Thursday, August 11, 2022

Where Is My Hoop Now?

I've received messages over the past week of  "MORE!" "Broader view please!" in regards to my current hexagon hand quilting project.

For anyone who has taken on the long term challenge of hand quilting a queen sized quilt, you know as well as I do that though the process is slow, it is also meditative and quite soul centering in the simple repetitive motion of needle pulling thread. 

"I can't make out how you are quilting it." says another.

So hopefully these broader photos will clue you in a bit.

There's the hoop!  I finished the last four diamond motifs last night and am now working on the 4 borders that surround the center - hexie flowers in brown followed by single rounds of neutral, red, and blue.  The star points break through just a bit (as shown by what is in my hoop) and then all that will be left are the outer neutral corners that take it from hexagonal shaped back to rectangular.

And finally, the last hexie flower border will finish it off.

The WHOLE of it all.

I enhanced this photo so you could see the stich dimples better - 

Hexie flowers start with a 3 line starburst in the center hex - Then the center hex is outlined 1/4'' to the inside of the flower around the middle.  From there, the outline of the hexie flower is outlined 1/4'' in from the outside edge.  I'm not hand quilting around each hexie all the way, just following outlines and pathways.

The blue striped hexies in 3 of the flower corners are quilted with a V shape because I thought it made them look more like leaves.

The neutral hexies are quilted with an X or a starburst, depending if it is a place where the path turns a corner or not.

Red pathways are just outlined on either side.

I have not marked anything, I'm just eyeballing it and yes, there are wobbly lines (usually caused by bent needles!) and all imperfections will be lost in the texture of the whole when done.

Quilting texture on the back side.

Even here it's hard to see any distinct design but you can see how closely quilted this is.

My hexies are only 3/4'' so there is a lot of quilting going on, quite close together.


I received this lovely bouquet of flowers from a neighbor - in fact, it was her great grandparents and beyond who owned Quiltville Inn and much of the factory town of Mouth of Wilson, VA.

She came by a few weeks ago and we got acquainted when they were putting new fencing for the cattle behind the inn.

Evidently our septic tank is on the OTHER side of the fence down toward the creek.  So happy to know that because NO ONE KNEW when we bought the house.

At any rate, they came through to mark where the septic lines for the QPO and the house ran so as not to put fence posts through them.

It turns out that she herself lived in the house for 10 years at one point during her growing up years and I asked when the last time she had been inside was - LONG LONG ago was the answer.

So I gave her a tour!

It was so much fun sharing what we had done with the house, and hearing from her what she remembers from way back when - for instance - there once was a big fireplace in the kitchen and the chimney ran up through bedroom 4.  Who knew! (She did!)

I asked if there was ever a player piano in the house as we had found piano player rolls (quite dilapidated and not play-able) and she said YES - and not only that, the piano now lived at her place a couple miles up the road.  

To make a long story short - she had heard about my accident and sent these flowers. I'm really touched by this gesture!

Yesterday's job - step out photos!

It was a mostly-desk-day with some short intermissions to stitch up some block parts in progress for the new pattern release happening on MONDAY!

Are you ready for Crazie Mazie??

It's been a few months since this one was finished and it has been waiting in the queue for August to arrive.

I am always up for string piecing - ALWAYS!

And yes, there will be a pattern and fabric roll gift-away, introductory pricing and more.

New in the shop!

Aren't these just the cat's meow?

Stow your stuff in these colorful zippered Eco Pouches and stay organized everywhere you go. Pouches are made of recycled plastic that is tough enough to handle even sharp quilting, sewing, and art tools. (They are also great for pens, jewelry, cosmetics, coins ... the list is endless!) Each pouch features two pawsitively adorable designs from Pamela Jane Morgan’s Purr-fect Patchwork.

Small pouch 8.5 x 5, large pouch 9.5 x 7

I have a limited number on hand, but if they sell out, I'll get more in.  And yes, I kept a set for myself!

Yesterday's storm incoming!

The TaDa Quilters are in the house - arriving around 6pm last night.  I was on hand for most of the arrivals, welcoming folks from the rocking chair by the back door.  I'm not much help with the hauling of the wagons right now.

MOST were unloaded by the time this sky let loose.  

I will head over in a bit and  welcome those I missed seeing last night.

Let's get those design walls full up with quilty goodies!

So here we are at Thursday - what plans do you have for making the most of today?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

This may be said with tongue in cheek, but I find it amazingly true!
Have a terrific Thursday, everyone!



  1. Great photos of your hexie quilt. I'm looking forward to Crazy Maisie. Strings are the BEST!

  2. What a cool encounter with your neighbor - you getting history from her, she getting updates from you. I'll bet it makes her so happy to see someone taking such great care of that house.

  3. I have so much admiration for those who tackle hexies...So happy to hear you find hand quilting soothing. I do as well. The rhythm of the stitching is meditation in thread. Enjoy!

  4. That is awesome that you and the woman who had lived at the Inn were able to share stories.. soooo cool!

  5. Living in small towns is the best! People you don’t even know hearing through the grapevine about your mishaps…I loved that about being in a community like that. We had neighbors several times bring food, knowing someone was sick or down.
    Looking forward to the afternoon…continuing work on my afterquilt from the recent Pat Sloan Summer Camp SAL. This will make the 4th quilt I have sitting in my “quilting que”. Gonna have to get to work on them! Have a wonderful day everyone!

  6. Well.. what a sweet gesture to give you 🌺 flowers. Nice neighbors.
    Your hexies quilt is above and beyond gorgeous ❤️
    We went tree shopping this morning . Just got through planting it. A Paperbark Maple. Beautiful leaves on it. Hope it's happy and lives for many years.

  7. How nice that you got to fill in some blanks about the house with your neighbor and kind of her to send flowers. I chuckled at today's quote. I'm still working on maintaining the positive mental attitude, but it is more satisfying than the alternative.

  8. I love your Hexi quilt
    Thank you for sharing the pix.

  9. it's called 'free form quilting'....done by the famous too...like joe cunningham...

  10. I picked up Wonky Wishes from the quilter today. So happy it's a step closer to being finished.

  11. Bonnie, what is your favorite source for EPP quilt patterns? I'm getting interested!

  12. Bonnie, My grand mother's house still had a blocked fireplace in one of the upstairs bedrooms. If we grands made too much noise or didn't go to sleep she would open the built in cabinet in the wall in the kitchen and yell up to tell us to go to sleep. So glad your are getting better and able to do more things and sew. Betsy K


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