Monday, August 01, 2022

On The Mend, and On The Move!

Look who is in the kitchen and joining the July Quiltvillians!

Don't worry - I'm taking it slow and easy - 

I brought my scooter to get me from the van across the back walkway to the back steps.

There are 2 steps up to the back porch - manageable if I use a porch pillar for support and with a few easy shuffles I am in like Flynn!

It had been a full 2 weeks since I had been inside!

Dinner with these gals was just the medicine I needed!

It was a lovely evening out on the porch - everything is so green, and the mooing of cows coming from down around the creek could be heard.

I just sat there for the longest time, not wanting to move - wanting to make it last. Just listening to the sound of talking and conversation was music to my ears.

Just look at the busy quilty activity happening in here!

Fun projects everywhere!

Way to go, Quiltvillians!

Every big of creative mess I see brings joy!

Cherry Crunch is underway here -

And also here! Yay!

Oh, how lovely!

(And the machine color too!)

A couple of dining room finishes!

This one features a Christmas print in the alternate blocks!

Betty's Sand Castles from String Frenzy is ready for quilting!

And her Moth in the Window from the Addicted to Scraps book!  All of those triangles in the border really make this quilt - great job, Betty!

I didn't stay long - really.  After making the rounds and visiting and seeing what was going on, I rolled the scooter back to the van and home I went to go get this leg up.

This -photo is here to show you what is making my life a bit more level when it comes to walking: 

There are things in this world I never knew I would need, but thanks to suggestions from my doctor I ordered this right away: It's called "Level Up" and is worn on the good shoe, to make that leg even with the boot side.  It really helps with balance and in keeping most of the weight on my good leg as the broken foot continues to heal.

I did manage to make it down the stairs to the basement sewing room at the cabin for a couple of short sessions, about an hour each. Any aching lets me know it's time to elevate and give it a rest.

Where I usually spend days getting everything cut out and kitted up, I found I had to switch that up and cut out one block at a time, and then go sit down and sew it so I wasn't doing too much standing all at once. (No, I do not cut well sitting down.)

2 weeks from today - next x-rays to determine just how long I have to wear this boot.  I'm remaining on my best behavior because I want it OFF as soon as possible.

And the hand quilting is ever present -

I am picking it up and working on it several times a day - just because I "HAVE" to be doing something.

You can see from where the hoop is that I am working further away from the center - I've gone ALMOST all the way around up to that last floral border. My current stitching follows the outlining of those 4 diamonds found in each corner of the center medallion.  It's getting there.

I started the hand quilting in May, and it has been an almost every evening grab-and-stitch.

There is still a lot to go.  But it is also definite proof that baby steps will still get us there!

Unless these 3 are taking over the couch.  LOL!

So the obvious question is - which UFO quilt top is going to be pulled into the hand quilting line up next?

All in all it was a wonderful weekend with being able to be "just a bit" mobile.  It makes ALL the difference in the world to be able to get in the car and go - even if I have to think about how many steps will be needed to get from the car to Point B. So not thinking I need to go to town for shopping or anything yet by myself.

But I can get to the inn.  I can get to the back porch.  I can manage the ground floor.  I can visit with everyone and share in their fun - and that's what I'm all about right now.

How about your own weekend?  Did you make any progress on anything?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

There is a lot going on in the world and opinions are flying at a rapid rate.
Google is right there at our fingertips.
I would rather go into a deep dive looking up something I know little to nothing about, than just dismiss it all together.
Don't just keep an open mind - fill it with a bit of research and learn something along the way.

(Yes, there has been a lot of time for that too!)

Have a great Monday, everyone!



  1. I was able to join this group last year and had so much fun. Alway like to check who is sitting in 'my' chair. Moving to SC in a few months so maybe will be able to return in the future. Take care of that foot. How is your face injury?

  2. Happy for you that you were able to get out and about a bit! Take care and enjoy lots of hand stitching with all of your cute furry friends!

  3. So glad you're able to get out and about to break the stuck at home blues.

  4. Glad to hear you're still making good progress!

  5. Glad you are getting around a little bit more.
    All the quilts be made are so ❤️ beautiful.
    I'm gaining progress on this very big table cloth I'm embroidering. I'm about a quarter of the way around the oval. Lots of stitching.
    Enjoy your Monday.

  6. I finally got back to quilting this weekend. I finished a 3 yd quilt top center (and then decided it needed a border of flying geese to finish out the pattern of the hourglass blocks that alternate with focus fabric squares - guess who made the first set of flying geese backwards, sky should have been body and body should have been sky? Didn't figure it out until I put the first edge strip on the design wall by the center section -OOPS! Fortunately I do have more of those two materials, but not of the focus fabric that forms the alternate blocks, so thank goodness I messed up something I could fix.

  7. This weekend I finished the small Halloween quilt (Boo Crew from Fat Quarter Shop) that one of the Quiltvillians had on her design wall in a photo.

  8. So glad you are on the mend and able to get out and about a bit!

  9. That lift shoe is a great idea. Less unbalanced weight. The Quilters are doing great things. I am entertaining the grandchildren and making all the good food for them. Last day, then I will be back to my quiet home and stitching while the washer runs.

  10. Happy to see you are on the mend! Beautiful quilts in progress, thanks for sharing the gals' lovely quilts.

  11. Oh, Bonnie, I am so glad that you are doing well! I knew you couldn't sit still for long, but I also know that broken bones need rest and elevation! I also know that they Hurt! All the "naughty girls" are so ready to be at Quiltville. We will see you soon!

  12. So good to see you up and about and managing to visit your 'friends' at the Inn. (((hugs))) from England :)


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