Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Out at Grace Haven Farm!

Over the weekend I took a little 2 hour getaway -

I was kidnapped by friend Martha to Grace Haven Farm just a few miles up the road, known for their rows and rows and rows of beautiful flowers and more.

How often do we put little things on the way back burner because we think "Oh, some day, but not today?"

With the running of the inn, I've done that a lot over the past 3 retreat seasons, cramming everything I need to do or want to do for myself into the one day in-between a group leaving and the next one arriving.

Somehow Martha knew I needed some sunshine for my soul - so off we went.  The retreaters could handle themselves for just a couple of hours!

Kipper & Martha talking about straw flowers and wreath making!

It is so NICE to meet new "neighbors" (Anyone within a 10 mile distance is a neighbor in these parts!) and get off the beaten path to discover just what is up another holler.

Kipper & Tom have been in this area for a bit more than 8 years, having bought a 1950s house and working on it and the property to bring the farm to what it is today -

Their dream?  Fresh flowers, specialty chickens, chicks & hatching eggs, and registered Hereford cattle.

And OH their place is beautiful!

Check out the size of this straw flower!

A beautiful fistful!

Every where you look - gorgeous flowers and so much COLOR!

According to Kipper, we should have come to visit a few weeks back - it's now getting to be late summer, and while the rows of mums are just starting to do their thing (And will be GORGEOUS!) the other summer flowers are starting to fade.

Still - there was so many interesting heirloom varieties that I knew NOTHING about.

It's my MOM that is the gardener person, I didn't inherit that gene or green thumb at all.

But I love close up photos!

Check out the bee on this cockscomb!

This one, big enough for several bees!

There are beehive boxes all around the gardens, the bees doing what bees do best - The bees do the pollinating, and there is honey to harvest for their efforts.

I have heard other bee keepers refer to their bees as "Sky Kittens"  and I love that!

So interesting!

I will botch the name of everything -

But isn't this just so interesting?

It's very soft to the touch.

They attract bugs of all kinds -

Oh, my goodness - the colors!

Hello, butterfly!

I tried to get closer - a bit blurry.

I backed away for a full shot - he's still there on the flower.

Just glorious!


I took so many photos - everywhere I turned - it was just lovely. 

Nature sure knows how to put on a show!

Kipper & Martha, chatting up a blue streak.

Vibrant pink - 

Up on the hill, the cattle roam.  The roosters in the barn crowed, the guinea hens and chickens clucked -and we sat on the front porch and enjoyed some fun conversation with loads of laughs.

These are the things I love about living in Appalachia.  

Porches are meant for visiting, and neighbors are neighborly.

And I can't forget the cats!

This one twined around our ankles wherever we stepped as we walked through rows after rows of gorgeous blooms. (I can't remember her name)

Sunshine on whiskers!

And at our feet on the porch -

This guy knows he has a great life here!

I brought home a huge bundle!

I loved spending time at Grace Haven Farm!

If you are too far to make your own visit, check out Kipper's Instagram HERE.  She has wonderful beautiful content to delight your senses.

I've been enjoying these on my kitchen counter since Friday and they are still looking great - I love knowing they are locally grown.  I love the wildflower appearance of these flowers - just as they are.

Yesterday Martha came to help Susan with the bed making and getting the inn ready for today's arrival of the Naughty Room Quilters.

After all chores were done, she came in to press fabric, and cut strips while I finally FINALLY sat down to sew.

My recycled shirt stars are getting surrounded.

I was able to stand and cut the pieces I need.

I LOVE this fabric combination - 

Penguins and all!

Hopefully today there will be more!

It's finally time - Crazie Mazie PDF Pattern release time, that is!

This all happened on Monday and you can visit that post to catch up on ALL of the details and enter the Gift-Away.

I will be drawing for TWO lucky winners who will each receive a Crazie Mazie PDF pattern, a Rocky Road to Grayson PDF pattern AND:

A Kaleidoscope fabric roll from  Cotton to Quilts!

Gift-Away drawing to happen Monday 8/29/22.

BOTH Crazie Mazie AND  Rocky Road to Grayson are on sale at 25% off because you've already got the strings out!

You'll find Crazie Mazie and Rocky Road to Grayson in both the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop.

Price reduction good through 8/31/22 and reverts to full price on 9/1/22.  Hurry now and save.

We've had an incredible amount of rain over the past couple of days and my hopes are that whatever it is going to do it does it BEFORE the Naughty Room gals show up late this afternoon.  We want them unloading in the DRY not the wet.

But no matter the weather, we know they are going to have a great time stitching up their own kind of quilty storm inside.

I know this post is long but I need to get this in here anyway -

I have a group coming September 21-25 who have had a couple of members drop out due to family issues. This is a fun group of quilters and they want to extend an invitation to you (and a friend!) to come retreat with them.

If you would like to come to Quiltville Inn and join this group, please contact Monica at mgause@outlook.com.  She has all the answers to your questions - I am just getting this message out there for her.

I will say that Quiltville Inn does have a vaccination policy in place. All guests must show proof of vaccination as you would if you were staying on a cruise ship.  Thank you for understanding.

September is a beautiful month, and I hope to see you here!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Wake up grateful and watch how the day unfolds!
Vintage double four patch quilt found in North Carolina.

Have a fantabulous Wednesday, everyone!



  1. I have that penguin fabric in multiple colors! I loved using it in a winter-themed quilt and now it's being a neutral in others, just like yours. Cute kitties, lovely flowers! It always makes the heart sing to see bunches of flowers!

  2. What gorgeous photos - they are award winners for sure!

  3. All the beautiful colors, I see another quilt forming in you Bonnie!

  4. your feline "hostess" is a female, she's a "calico" (3 colors) and 99.9% of calicoes are female, any males are sterile... another kitty factoid: 80% of orange kitties are male!!! You are so generous sharing your knowledge about things quilty and color, I couldn't resist! So very glad for Martha getting you out and about!!! Helps w/the healing process too! I've reached a "writer's block" in my quilting life, thank you for your "babysteps" encouragement, it works so well for me in almost every facet of my life, thank you... Cats in Carlsbad, CA

  5. What beautiful flowers! And the colors are so varied!! Were these colors inspiration for a mystery quilt coming soon??? Love reading your blog daily. Thank you, Bonnie, for inspiring us!

    1. I was thinking the same…maybe a mystery in the future.

    2. Thinking the same - a Grace Haven Mystery Quilt sometime in the future.

  6. You did a fabulous job with the photos. Thank you for all the eye candy and color inspiration.

  7. Thanks so much, Bonnie, I totally love seeing your local friends and their places, esp. through your eyes. What a delightful farm!

  8. the flowers are still beautiful and the kitty just adds more color to the visit! Good friends know when you need a little time away.

  9. Oh the flowers are gorgeous, I loved the Strawflower, wonder if it would grow up here in Mn?? I have lots of Black Oil Sunflowers in my garden. The birds love them, they are fun to watch.

  10. What a glorious day! Thanks for sharing all the garden photos, Bonnie.

  11. Beautiful flowers and kitty. I believe that feathery one is celosia.

  12. Love the photos - glad you were able to get out for a change of scenery and a dose of nature. (Even that Japanese beetle is a pollinator of sorts... but bees and butterflies, oh my!) It's good for the soul and the physical healing process.
    Enjoy the new group - I'm sure they'll have a blast!

  13. I can see a quilt using Grace Haven Farm as inspiration! It will be amazing, just like the farm!

  14. I loved seeing the closeups of all the flowers. I missed the gorgeous butterflies of Nebraska this year. A fun day out with Martha is never a bad thing. Enjoy it all. Happy Wednesday

  15. The flowers were glorious! I'm so glad you have such a good friend in Martha and were able to take some "you time". It is so deserved.

  16. I heard that the cruise ships are easing up on their vax restrictions. Now you just have to get a negative test result before hand. Love all these beautiful flowers! They sure brighten your day!


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