Monday, August 22, 2022

Good Friends, Good Food, Good Fun!

No one goes hungry at retreat!  

Not ever!

Quilters have other super powers besides quilting  - I have had some of the most delicious dishes whipped up by retreaters while they are staying at Quiltville Inn.

And while there are MANY different love languages out there, to see retreaters baking cookies for each other or preparing two different kinds of chili (As happened with this meal) while watching out for everyone's various food allergies or restrictions, making sure no one is left out of any option -

That speaks LOVE to me!

And yes, the kitchen is a quilting zone, too!

Even the designated chefs for the evening are not exempt in chiming in on what binding fabric would best enhance this beauty! (Blue for the win!)

All the chili toppings anyone could wish for!

And conversational shirts get loads of thumbs up around here!

Not only that, but there was a Saturday run for the PJ department at Walmart after discovering some of the comfy "lounge wear" that other quilters were retreating in.

And next year has been designated to be "lounge wear 24/7!"  I can get on board with that!

Fall is also creeping up on us!

Erin is making this cute witches hat!

Here the parts are pinned to her completed lone star quilt top - I bet she'll have it assembled by the end of retreat.

Punkin Patch blocks from String Frenzy are on the wall here!

Working our way toward "Four & Twenty Blackbirds!"

More woolie applique underway!

How about this Triple Treat Leader & Ender challenge accented by a common green/neutral?

Everywhere we turn there are beautiful projects happening!

And I adore this -

Friendly conversation, cold beverages, and handwork on the porch.


And look what was ready to put together here!

All these light sashings cut from shirts, ready to be sewn to blocks. This broken foot delay has put this at the back burner, but I finally decided to lay everything out on Saturday and get the assembly started.

Webbing those first few columns...

Just look at all of this fun coming together!

This is where we are for now.

I still have borders to go, but it feels great being to this point.

Along with the shirt fabrics I used a random variety of neutrals - focusing on the fun ones, and throwing in those who had maybe languished a bit too long in the scrap strip stash.

The block centers are also light/neutral (with a few very pastel almost too-light-to-be-color thrown in) and all came from the scrap squares box - 

Sometimes those boxes are like an archeological dig - there is stuff in the bottom that hasn't seen the light of day for decades. LOL!  

If you have scraps like this - they do WONDERFUL things when mixed with new fabrics.  Bring them out. Let them resurface.  Sew them in with everything else and give them a place to shine.

Today is a big day with the Naughty Room Quilters - it's their last full day of retreat.

We are planning on porch rail photos and group photos this morning, a tour of the QPO (Which is a mess - but it is what it is) and this evening we have a fire pit activity planned.

The whole week has flown so quickly!

How about your own weekend?  What did you get up to as August begins to wane?


I know there are many of you who HAVE heard me announce the NEW "Blog notifications by email" list now that Google/Blogger has discontinued their mail service.

However, I'm still getting comments like this so I am putting this out here in hopes that she (and whomever needs it) will understand that they have to RESUBSCRIBE to my new personally-managed blog notifications by email service.

I can't add Carol to any list.  I don't have her full name, nor her email address - this is something that you need to manage yourself.

To date over 2900 of you have signed up for my blog notifications by email  by visiting the blog on a real computer where side bars are visible.  Look for the form at the top of the right hand side bar.  Put your email address in there.

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But the best benefit of all now that I am managing this myself instead of letting a 3rd party do it - Blog posts show up in your inbox as soon as I send the notification. Almost in real time.  No waiting for the middle of the night for an end of day digest, or always being a day behind.  Real time.  From me to you, directly.

As always, if you don't find the email in your primary inbox, please check your spam folder, social or promotions tabs and add this email address to your contacts list: quiltville=gmail.com@groups.io. (yes, include the = sign) This is the address the emails will come from and your inbox needs to recognize it.  

You may also subscribe by sending a blank email to Blog+subscribe@Quiltville.groups.io

Thank you!


It's finally time - Crazie Mazie PDF Pattern release time, that is!

This all happened last week and you can visit that post to catch up on ALL of the details and enter the Gift-Away.

I will be drawing for TWO lucky winners who will each receive a Crazie Mazie PDF pattern, a Rocky Road to Grayson PDF pattern AND:

A Kaleidoscope fabric roll from  Cotton to Quilts!

Gift-Away drawing to happen Monday 8/29/22.

BOTH Crazie Mazie AND  Rocky Road to Grayson are on sale at 25% off because you've already got the strings out!

You'll find Crazie Mazie and Rocky Road to Grayson in both the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop.

Price reduction good through 8/31/22 and reverts to full price on 9/1/22.  Hurry now and save!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

The inner child inside of us all needs some encouragement from time to time.

The best chapters of our lives haven't been written yet. 

We are still becoming who we dreamed we'd be!



  1. I just picked up a HUGE load of shirts and I cannot WAIT for this pattern release!!!

    1. I am hoping for a mid-October release, but if I can't make that, mid November would also work. There is a lot of mystery stuff coming down the pike between Halloween and January as well!

  2. Just a note that it took me three tries before I started getting the email notifications. And I tried both methods. So if at first you don't succeed, try, try, again. Thank you Bonnie for going the extra mile.

    1. I had the same issue!! I think I finally had to unsubscribe and then re-subscribe. Takes some perseverance, but it is well worth it!!!! I'm back to getting my email notifications and I'm a happy camper!

    2. Well I just subscribed for the third time. Maybe third time charm. If this doesn't work I'll do the unsubscribe and subscribe thing to see if I can get it delivered.

  3. Oh how I long to sit beside those ladies on the porch and join them in some hand stitching!

    1. Me too. I finally discovered a quilt camp right here in SD so glad.

  4. Starting to pack my car for the trip east to Quiltville Inn tomorrow and fingers crossed the first grandbaby makes his appearance today so I can hold him before I leave!

  5. I must get more shirts!!! I so want to make this quilt you're making.
    Praying 🙏 for some 🌧️ Rain this week. We need it so bad.
    Glad you're sewing again , but don't forget to elevate that leg.
    Kisses for Mable and Zoey please.

  6. I finally am getting back to my Ruby Jubilee Mystery in Purples. Yes, I am copying you. It is my 1st choice always. I love seeing your newest blog post on my Sidebar. Thanks for sharing all you do.


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