Saturday, August 06, 2022

Quilting Up A Scrappy Storm!

Check out Christine's gorgeous Maymont blocks up on the design wall at Quiltville Inn!

There is another strip stash being sewn down in rapid fashion while in the company of good friends!

I just love seeing what everyone is working on.

And yes, there is a way to elevate the bad foot, and just enjoy some time visiting while others stitch around me.

What a fun visit!

Seatta has assembled her cute sewing machine wall hanging -

Borders are on and it's ready for quilting - 

Another thing I knew little to nothing about was how "Fidget" quilts can really help calm those with dementia through all of the tactile goodies attached to the fabric.

I was so interested I came home to find this video from SewVeryEasy to share with you.  Click to play:

I think these are just absolutely wonderful, and can be so calming for those going through the different stages of memory care and more.

Birthday girl Rebecca has assembled her Sister's Choice quilt center! (Free Patterns tab)

Just a reminder on the Free Patterns Tab - some of the earlier patterns are old old old before web-friendly mobile devices were a thing.  Think back to 2005.

The printer-friendly versions of those patterns are only viewable on a real computer.  They are not formatted for mobile.  So if you are ever getting a prompt for a 5th grade class, that is the default for my web host system letting you know that you need to view that printer friendly version on a REAL computer. Not a phone or tablet.  Thank you!

We watched this -

WHAT is it???

Become this:

Super cute baby quilt made by Tracey!

House mom Rebecca (not birthday girl Rebecca) sits here.

But yesterday she went AWOL to hunt down some genealogy at the Ashe County historical society - I love that for her! I can't wait to get back over there this morning and find out what she discovered.

Even funnier - while she was helping out with the laundry and chatting with Housekeeper Susan, they found that they have some of the same names on their family trees.  Yup.  They are related!

There is a Virginia Bound from Scraps & Shirttails happening with recycled shirts!

Sharon is on a binding mission -

(Isn't this so cute?)

She has bound 3 out of 7 quilts so far!

What a way to power through and get the job you like the least DONE so you can play with new projects.

One a day is her goal - and I have no doubt that she will accomplish that - she is a woman on a mission!

In my own world -

Half-square triangle prep for my current "Nothing But Triangles" project!
This is how we make headway: Press, cut and stitch a bit - press, trim repeat!

And nap as needed!

(oh, Mabel!)

I arrived home to The Hubster saying "Let's Go!"

Evidently he thought it was date night - and if that meant I didn't have to cook, I was fair game.  Besides, he was driving.

We needed some things from Walmart, he also needed to fill up with gas - and after errands were ran we stopped for Mexican food.  YUM!

This was the view as I sat on a bench outside the establishment while waiting for him to bring the truck to the curb for me.

Aren't those brown eyed Susans just gorgeous?  I'm not sure what I like better, or maybe it's equally?  Cone flowers are right up there in mind as well.

If August is the sunset of summer, it certainly knows how to put on a beautiful show!

So here we are at Saturday morning - the Hubster left early for an archery thing.

As I was attempting to let the dogs out one-at-a-time so they wouldn't run off - guess what happened?

(They don't go far or long if they know the other is still in the house.)

Like lightning - Zoey pushed past me and in mere seconds both she and Mabel (who I just let out) were up off the mountain in a thunder of running legs and excitement of being cut loose.

It's been an hour. I keep searching for them, calling for them, whistling for them - If they went to the top of the property I don't think they could even hear me.

I'm keeping my composure, but I can't head over to the retreat until I know they are back.

This feels a lot like the time they both took off when I was supposed to leave for Charlotte to get The Hubster at the airport. Will it be 2 hours? 3? 4? 9?

This broken foot is not going to allow me to hike up the mountain no matter what.

So I will wait ...

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

I so love Maya Angelou! Her words always lift me! 

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!⁣



  1. Hope the dogs get back soon!

  2. It's always fun when you look at a picture of a scrapy block and recognize a print from your own stash. That VA Bound block is the first time I've recognized one of my shirt fabrics in someone else's block. The block looks very autumn-y!

  3. Oh Bonnie, I pray those 2 darling fur babies return home to you soon. We do everything we can to keep them safe, but sometimes they have other ideas, natural and instinctual as they may be. I've had my timid little Zoe for just over 9 months now and as she gets acclimated to the neighborhood, she takes me farther and farther from home on our walks. But when we turn for home, she leads the way back and I can see she knows the way home. I'm thinking the same will be true for your 2 girls.

  4. I made a "fidget" quilt for my Mom before she died.
    Beautiful brown eyed susans.
    Hope your fur babies come back soon..

  5. Sure would like to have the name of the owl pattern.

    Hope the dogs came back real soon. I have one that ai really have to watch as he is learning he can go further..

  6. Are your really going to make us wait til Monday to find out about the return of the fur babies?

  7. I would suggest a loud recess whistle. Every time you blow it give the best treats, like real meat. If you do that everyday, it will train the dogs to come;)


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