Saturday, August 27, 2022

Never Enough Plaid!

THIS is the mess I've been working with - the mess making me so over-the-top happy!

Who knows why the photo I *know* I took the other day didn't take - but this is what was waiting for me yesterday morning when I arrived at the QPO Studio.

Yes, all of the colored fabrics are reclaimed from 100% cotton shirts and other garments.

SOME of the neutrals are also shirts, but many are just from my neutral strip stash, things I thought would add some visual fun to the mix and break up the plaid-on-plaid-on-plaid.

Our eyes sometimes need breathing space!

Some of these neutrals (I'm looking at YOU, blue ticking stripe with little red apples!) date back to the 1990s.  There may even be some earlier pieces - and I love the happy mix this is.

This is yardage.

And I think it is a 1990s Cranston.

Whatever it is, it is the perfect Goldenrod to work as an inner border before I put all of those other triangle units together as the outer border.

Doesn't this color just shout late summer/early fall to you?

Here is where I left things -

YES!  It does the job.

And since gold was my happy color of the day:

Kelly Cline shared this vintage top she purchased at an antique mall on her way here!

All of those tiny hexies - all hand sewn.

Fabrics dating to 1930s-1940s.

Kelly is a vintage loving girl!

She also shared with us the wonky nine patch from the same era that she rescued as a top, and machine quilted on her long arm. 

It's the one she is sleeping under while staying at Quiltville Inn - and it is so fun to see up close.

All blocks are NOT square.  Some are more rectangular than others - but somehow it all works, and all quilted out.

We are learning so much from each other as each shares their passions for their different interests in quilting.

Lynette is setting her Blue Ridge Beautiful together!

Last year, it was just parts.

This year, it will hang over the rail!

Jessica is sewing great guns - getting those Tatami blocks through her machine.

So many fun scraps!

This top is one of FOUR to be made!

The pattern is Hand Me Downs from my Scraps & Shirttails book. She is making four quilts, one for each of her children, from her husband's shirts and his love of denim.

Karen has her Maymont blocks up on the wall!

Valerie's pile of Star blocks are growing!

Quilt of Valor in progress!

You can see from the clouds we've been fighting the rain a bit, but it hasn't been too bad, and has kept the temps from climbing too high.

That humidity, though!  Whew!

Today - much like yesterday.  With the exception of plans late this afternoon to go to Abingdon with the Hubster to look at a gently used Subaru.

I drive a van.  He drives a big pick-up.  Both are needed useful vehicles here.

I need a van when I am hauling quilters off to the park for hikes, or to quilt shop runs or antique mall haunts.  But not every day.

He needs the big pick-up for pulling the trailer full of gravel, or for moving the tractor to the inn, or all of the other variety of things he does that require a way to haul loads of this and that.  But not every day.

We need something with 4 wheel drive (The van is all-wheel- drive, but it works until there is ice.) before winter that is less of a gas guzzler and has more power to get us up the drive.  Something we can share that is easier on gas.

And Sunday is our 41st anniversary, so used car shopping sounds kind of like a passable anniversary date, doesn't it?  LOL!

How about your own weekend plans?

Whatever you get up to, Ivy Lea hopes you enjoy your Caturday!


It's finally time - Crazie Mazie PDF Pattern release time, that is!

This all happened last week and you can visit that post to catch up on ALL of the details and enter the Gift-Away.

I will be drawing for TWO lucky winners who will each receive a Crazie Mazie PDF pattern, a Rocky Road to Grayson PDF pattern AND: A Kaleidoscope fabric roll from  Cotton to Quilts!

Gift-Away drawing to happen Monday 8/29/22.

BOTH Crazie Mazie AND  Rocky Road to Grayson are on sale at 25% off because you've already got the strings out!

You'll find Crazie Mazie and Rocky Road to Grayson in both the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop.

Price reduction good through 8/31/22 and reverts to full price on 9/1/22.  Hurry now and save!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Welcome to the weekend folks, it's time to tickle your funny bone just a bit!
Have a great one!



  1. Thanks for posting early. My alarm will go off soon. Meeting hubby's siblings to remember a brother by Love who celebrated his 1st Birthday in Heave . Sweet ro rally around d his widow. She's too young to be alone. Happy memories in those old quilts a d stash pices.

  2. I live in NH and have owned Subarus for maybe 40 years and love it for our winters here, the only difference since we moved to a house with a steep driveway is that we add studded tires for the winter, really helps!

  3. That photo of Ivy Lea is captivating with her eyes boring into your soul, and her two antenna whiskers sticking straight up - adorable!

  4. At the Goodwill yesterday the men's shirts were $4.99-$9.99. I'm not paying that for used shirts. I even went to Connecticut...the prices were the same.
    I'm working on my Frolic quilt. I don't think I will put it on point though. I don't know.
    Have a great weekend and good luck car shopping.

  5. oh good morning, sweet Ivy Lea! -- sweet face!!! still hot & muggy on southern California coast, a nice sea breeze does help w/humidity... no hiking for this ole gal, just fabric folding and fondling, enjoying the process... slept in late today, almost 7!!!! Have a great weekend all, from Cats in Carlsbad CA

  6. Oh that neutral with blue ticking stripe and apples! I have yards of that dating back to the early 90s when I made rag dolls. It was perfect for the apron! I sold many! Now I know how it will play with others as a neutral. It's been a struggle with me to place it.

  7. I love the goldenrod! Funny enough, I found your blog after I bought Scraps and Shirttails, which I used to make several denim quilts. A recycled plaid flannel shirt quilt is on the docket for someday. :) I saw a post a few days about asking about info for how to sell Quiltville shirts without the hassle of inventory. I listen to several podcasts which use TeePublic. The best part is that designers upload designs to the site which people can buy on lots of different items, and there is a decent return to the designer. But no inventory sits with you and there are no minimums, because all the merchandise is printed on demand and sent directly to the buyer. I have bought several t shirts off the site, and the quality is good. Anyway, thank you always for your blog and your books and your quilts! I love it all!

  8. As an owner of four Subaru Outbacks over the years, we will never go back to any other brand. Subaru seems to be the unofficial car of New England where we get plenty of snow and nasty weather!

  9. Plaids make for great guy quilts!

  10. A Subaru is great to have in the winter! Happy Anniversary! 1981 was a very good year for us too.

  11. Love all the quilt pics. Ivy Lea is such a pretty cat. So glad she adopted you!

  12. Since it's past noon now, I guess I'd better get dressed. LOL! My plans include making curtains for my grandkids' rooms in their new house. After that, I'll work on my Leader/Ender quilt. I never can seem to make it as a true Leader/ender; I just make it as a new quilt. Have a wonderful weekend, Bonnie, and Happy Anniversary! My best baby and I are coming up on 47 years in October. Ain't
    love grand?!

  13. Hi Bonnie. Happy Anniversary!! Thank you for all you do and share with us!! I love hearing from you every day and not having to wait and be behind a day. Love seeing all the great creations from your retreaters! Again, thank you!!

  14. Happy Anniversary, Bonnie! Sunday will be our 51st anniversary! Our son, Jeff, and his wife will be hosting us and our daughter for a dinner. You and I have so much in common. Glad you are healing up. I'm sure it has been more than uncomfortable. We have had 3 Subarus, and our daughter has one. Hope you like it.


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