Monday, August 08, 2022

All in a Quilty Weekend!

Guess who is back to fire pit time?

The last time I was present for this event was the night of the tree swing accident - 

This time - all was well and we really enjoyed our evening time outside around the fire pit as the last of the summer fire flies did their thing.

They are much fewer and further between now, but they are still there.  Summer is hanging on.

This was FUN!

And yummy!

And because I know I left you hanging on Saturday with two dogs gone AWOL - this is the story I posted to other social media later in the day:

One of these things is not like the others.⁣
One of these things stayed home and took a nap.
Two of these things ran out the door, up the mountain, and went AWOL for 3 hours coming back soaked from head to tail after having a blast playing in the creek.
Two of these things are in timeout!
Don't go into timeout. Be like ivy!

You can see how soaked Mabel is - she is the water dog and has also loved her play pool in the dog pen.

But really - she would prefer a muddy rain puddle as witnessed yesterday when she just walked into the middle of it and plopped herself right down.

After dogs were found and settled inside - I went over to the inn to see what was going on over there.

The Quilting Quarters were BUSY!  

The star quilt in the center is Tonni's.  I don't have the name of the designer or pattern.  Beautiful!


The one block wonder border is made from 7 cut up panels just like the one in the center.  What a fun thing to do with panels!

Becca has finished her Sister's Choice top! (Free Patterns tab)

Love all those recycled shirt plaids and stripes!

Our House Mom Rebecca is feeling purple this weekend!

I spy some Triple Treat scrap-happiness happening over here, and growing while Tonni works on assembling her star blocks for one of Lisa Bongean's projects!

Christine in the corner!

Virginia Bound blocks are growing!  Pattern from my book Scraps & Shirttails.

Indigo A Go-Go is making headway!  Pattern from String Frenzy.

One more baby quilt bound!

Assembled as a disappearing 9-patch.

More 9 patch action happening here.

I sense a theme!

1/2'' squares in the middle?  You betcha!

It's a mini-quilt show & share!

These are Seatta's.

And she whipped this one up out of the scraps left from the Virginia Bound block trimmings!  Squares finish at 1/2''.

And yes - I got some time to do some simple sewing as well.  My triangles quilt project - 

I finally had enough variety to start sewing some of this into blocks.  

It doesn't take long to run out of variety though, and so I am back to cutting a bit, stitching a bit as the foot allows.

Can we just say it was a very full weekend all the way around?

And yes, there were also naps.  Must have naps!

And because I think we should kick Monday off with a good start - how about this one:

Oh my word.

I think I need MORE than a minute. Wow.

Today we've got the last full day with the August Quiltvillians.  Photos are going to happen this morning - and this afternoon we are all heading down to Corner Market for ice cream on the porch as a big last activity before picking it all up and packing it all into cars for a Tuesday morning departure tomorrow.

Next up on deck?  TaDa Quilters of Pennsylvania are arriving Wednesday afternoon!


How about your own weekend?  Did you enjoy time outdoors? Did you spend time with loved ones making memories? Did you quilt up a storm?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

They are your dreams.
No one else owns them but you!

Have a wonderful Monday, everyone!



  1. Bad Dog. Bad Dog. Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you? (bad dog. bad dog. "Innocent" kitty meowing hysterically.

    1. I love your sense of humor, Kara!

  2. What a treat to see all these projects! Love that panel idea!

  3. Whew what a great group of quilts in progress. Your Inn pictures look so wonderful and the setting is just beautiful. I don't have a group, but would love to stay. Do any of your groups ever need another quilter?

  4. I had a nice weekend but it was NOT outdoors! 93 and very muggy with rain that threatened all day yesterday. We sweated our way through church in the non-conditioned-fans not working building. Our picnic with friends became a picnic at the dining room table in the A/C! But these were dear friends from out of town so it was a nice day anyway. No time in the sewing room but that will change today! I'm glad your silly puppies arrived back safely. But 3 hours must have been agony!

  5. Those ladies are very productive! Yesterday was spent long arming and working on my Cherry Crunch - plus a nap thrown in for good measure! More of the same for today. Thanks for all you do for our quilting community, Bonnie!

  6. I spent Saturday finishing piecing a Baby Quilt for my DIL's sister so I can get it to the longarmer. Yesterday was spending the day with my daughter and granddaughter who goes back to college tomorrow for her Junior year. Time waits for none of us.

  7. Oh, Bonnie! Your AWOL dog vs. Ivy story was hilarious. Reminded me SO much of the most adorable kids' picture books - 'Hondo and Fabian,' by Peter McCarty, and the sequel 'Fabian Escapes.' They're so stinking cute and fun, and it sounds like you live the plot some days! Your son's little guy might enjoy them. The first one was a Caldecott runner-up, so maybe their local library has them?

    Some great quilts in those photos!

    1. Yes Yes Hondo & Fabian!! There are other escapist pet stories but it's too late to remember them.

  8. gee, now that you know where the dogs went, they will probably go there again. so you don't need to worry. they will come home. they know who takes care of them and loves them. especially if they think ivy is getting all the attention. great productivity at the inn. fascinating to see all the different quilts being made and finished. the one block wonder idea is great. gives me some ideas of what to do with mine - not enough for a big quilt - maybe table topper. glad you are mobile enough to enjoy your visitors. i am cutting, cutting fabric. patti in florida

  9. Mabel looks like she's thinking "I was bad. But it was worth Every. Minute. of whatever punishment might be. And I'll do it again."
    Oh my...eek on those dates! Am I the only one that had to do the math? And then use a calculator because that just can't be?

  10. Boy, I bet you were relieved when the 2 dogs returned home...wet and all. Thank God.
    Those quilts are so beautiful and loving the minis....
    Glad you're sewing again...that must feel so good.

  11. Love seeing all the quilts. The Oklahoma one block wonder is fabulous! Glad the doggies made it back home safely!

  12. Love your blog. So much to think about! I am confused. What happened in 1970 that makes that statement important?

  13. BOOMER SOONER !!! I love all the crimson and cream!! Put a smile on my face! Who am I? born/bred/lived here all my life in OKLAHOMA!! This gives me hope I might make it there too one day!! Teresa W

  14. Our standard poodle is a tissue thief. She lays her head in my lap, looks at me lovingly and quickly grabs a tissue from my pocket. Sneaky!!


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