Tuesday, August 23, 2022

In The QPO Studio!

Lola held court in the QPO Studio yesterday.

She is quite the celebrity!

And it tickles me that quilters ask "Can we come down and see Lola?!"  OF COURSE! 

I know so many worried that she wouldn't get enough love and attention if she lived alone at the studio - especially since Dresden passed a couple of years ago, but I assure you - she gets SO MUCH LOVE!

Even if it looks like she is more interested in her treat jar than she is in the quilters who came to love on her.  LOL!


I'm also happy to say that she is eating better since we switched her to wet foot instead of dry about a week ago. She still has dry if she gets hungry during the night when I'm not there, but I feel like she is getting more of what she needs.

Some hairball remedy is also helping with that issue - and at 13, we hope she still has many happy years with quilters in front of her.

This also happened in the studio!

I started cutting for the borders for the plaid quilt project (as of yet still unnamed) and I'm happy to find a way to use up short strips.

As you can see I'm also trimming the ends of the strips into whatever useable square size I can get out of them.

More cutting will happen today in between flipping loads of laundry - it's TUESDAY!  

That means that the Naughty Room Quilters are heading out toward home, while the Stitch Mob Quilters are set to arrive tomorrow afternoon.

It's time to do ALL THE THINGS.

Fire pit night!

The best way to cap off a wonderful retreat week.

These marshmallows have the chocolate INSIDE!

There were both white marshmallows and chocolate ones - 

Oh boy, those chocolate flavored ones with the melted chocolate inside have got ALL the good things going on.

Toast 'em up, girls!

Can someone pass me the wet sticky finger towel??

So much of my love of fire pit time goes back to when my folks had a fire pit in their back yard and we'd all gather for s'mores or hot dog cooking.

And it seemed no matter where we went - either to the fire pit, or a long car drive - mom would always have a wet kitchen towel in a repurposed bread bag just in case.  And in case happened often.

Someone was always sticky, or had a dirty face - that wet kitchen towel in the bread bag, it was a family main stay.

My own fire pit night can't happen without a wet kitchen towel, and though there was no bread bag, that towel got a good pass-around last night to clean off all of the melted sticky marshmallow that happens during s'more night.

Traditions.  They just take us back, don't they?


It's finally time - Crazie Mazie PDF Pattern release time, that is!

This all happened last week and you can visit that post to catch up on ALL of the details and enter the Gift-Away.

I will be drawing for TWO lucky winners who will each receive a Crazie Mazie PDF pattern, a Rocky Road to Grayson PDF pattern AND:

A Kaleidoscope fabric roll from  Cotton to Quilts!

Gift-Away drawing to happen Monday 8/29/22.

BOTH Crazie Mazie AND  Rocky Road to Grayson are on sale at 25% off because you've already got the strings out!

You'll find Crazie Mazie and Rocky Road to Grayson in both the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop.

Price reduction good through 8/31/22 and reverts to full price on 9/1/22.  Hurry now and save!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Does your circle create chaos or calm?
Adjust accordingly!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! 



  1. Bonnie, your Mom was ahead of her time with the wet towel/bread bag! That one is new to me. Now we all carry packs of wet wipes in the car. The house & lawn look so pretty in these pictures!

  2. What a nice visit everyone had with precious Lola. How nice.
    Would Love to sit by your fire pit. Won't be long now before it's Autumn and the fire will feel good.
    Have a wonderful day ❤️

  3. Pretty green eyed, Lola! You might also offer her a tsp of canned pumpkin... once in a while... the senior dogs seem to do well with it as a special treat -- not the pumpkin pie mix, just plain canned pumpkin... seems to help with aging kidneys... Cats in Carlsbad CA

  4. Wonderful memories of fire pits and Smores and wet towels to wipe off the sticky parts. Most of my fire pits were at Girl's Camp. We just licked our fingers. Happy Tuesday!

  5. Love reading your blog. How about Mad for Plaid for your plaid quilt?

  6. My cat is 15 years old and I just start giving him wet food and it has made a difference in his appearance and his health I think too. Glad Lola gets all the love she needs . Even independent kitties need some attention now and then.

  7. i would love to come to the inn

  8. I was able to follow your saying this week. A group of 4 (we were small but mighty) went to a small quilt retreat this week and just got back yesterday, which was Thursday. We were in Dallas during the flooding and rain, but it didn't dampen our spirits or our quilting.

  9. I laughed when I saw the ladies on the floor in the QPO. My thoughts turned to that saying if "I get down on the floor I better have a plan for getting up".


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