everyone - quilt like there is no tomorrow - who knows what is around the corner ( figuratevly speaking).

  3. Anonymous7:32 PM EDT

    Bonnie, have you gotten to see any of the Tennessee Quilt Trail murals on your trip? I was lucky enough to go to Johnson City for work last October and had a great time driving around looking for them. Here's my blog post on the subject:
    Have fun in that beautiful state!

  4. Very excited to meet you again Bonnie in the morning. I just found out about your visit last minute and had to whip up my supplies tonight! Get a great night's rest!

  5. I always loved the drive from Columbia, SC to Asheville, NC. The mountains put a smile on my face as I drove into the north side of Spartanburg, SC. Loved the curvy trails. One of the prettiest views is driving west on I40. I miss that view now that I live in St Louis, Mo.

    Have a great trip Bonnie

  6. Boy your post has me wanting to go to TN again. My best friend and only quilting friend moved there a few years ago and built a beautiful home on a lake. I drove there from CA with her twice, once to get the house started and once to see it finished and get the last of her stuff there. Its absolutely beautiful there. Enjoy your trip!

  7. Sighhhh, tearful photos for me. I worked in Oak Ridge for over 20 years and lived very close -- you probably drove my old home as you drove through. I had to look at the lovely mountains and greenery many times. Brings back memories. Enjoy the beauty!

  8. Bonnie, I love your portable sewing room. Good thing you didn't bother bringing it up here as you never had time to use it.


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