Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Life Between The Seams!

I waved off the Stitch Mob yesterday morning - and suddenly the house was SO quiet!

I never know whether to enjoy it as I start to set things right, or fight the emotions that I won't see these ladies for another year.

What a fantastic group - and so many things to lock into my memory!

And I have to admit, I suffer a LOT from FOMO.  Fear Of Missing Out. Because I know the fun and shenanigans continue long after I head home to my own dinner and my own bed.
Some of these photos today are mine, and some were shared by Kelly Cline who captured things that happened, things she took notice of while I wasn't there.  I hope you enjoy our collaborative effort!

Impromptu Show & Share is always welcome!

Chiquita is ready to put binding on her Underground Railroad quilt, and we hall had to see it.

Which meant that her improv flower pot quilt had to come out of the bag as well - because, you know? We need to see IT ALL!

The funky yellow stems are cut from the crazy challenge fabric she had to use for a guild challenge.  This is so much fun!

Check out this lovely from African fabrics!

That purple sets everything off just right.

And this is the way we wear our chain piecing before taking it to the ironing station.  LOL!

All of those pieces became THIS:

Oh how fun!

While Valerie worked on this - she made bonus blocks:

We ooh'd and ahhh'd over Valerie's crazy cut-offs going into this bonus block!

Lyneete sewed and sewed and sewed and got her Blue Ridge Beauty together!

Patty was assembling her Solidarity blocks in patriotic colors!

Karen & Jessica's tables show Maymont and a weathervane sampler on the design walls.

Prepping Dresden Plates for evenings of winter applique ahead!

More Show & Share - MINE!

Karen is ready to set all of her Shoo Fly Shoo blocks from a previous Leader & Ender challenge, and she asked about my setting for this one - 

Luckily it was upstairs in the linens room so we pulled it out to show her. I do loe how this one turned out.

From Kelly's Camera Roll:

Upstairs front landing to bedrooms 1-3.

It's so much fun seeing things through other people's eyes!

Looking down toward the front door from the same vantage point.

The Quilting Quarters in through the door on the right.

From the end of the stairs on the main level toward the front door.

From where she was sitting in the Hen Den.

The blue/yellow quilt on the wall is Kiss in the Corner, and is found under the Free Patterns tab.

Front door and porch rockers!

From the side yard before quilts went over the rail.

(I'll have over the rail photos in tomorrow's post!)

And something I rarely see -

The front walkway at night!

From the front porch, on down toward the drive and the mail box.  I love how the porch lights have lit up the flag. and you can see the pattern of the solar lights on the bricks.

My yesterday!

Fun things happen when you dig in a forgotten bin of fabrics!
This past weekend I went digging where I thought I had a few feed sacks and pieces to give to Kelly during her visit at Quiltville Inn.
I found the bin with the feed sacks and found so much more than I bargained for.
I have no idea how long that bin has been holding these 36-in wide vintage fabrics, but I have decided to piece them together in a scrappy back for my current upcycled plaid star project. No more waiting!
The toile looking fabric dates to the 1950s I believe while the turquoise and green strawberries look 1960s to me. The other two I am unsure of. I love how they work together!
Backings are a great way to use up Fabrics with large prints, or things that have simply been waiting around for a while and need a place to land where they can shine.

Martha and I unfolded and pressed and matched and planned how a fun backing could come together from these pieces to make a really fun backing from these long lost vintage fabrics.
More to come on this one as I get the backing together.⁣ (Oh, the TURTLES!)

Today and Tomorrow ONLY!

BOTH Crazie Mazie AND  Rocky Road to Grayson are on sale at 25% through 8/31/22 and reverts to full price on 9/1/22.  Hurry now and save!

You'll find Crazie Mazie and Rocky Road to Grayson in both the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop.

Today I hope to finish that backing, and get some other items marked off the to-do list, and if that happens, I can FINALLY start cutting for Ruby Jubilee Part 6! I've had the magazine for a while, but it had to take a back burner for a few weeks. It's time.

How about your own plans for today?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Beautiful quilt and the perfect quote! 

Thank you for being here through it all! I appreciate you! 



  1. Looks like it will be a really cool backing for your lovely quilt.
    I love pieced backings.
    Well, I guess I'll plug away on my Frolic quilt. I decided not to set it on point.
    Our Kitty is getting neutered and chipped today. So it will be lonely without him..
    Have a great Tuesday 🙂

  2. I hope you will have leftover turtle fabric to use to delight us all in future scrappy quilts!

  3. You got an early copy of Qm? Part 6 is the final reveal I thought. Can hardly wait to see yours. Nice to see the photos from Kelly. Happy Quilters with lots of sharing. I get FOMO too.

  4. haha, don't show the turtles to my daughter (11yo). She loves turtles and mermaids...and is pulling fabric for her next quilt! lol the fabric strike a memory for me for sure...and I LOVE seeing where you have your quilts hanging in the villa ;)

  5. My eye immediately said "Vintage" when I saw those fabric bits and pieces. Do you pre-shrink them before using?

  6. Bonnie, I want to urge every one of your readers to take the words in today's quote to heart. My husband died suddenly last October and thoughts of all those unspoken words, lost in the clutter of our daily lives, haunt me to this day. Hold your loved ones close for you never know what tomorrow will bring.

  7. Loved the funky vase wall hanging. I made one for a center on a sampler quilt in Batiks, for some reason now I just want to make it by it self. This one is inspiring.

  8. such beautiful fabrics your guests have brought and doing such creative things! inspiring...

  9. Purple vase quilt is a WOW...... to who made it!!!!

  10. I like your new format and I get your newsletter in timely manner and they are not stack three at a time. Where did you get the lights on the sidewalk?

  11. I love the 'tour' of the Inn. I realized I hadn't seen an email from you in a while.


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