Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Little Miss Mabel Mayhem & More!

Last evening we returned home from taking care of a few things at the inn after dinner to find that Mabel Mae has developed a new skill.


No lie - A few bills that were in my shorts pocket from the previous day were found on top of the bed, having been rooted out of the shorts pocket,  and a good portion of this twenty is likely to show up in her morning business.

What can you do but laugh, really?

And remind yourself that having a not-quite-two-year-old dog is like having a 3 year old child in the house at all times.

Whose fault is it in actuality?  Mine of course!

Let it be known that Mabel's new nick name is Mabel Mayhem.

Poor Andrew Jackson - if I take this to the bank will they exchange it for a new one? LOL!

But this face!  Seriously!

I can't stay mad at her for long.

Over at Quiltville Inn, the quilters were still quilting up a storm on their last full day of retreat.

This is Tonni's Triple Treat Leader & Ender challenge going great guns! (Free Patterns tab)

Her fabrics and colors are so happy!  It's wonderful to see how many of these are making progress - my own?  Well, it's been a slow few weeks, but it's a year-long challenge so there is still time yet.

How is yours coming?

Becca has been deep into 9-patch creativity this past week.  I walked in yesterday morning to find her pink one now had borders, and the blue frames were on the other nine-patch blocks in progress.

The next time I came over - it was done too!

And by the looks of her table we know how she got it all done - she didn't even leave her machine to brush her teeth as witnessed by the brush and paste on her table.  Just keep sewing while you brush in place.  LOL!

There's another baby quilt under way!

Isn't this so cute?

Christmas Medallion is getting another row of bigger scrappy squares.

How great! I love this!

I was also happy to be spending some more time in the QPO studio yesterday.  No sewing happened yet, but I did open this wonderful box from Elaine!

Thank you so much Elaine! Many of these scraps are going to go right in to my current scrap quilt projects (Do not pass go, do not get stuffed into a bin!) and I can't wait to share my progress.

In the mean time, I hope you see this because I tried to email the address you had handwritten on the card but it bounced back to me as "does not exist" so evidently I'm not reading something right.  

In any case - THANK YOU SO MUCH!  It brought a smile to my face and a spring to my step (if that is even possible with this boot on.)

I did some counting and thought I was short nine little star blocks -

But I lifted up another basket of scraps to find them nested underneath.

It's amazing what you can forget after 3 weeks of not being in a creative space.  So now I can move on to cutting what else is going to surround these little gems.

And I must say that Lola is quite content to just sit and watch me and be as close as she can be.

We have made sure to spend some time with her every day - but even she thinks it is insufficient and wants things to get back to normal where she pretty much spent most of the daylight hours with me in her space.

This morning the August Quiltvillians will be heading their way home to their various destinations.

Martha will be on hand to help flip laundry from washer to dryer, and we'll be pressing and cutting more of her stash to strips with the Accuquilt Studio while loads are running.  I so appreciate the help!

Housekeeper Susan will have the cleaning well under control when she arrives at noon to get us ready for Jill's TADA Quilters arriving from Erie, Pennsylvania tomorrow afternoon.

Here we go again, take another twirl on the merry-go-round of an innkeeper's life!

This photo was taken August 16, 2015.

I was teaching on retreat in Las Vegas, Nevada with Charlotte Angotti and Debbie Caffrey.

My friend Jill came up from San Diego, and we made plans to go see Olivia Newton John in concert on one of the evenings.

It was THE BEST.  We laughed, we cried, we sang, we danced.  This was our teenagerhood come back to life for us - our inner high schoolers came shining through.  We loved it.

Yesterday I was dreadfully saddened to hear of Olivia's passing from cancer.

What a remarkable lady. 

I think I'll be watching GREASE again soon, followed by Xanadu.  I have the soundtrack for both and plan on playing through both of them in her memory.

Thanks for the soundtrack to so many of my fondest memories, Olivia - you will be lovingly remembered and sincerely missed.  Bless you.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

And always be a little kinder than necessary!
And that includes to yourself, too!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone -



  1. Good morning, Bonnie! I love the antics of sweet Mabel. My understanding is that if the majority of the bill is intact, the bank will give you a new one. Good luck! I love all the quilts that the retreaters are working on. They inspire me daily! Thank you for the great blog.

  2. Good choice, Mabel. Better to have chewed up Andrew Jackson than one of Mom's beautiful quilts!

  3. If you have that much of the bill I think the bank honors it

  4. Mabel has a future in laundry - checking pockets before throwing in wash !

  5. Poor Mabel...she must love the smell/taste of ink like my basenji Rusty used to be. To answer your question about the bank, yes, they will take it back. Issuing you another one will depend on YOUR bank balance LOL

  6. Bank will replace bill since you have over 1/2 and showing both serial numbers showing. As an exbanker I can tell you I've exchanged bills that are in alot worse condition than yours and you don't need to go searching for any future Mable "deposits" as you have more than enough. LOL

  7. So many beautiful quilts to enjoy at Quiltville Inn. I love seeing the different colorways and patterns. Thank you for inspiring through your blog. I do believe that as long as you can read the serial numbers the the money can be replaced. Puppies just want to explore.

  8. I have had cat pickpockets but my favorite pocket story was my terrier mix left in the car with a dog treat in my rain jacket, which now has a hole. And once she ate my W2 form from the mail. I had to go to work and say my dog ate it. LOL you gotta love it!

  9. Yes the bank will give you a new one. There is sufficient remainders of this Andrew :-)

  10. perhaps Mabel incurred some debt during her hours away and needed fast cash?

  11. Oh Mabel! I had a silky terrier, Sasha, who was a dedicated pickpocket! She knew where pockets were on jeans and jackets and diligently checked for anything in the pockets that she could snatch. She would even check the pockets of a purse if it was set down within her reach. She was so cute! Love on Mabel and enjoy the humor of her antics!

  12. Mabel! *facepalm*

    I really like the yellow-soft bright-yellow repeat in Tonni's four patch chains. Pretty and cheerful!

  13. up here in Canada if you have the numbers on both sides of the bill (and they match), you can get a replacement. A new take on 'the dog ate my homework'? I'll bet the bank teller will get a chuckle out of the story :)

  14. i have a mischevious cat who likes to move things around. He moved four small teddy bears from my dresser to a spot under the couch. He took the light bill and put it in the bathroom. One night he brought a small bag of Fritos upstairs into bed - i guess he thought i needed snack ! Living with animals is so fun !

  15. Oh Mable! What did you do! Awe I forgive you..
    Gorgeous quilts being made.
    I just cleaned my parlour. We inherited a 10'x18' oriental carpet that we just had cleaned. It's in that room now. Whew!
    Now for lunch.
    Have a sparkling day.

  16. Thanks Bonnie! Love your quote of the day (every day, actually) and your cute Mabel Mayhem Puppy!!
    Working on my exploding string bin control series. We'll see if it can actually be reduced! 😁

  17. Mabel, funny girl! I once had my art quilt group over to my house and when we left the living room to eat lunch, my dog made the round of the purses on the floor and pulled out a $5 that a friend had just gotten back as change at a McDonald's. My Maisy smelled McMuffin fingers on that bill and took off with it! It was NOT in shape to replace afterward! They all jokingly accused us of working together to pilfer stray bills from their belongings! :-)

  18. Since our bills are now made from plastic-type material, it may be devastating to pets who take samples. They have caused a blockage in washing machines. not safe to launder money up here ; )

  19. Awe the days of Retreating with you on Staff as a Teacher. I remember Portland sunsets! Olivia will be missed. I loved her Australian accent and proper English. Recovering from a Covid week. Hope I can get into my MOJO again.

  20. As long as you have over 1/2 of the bill (which you do) then the bank will exchange it for a new one. she is so sweet

  21. Bonnie, I laughed about Mabel's antics. I remember when Lucy was about 3 yrs old, she ate one of my diamond earrings. She finally passed it. Needless to say, I made sure that from that day on all my jewelry was put away after wearing it. I would take the leftover bill to the bank and see if they give you a replacent.
    I am still working on Bear Branch.
    It is slow going. But eventually I 'll get it done.

  22. Loved the story about Mabel Mayhem!! I have had many rescue dogs in my life, & many of them have been horrific chewers, but chewing up money is a first for me! None of my dogs have ever done that (yet!)

  23. When I read Mabel's money story I couldn't help but think *PASS THE BUCK*

  24. love that Mabel!!! and the pink ninepatch quilt... is there a pattern? directions??? hpefully, from Cats in Carlsbad CA


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