Tuesday, June 22, 2021

You, Two Friends, and a Show & Share (Part 1! )

What a wonderful day we had yesterday - rain was in the forecast (It's falling now as I type this) and folks started picking up and packing up everything not needed over night, packing cars early so they wouldn't have to be hauling all the "STUFF" in the morning rain.

We all know how quilters pack for retreat right?  I'm sure everyone got their steps in!

And there was a wild array of showing and sharing - unfurling of the quilts for the world to see, be it in the parking lot in front of the QPO Studio, or later on the porch!

Scrappy Trips quilt from the Free Patterns tab!

Look at them all!

Three Easy Streets from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders.

Sherry's on the far right is set on point with some additional units - so we are calling it Detour on Easy Street.  LOL!

She shared the back on our porch Show & Share!

There were so many quilts shared!  I took SO many photos!  it almost felt like I was back on the road again with all of the quilts!

In fact there are SO many, I will share about half of them today, and you'll need to come back tomorrow to see the rest - I just can't fit them all in this one post -

Kathy gave us a real TRUNK (or hatch!?) show in the parking area in front of the QPO studio - because of where the morning sun was shining.  We didn't want the photos in shadow.

I'm sure the passers-by loved it!

Sister's Choice from the from the Free Patterns tab!

The embroidered sewing machine blocks were a gift from a neighbor friend who has passed away.  What a wonderful way to remember her by piecing them into this quilt.

Friends by chance, Quilt Sisters by choice!

Of course we all loved Kathy's Cheddar Blue Ridge Beauty from Adventures with Leaders & Enders.

You can NEVER have too much cheddar - there is no such thing!

That carried on over into her Smith Mountain Morning from Scraps & Shirttails II!

Kathy's String of Diamonds star design in neutrals!

I know she did this as a group challenge, and I love it!

Kathy's Frolic!

She told a funny story about having yards and yards and yards of that green fabric - it's OLIVES!  And it makes an appearance wherever green is called for.

As in:

We also got a glimpse of Angie's Wonky Wishes! 

And that fantastic Scrappy Trips quilt from the Free Patterns tab!

Yesterday morning as clouds began to roll in -

Thank you ladies, this was a blast!

As I'm writing this post, I'm texting Irene to see how things are going - she woke up to everyone already bugging out trying to beat the rain, so I didn't get to say my goodbyes this morning.

Travel safe, ladies!  We'll see you next time!

Yesterday's lunch -

Grilled pimento cheese - decadent!

My friend Jill is taking off back home towards Erie, PA this morning as well - so it will be just Irene, Susan the housekeeper and me getting ready for tomorrow's arrival of You and Two Friends, Group 2.

Somewhere in here - I think I may need a nap!

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How does your Tuesday look?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Get out there, and blossom!
Vintage 1940s Flower Basket quilt top found along my journeys over the past many years.
I love the inspiration that they bring and the insight they give into a stranger's life!

Have a wonderful day -



  1. It's so nice to see that your dream is finally taking off big time. All the more sweeter for the extra wait. Many lovely quilts. Take that nap.

  2. OMG! I have yards of that same olive fabric, too! When my daughter was in college, we decorated her dorm 'kitchen' with olives. Found this great little neon martini glass with and olive and ran from there. Black table cloth and valances with hand painted olives. I guess I wasn't too worried about them drinking too much in the 2000s. The design spilled over into "Olive You" as a quilt. I've got "Olive You Too" in a box that is a UFO. But have a large collection of olive fabrics. Just love this green one. Including it in my BH quilts tops, too. This made me smile this morning. Thank you!!!

  3. Those beautiful porch rails are perfect for quilt showing. But I have to chuckle and think if they could talk with all the meal conversations they have been privy to. LOL.

  4. Bonnie - Thank you so much for sharing these amazing quilts with us. Such an assortment, so many fantastic color combinations! So MANY! I especially liked how Kathy used the embroidered sewing machine blocks in her quilt - a very special tribute to her friend. Hope you are recovering and feeling a little better each day!

    1. I too was taken by the quilt featuring the embroidered sewing machines. What a special memory!

  5. so glad quiltville inn is humming again....

  6. WOW .. beautiful quilts, a few I have been working on myself ! I think I need to book a retreat to make myself get busy on them :) Thanks for the shares ladies <3

  7. Boy, Kathy was BUSY!!! LOL!! They were all very beautifully done, though! I love that there was 3 different versions of the same quilt in one space. Awesome. You continue to inspire every day for me to be stitching something... :)
    Safe travels to the groups as always and I hope you get a little rest in there somewhere!!

  8. The porch of Quiltville Inn was made to display those beautiful quilts!

  9. That Scrappy Trip Around the World is gorgeous! I see one in my near future. Those bright colors make it sing. Trying to figure out if she used batiks or just “regular” bright fabrics. And that Sisters quilt! Beautiful! I always have enjoyed seeing everyone’s version of Bonnie quilts….the different color choices, border treatments ( or no border). Sure have missed this during the pandemic! Hope you are feeling less sore each day, Bonnie!

  10. Great quilt show! It must feel great to inspire such beautiful quilt making by so many :0) Happy Sewing !

  11. Wow, what a group of talented quilters and gorgeous quilts….inspiration to my eyes!

  12. I imagine 5his round of off the porch quilts will make your heart sing for days!

  13. Such beautiful quilts! I especially love the scrappy trips one….but the link for the printer friendly version leads to a fifth grade class website, not the pattern! Could this be fixed? Thanks.

    1. You are trying to access a page that has no mobile version. It's an older pattern and will not be fixed. Please view it on a real computer.

  14. My friend, Kathy, is definitely a gifted quilter AND a Bonnie Hunter lover! I am so excited to see her pictures on today’s blog! Six quilters from our area were lucky to go to this retreat; two of us will be there in August so we can’t wait to hear all about this group’s time at Quiltville Inn as we get ready for our adventure.

  15. I love the olive fabric.

  16. Awesome quilts girls!

  17. Thanks for brightening our day with all the quilty eye candy... love it!

  18. I find it amazing how the same pattern can look so different in a different color. Fabulous quilts as always. Safe travels to those leaving and to those arriving.

  19. Stunning, stunning quilts!

  20. I was really attracted to how colorful this group of quilts were. They inspire me to get up and make something beautiful and colorful and eye-catching!

  21. Beautiful array of different quilts to get me going! Thank you Bonnie for sending all the beautiful pictures of the quilts!

  22. Beautiful quilts and wow what a productive group of ladies. I dream of being able to come to a retreat at Quiltville Inn some day!

  23. So glad you and Jill got together again. She’s great!


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