Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Scrappy Trips in Rose Hill!

What a vibrant bunch of quilters gathered yesterday in Wichita – It was our Tuesday "Scrappy Trips Around The World" workshop with the Country Rose Quilters of Rose Hill, Kansas!

These gals provided quite the welcome….even a poster for me! I think the blush says it all. I loved the “Wizard of Oz” fabrics ((Yes, I got to keep them!)) and the little ruby slippers pin.

You guys went ALL OUT to make me feel so welcome in your midst. And what a fun day we had.

I’ve said it over and over and over…….how much I enjoy seeing what fabrics get dug up from the depths of your scrap bins…..we wear our oldies and our uglies with PRIDE! The laughter over each “dog” fabric is infectious, and we prove again and again and again that these fabrics can STILL look great in a quilt, and make things so fun to look at!

Black and white cats with Christmas hats next to a prissy civil war? OH YES!! 1970’s or 80’s cutesy calico next to a wild African print with gold metallic do-dads on it! OH YES!

We just had the best time! Our focus was on color, contrast and value....

kansas_Sept2011 065

And this picture is ESPECIALLY for Jessica’s doubting friends ---- I am SO honored that you drove all the way from Denver to come spend a couple days with me! You are a hoot, and I’m so happy to call you friend! ((Do you think they will believe you now? You are on the blog, girl! LOL!))

We just had the best time….and this class moves so fast! Be sure to check out the picture of the one Quilter who had 12 blocks together by the time we packed up at 4pm!

One thing that was learned by experience by one Quilter ---You can't do light/dark/light/dark with this pattern, or you end up with just a "checkerboard" effect, not the diagonal rows of color as desired. Sometimes we need to allow ourselves to make mistakes so we know how to fix them in the future.

Today I’m being picked up and driven to Holton, KS, where I have a lecture with the Holton guild tonight..and a Smith Mountain Morning workshop at “Quilting On The Square” tomorrow!

Today the temps are quite a bit cooler than they have been. Could it be that fall is finally sneaking in? It’s about a 3 hour drive, and I think it will be fun to watch the countryside out of my passenger side window.

I plan on FINALLY finishing that binding that has ben following me around still undone. 1 1/2 sides to go….some hexagons maybe too?

Time to pack up the luggage cart and get myself down to the lobby!

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!


  1. This Scrappy Trips pattern keeps popping up wherever I look. I think that is an omen. : )
    Looks like loads of fun!

  2. I love it! Definitely saving my scraps up to make this :)

  3. Anonymous12:55 PM EDT

    do you get to keep the ruby slipper pin, so cute says Dorothea, you look hot, both due to heat and looking good, I think the Smith Mountain morning class will be a FIRST, great pattern,
    keep cool, cheers Dorothwa

  4. Nope...still don't feel good about the crab fabric!

  5. I had a great time in your workshop yesterday! Thanks for being such a great teacher and for being so gracious and patient with us. My blocks are up on my design wall and I hope to finish the quilt soon!

  6. Looks like you had a good time. I am collecting scraps for this quilt, now to make the time.

  7. I was the one with the checkerboard--and I DID learn! Thanks for a great time, Bonnie! See you in 2015! ;-)

  8. Wow, once again you and your class has inspired me.....but I can't keep starting all of your quilts..that's why your leaders/Enders is so great! I can use this system and still end up with new blocks without doing a whole quilt at a time. Bonnie, you must be a genius! I love your system. I am hooked!

  9. Loved seeing what happens in one of your classes!

  10. Everytime I get in the mood to cull those "old & uglies" I see the great quilts on your blog and I end up keeping them! Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  11. Thank you, Bonnie, for posting the slideshows of your workshops! I always get inspired and feel like I almost got to attend.

  12. I believe!! Glad you got to hang out with Jessica - shes a dynamo. Looks like a great workshop too!

  13. Anonymous10:18 AM EDT

    great pic's


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