Saturday, August 13, 2022

What's Sewing On?

Hello, weekend!

Why is it that some weeks fly by in an instant, and others feel like they've lasted a month?

I swear the best medicine is the gift of being able to hang out with like-minded, like-aged makers who are all going through the same thing.

Forget needing a 12-step program or support group - I've got it daily, with a different group each week just for the variety of it all.

These are all things I never even considered when figuring out if we could really make having a retreat facility work.

There are so many side bonuses that I never considered!

And through it all, I get to sneak next door from time to time and lose myself in my own projects with Lola keeping me company and letting me know whether she likes this fabric combo, or that one, or an immediately no on the other option.

Doesn't she look like she has the wisdom of the world in her eyes? LOL

Either that, or she is giving the entire world the stink-eye.  I get it!

I finally finished cutting the additional units I needed to go with my simple sawtooth star blocks, and even managed to do some chain piecing to get things started!

Things were going great guns when I found I had sewn the right thing to the wrong thing and the next step was going to entail a whole lot of seam ripping.

When this happens I can abandon it all and go next door for some sympathy.  And hit up the treat table.  LOL!

Though I am not able to do hikes for a while longer yet, I am happy to report that there are plenty who have taken matters into their own hands and are enjoying the road hikes, and even a trip up to the Appalachian Trail in search of ponies.

I am SO happy they are getting out and about and making the most of their time!  They are shown here at the NC/VA state line up Roundhouse Road.

Beth, the champion of selfies!

These die-hards even walked further up to the McMillian family cemetery to get some long range panoramic views.

Annie, reading one of the many family headstones.

This was an evening walk - how delightful! And what a perfect way to stretch the legs and make room for dessert later.

Design walls are full of  colorful inspiration!

Dazzling for the eyes!

Wonky rails! How fun!

Heavenly hearts out of Kaffe fabrics - nice!

While we giggled at Jill's organizational skills -

This mess quickly turned to this:

Oh how lovely!

And the activities continue today - friend Martha has invited anyone who wants to come to join us on a tour of a local flower farm to see the beautiful flowers, the farmer's market and more - I'm looking forward to taking some fun photos.  

It was only 51 degrees this morning and we have an expected high of only72.

Could it be summer is waning? Or are we just getting a bit of reprieve?

However you spend your weekend -

I hope you'll return on Monday for our Crazie Mazie PDF pattern kick off and Gift-Away.

There will be patterns and fabric-rolls to give, and introductory pricing to take advantage of.

It all happens on Monday!

Okay, time for me to get ready for that flower farm excursion.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Roll Roll Cotton Boll quilt from my book String Fling available in the Quiltville Store.

The whisperings of your heart are far more important than the opinions of others who don't have to live with your choices.
Folks create drama for their own reasons, but you don't have to be pulled into it.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!



  1. Bonnie it's reassuring that sometimes you need to put a project into time out as well... ;-) I've had to put parts into time out recently - at the time it seemed a lot to overcome, but in reality...it took me almost not time to fix but it just seemed SO overwhelming at the time. I am prepping my Texas Braid (started during a workshop of yours in Rochester MN at the MN Quilt show, finished a year ago - and is a 110"x110") for quilting - I moved from a sitdown quilter to a frame long arm last winter and my Braid is too wide to fit on my LA...I was wondering how I was going to make it work - so into time out it went! While it was in time out I figured out that if I took one row off a side it would fit, and after another day in time out I figured I could put the removed row on the back and that would fix the problem of the fabric I chose not being quite enough. Time out can be a very good thing!

  2. The transformation of Jill's scraps to a masterpiece was amazing to see! Enjoy your outing today!

  3. How nice of Martha to do that.
    Sounds like you are having fun with the girls...
    Colorful quilts being made.
    I have a Dr. Appt early Monday morning but I'll be sure to check out the blog when I get home.
    Kisses for Mable & Zoey please.

  4. Love that bargello - very nice!
    I had a date with Jack last night - that guy surely does get around! Hubby pointed out that one of my star blocks was 2/3 star and 1/3 daggers poking at the part-of-a-star... fortunately, I only have to tear out one seam and turn the strip around. At that point I knew it was time to get some sleep!

  5. lots of fantastic eye candy and inspiration galore!

  6. Fun things on the design walls. Love the like minded age related sympathy. Glad you're surrounded by ladies who get it. Happy weekend!

  7. So many pretty pretties! Thank you again for sharing on your blog. I so missed it for the few months I was not connected

  8. I love the views from the hills/mountains. We went to Asheville last weekend(Thursday) and then drove the Parkway to Boone, spent the night there. We drove home to Alamance county on Saturday. The perfect weekend.

  9. Is Wonky Rails shown in one of the photos one of your patterns? I’m not finding it.

    1. Sorry, no - it's not one of mine, and I don't even know the real name. It just looks like Wonky Rails to me.

  10. Thanks Bonnie— with it titled “Wonky” I thought for sure it was one of yours


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