Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Airing of the Quilts!

We had a bright beautiful day for the Over the Porch Rail quilt hanging!

No, not ALL of these quilts were made on retreat, many were brought to be placed on beds and slept under, and then shared with everyone during the photo shoot.

Some were started at the last retreat, and brought back finished to be shared.

Some quilts were brought with the intention of "Just adding binding" while here for the past week.

Some were made in the past year at home and brought on retreat.

Whether they be fully quilted and bound, or just tops finished while here - the variety of the display over the rain was inspiring!

The first and third quilts are Sister’s Choice and Fun With Bricks, both from the Free Patterns tab!

The second and fourth are also gorgeous (Autumn leaf season is right around the corner!) and the far right photo I believe is a "3-yard quilt".  

Winter Blues, Scrappy Mountain Majesties a One Block Wonder surrounding an OU panel (BOOMER! SOONER!) a Christmas postage stamp, Rhododendron Trail and Zuckerwatte from String Fling fill this photo!

Starting from the Left is a beautiful quilt that Sharon finished binding while here. She brought 7 to bind – I’m sure she got them all done!

Next up is On Ringo Lake and a cheddar nine-patch mini, followed by Tonni and two quilts I don’t know the designer or pattern name for.  Please add to the comments section if you know!

Stand tall and smile, ladies!

And give me a TADA!!

(That's much more like it!)

It was a great visit - and yes, the bruising is ALMOST all gone from around my eyes.

The only bit left is hidden by the darkening lenses of my glasses - you know how gravity goes?  I'm amazed that 3 weeks later some bruising is holding on.  Wow. That was a doozer!

In other news:

We got a call from Jeff yesterday morning.  Morning calls are never good.  They are not the kind of "Hey, just wanted to see how you are doing!" kind of call.


6 year old Casden is starting 1st grade in just a couple of weeks.

He came home from daycare with the dreaded lice.  AUUUUGHHHGHHGH!

It's okay, it happens when kids are in close contact with other kids.

Casden was freaked out.  Ashlyn had to go to work, so Jeff was there to deal with all of the washing of everything and the getting the medicated shampoo and stuff and start the routine of dealing with it all.

But the thing I am MOST proud of - My mama's heart nearly exploding with love for these two guys -

Jeff had fairly long hair (and a beard) and he suggested to Casden that they both buzz off their hair and start over.

Jeff shaved his head yesterday FIRST and made it a fun time so that Casden wouldn't be scared.  And then they buzzed Casden's hair.

It's summer.  It will grow back.  The situation was handled by my son who has taken this little boy into his life and his heart.

As I said - I couldn't be more proud of him, and to see the abundant love and compassion he has for this little boy.  

My 32-year-old son who swore he would never have kids.  He's a step-dad.  And he loves it.  And he knows HOW to love.

As I said - it does my mama's heart good.  Better than good.

Yesterday was full with departures, abundant laundry and getting things ready for the TADA Quilters arriving this afternoon.

While I did stuff on the main floor of the inn (Still haven't tackled going upstairs in the boot yet) friend Martha helped with the laundry and making of the beds while housekeeper Susan started in on her deep clean. This is the revolving door routine that happens weekly, and though I can do more and more, I'm grateful for the help. 

From there we moved to the QPO where Martha pressed fabric and cut strips with the Accuquilt in between waiting for laundry to dry so we could start the next round of washer loads. 

I was home and exhausted by mid afternoon.

You need a nap, Mama!

(Okay, I took one.  2 hours!)

Evening time was spent with this.

I keep trying to take photos with enough window light that you can see what I'm doing with the stitching.

I've only got 2 of these diamond motifs to quilt yet - and then I can start on the borders that surround the center medallion.

I only get a couple of hours of stitching time in on any evening, and sometimes not at all.  But making it a routine to pick up my hand quilting when I settle in to watch TV is getting this thing done.  

The DUMBEST thing with this quilt so far?  I guess I was in such a hurry when piecing the top and getting it basted, that I have discovered where some of the hexies still have paper behind them.  ACCCCKK!

The only way to get them out was to undo a couple of stitches on TOP and use a tweezers to get that hexie paper out of there, and then blind stitch the seam back together.

If the pieces were closer toward the outside of the quilt, I could undo some basting and reach up through the layers, Luckily there have only been a handful of times I have needed to do that.

So just let it be a reminder - REMOVE ALL PAPERS as you go so you don't leave any hidden offenders in there.

Today - DESK DAY. 

Be watching for my next PDF pattern release to happen on Monday, August 15th!!

More sneak peeks to come through the rest of this week.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

All of the above! 

Don't waste a moment

Happy Wednesday, folks! 



  1. I'm so glad you presented this new way to get your blog. I like spending my breakfast with you. Breakfast With Bonnie! And now back to packing for the move to SC. If it wasn't for all my quilting stuff I think I could get it all in my car. Not complaining, just shaking my head in wonder.

    1. I'm glad it's working for you - we've already got 2400 folks receiving my blog links in real time in their email inboxes. If folks are reading this on a mobile device, Please visit my blog on a real computer where right hand side bars are visible (They aren't on mobile) and put your email address in the form at the top of the right hand side bar to receive blog notifications in your email each morning as the post goes live - no more waiting for the next day or the middle of the night for notifications to arrive. I've taken this into my own hands to get the posts you want into your in box in real time.

    2. It's working really well for me too. I'm getting it every day and at a consistent time. Nice change!!

    3. Me too! I love having it in my email in the morning! The story about your son made me tear up! So loving and kind.

    4. I put my email address in again, didn't work the first time. Fingers crossed.
      Reading your blog makes my day!

    5. As always, if you don't find the email in your primary inbox, please check your spam folder, social or promotions tabs and add this email address to your contacts list: quiltville=gmail.com@groups.io. This is the address the emails will come from and your inbox needs to recognize it. Thank you!

  2. It's so great to see you recovering, little by little, Bonnie. Your attitude is so encouraging. And I love the lush greenery in front of the Quiltville Inn. It's a beautiful place and I hope to make it there one day.

  3. Happy to get the blog as an eMail in the morning. . .Enjoy your posts including all you do with the Quiltville Inn. I was a residential contractor for 30 years and all I did was older homes. . Old Houses are my passion. .Now that I am retired; I love my quilting. .

  4. Good morning Bonnie,
    This is my maiden voyage writing a comment on your blog...I just wanted to let you know I really LOVE reading your blog & the email notification works terrific! It's the one email I look forward to receiving & hearing about you & your Quiltville adventures. Thank you so much for all your time & hardwork you put into your blog & the quilting craft. You can tell it is your passion. Glad to hear you continue to heal up nicely. Have a wonderful day!

  5. What a sweet way to handle the lice situation! Thanks for sharing how your son is stepping up to new things in his life too! So glad you are doing better after your swing accident!

  6. Glad you are healing and getting better everyday. Love seeing what quilt retreaters do each week. Looking forward to see your next PDF.

  7. I just go to my Blog roll and find your new Post there each day. Good for Jeff. Hope he sent pictures of the shaved heads. Happy Wednesday, my Covid cough is lessening, hurray.

  8. I look forward each morning to reading your blog. It's so motivating to see what you and your retreat ladies are doing. You're wise to avoid stairs in your boot. I found coming down the stairs to be the most risky when I had one. Take care and keep on inspiring us.

  9. The email notification is working for me too. I start my day here and then move on to whatever comes my way. Thanks for all your work. Have a great day!

  10. That must have been quite a shock for Casden, to see Jeff without any hair or beard! Very good choice, though, as the lice could have traveled... I've fought lice several times, with 7 children it's a hazard. The quilts look great over the "rain"!

  11. What an enjoyable post.. lovely quilts over the rail.
    time goes by so fast!
    Already a new group of quilters are coming to the inn.. can't wait to see what they are sewing 🪡🧵
    Have a sparkling day

  12. I hear you about the papers left behind in the quilt. Several years ago I made EIGHT identical paper pieced wall hangings in memory of a dear friend. Four went to her daughters while the other four went to three mutual close friends and myself. When I was stitching the binding on one of the quilts going to one of her daughters, I heard a crinkling sound.. (NOT close to the edge). I had somehow managed to machine quilt this one without hearing or noticing that paper was still attached. I finished the binding and shipped it off and waited for someone on the receiving end to say something; they never did, so I finally had to tell my 'funny story' about it.

  13. Your Jeff & Casden story is really heart-warming!

    That's a lovely vintage quilt behind today's quote - such pretty fabric combos!
    Fellow readers, does anyone have any thoughts on how to reverse engineer that block so the piecing is efficient? I think Doug Leko's corner ruler might help, but there's no good way to avoid some Y seams in the block quarters, is there? Unless you cut the two white squares in the corners of each block quarter into triangles, making a diagonal corner-to-corner seam through each quarter, but that would greatly increase the seam bulk at the block center. No good shortcuts that I can see so far.... Anyone have any inspiration?

  14. It sounds like Jeff should be "Bonus Dad" not step-Dad. He is definitely a bonus for Casden :-) Focusing not on what he wants but what is healthy for his son. What an exemplary act of love!

  15. I agree with some others about receiving your blog in our e-mail - it's working well, despite the first couple of times when it went to my spam folder, but I have told it that your e-mails are okay! :)
    Always fun to correct those little mistakes, isn't it? I can imagine the frustration of realizing there were still a few papers in that quilt! But - it might have been fun to leave them for future generations to find and wonder about....

  16. "And he knows HOW to love." Oh, sweet Jeff's Mama, I wonder where he learned that? Yes, it makes your heart burst with pride -- and it brought tears to my eyes, too.

  17. Would love to see pics of the new haircuts!

  18. I am enjoying receiving your posts on the day of, where before they came a day late. Every morning we share a cup of coffee. Kudos to Jeff! Putting Casden's feeling ahead of himself shows a true sign of a Dad. When we gained custody of my husband's daughter, she came with the bonus of those lovely little beasties! It was a beginning that only got better. She is now a wonderful mother of 3 fabulous little boys!

  19. What an inspiring story about the head lice episode handled with love, kindness and laughter! No wonder your Mama heart is full to bursting!

  20. It is almost 6 pm and we are having a severe thunderstorm. This summer has been the rainiest (sp?) summer that I remember. I wish I could send the storm somewhere where the rain is needed. We've had now 3 days of rain in a row.
    This is the latest I have been reading your block, Bonnie. I usually do it right after my first cup of coffee in the morning. I wish you continued healing and stay safe.

  21. fabulous son and perfect dad to that little boy~!! A manly man, wouldn't we all agree? so mature and sure of himself, what a job you and husband did raising those boys to men! Hugs and blessings all around, Cats in Carlsbad CA

  22. Oh Bonnie, you have such good reason to be proud of your son. What a wonderful example he is for that little guy. That will be something he will never forget! Lice comes and goes... hopefully it won't "come" again. Once is lesson enough... and lots of work. What a good dad! So happy that your bruises are about gone, hope your foot is feeling better also. Take care

  23. It is a very good thing that they knew that the septic system placement had to be marked before the new fence was started. Can you think of how bad it would be to have a problem with the system while a group was there. Yikes

  24. Hello Bonnie, A quick question for you. What type of batting did you use for the hexie quilt you are currenting hand quilting? I have a EPP hexie top almost done and was planning on hand quilting it. Love the texture you are getting on yours.


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