Friday, June 04, 2021

Good Friends, Good Food, Great Fun!

I think we can all agree that when quilters get together, it's not only the quilts that are wonderful, the FOOD is fantastic!

And before anyone asks, no, I don't have the recipe for Tonni's French Toast Casserole (With candied pecan crumble!) but I will get it!

The secret ingredient and main event?  Tonni makes her own sourdough bread and spoils us on retreat when she is here.  We eagerly await her bread.  We long for it.  We sing sonnets to it.

And in French Toast Casserole?  WOW!

Dinner was just being served when I was heading home last night - Terry's lemon chicken filled the kitchen with such a wonderful aroma I wished that I could stay!

And tonight I will be staying - the Hubster is off to Kentucky for an archery thing and won't be back until late tomorrow night.

Zoey and I get play days with the Quiltvillians!

Now on to the talk of recipes - because I know you are going to want them.  There is talk of the groups posting their recipes in their own private Facebook retreat groups.  I'll see if I can snag them to share here.

The washer/dryer arrived!

This is the same beautiful unit we have inside the Inn, and after using it for the past nearly-a-year, there was no doubt what I wanted for the second laundry station.  

This is a GE unit, and I love the deep water wash, the bulky items setting for all of the bedding and towels - 

I'm hoping we'll be running and ready to go within a couple of weeks.  There will be a garage overhaul as far as stuff inside goes to make things a bit more productivity inducing.

But I'm excited.

More Cabin Corners progress!

I really appreciate your patience with me as I continue to work on this project in between everything else that is going on.

Some things are going to push this to the side - our Leader & Ender Challenge starts around 4th of July and I've been cutting and making units for that to sew in between other things so I have something to share with you when that releases.

It's about the time of year that I start working hard on getting our Winter mystery quilt going -  Many of the new Leader & Ender units will be made during that time as I use them to keep the piecing on the mystery continuous -

So - the Cabin Corners blocks may take a back seat for a while. At least until the mystery top is done, so we can release yardage, colors and all by Halloween.

For those asking for the block pattern - Patterns are released when the quilt is done and the pattern is written.  Thank you for understanding that this all takes time. I'm still at the block making stage on my own quilt.

I'm excited that you are excited and inspired - There are many more blocks to be made but there will be a pattern for you in due time.  

THIS is a peek at what is releasing later this month -

It's almost Rivanna time!

Get your blues and neutrals (Or other favorite colors) ready!

Let's continue on to our next stop in Pat Sloan's blog tour for her new book Holiday Celebrations.

Another sneak peek on my Holiday Celebrations project!

Gingham red binding for the win!

Just ONE MORE DAY and I get to show you the WHOLE THING. Let's just say that TODAY's agenda has me stitching that binding down so I can share it tomorrow!

Come join the fun as Pat Sloan takes you on a joyful journey through a year's worth of celebrations. You'll find easy patchwork and fusible-appliqué; projects for Valentine's Day, Easter, the Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. 

Stitch welcoming lap quilts and table toppers, plump and pretty pillows, trick-or-treat totes, cozy Christmas stockings, and more. Keep your home décor looking fresh and cheery as the seasons change, and always have the perfect pattern on hand for a housewarming or holiday gift. 

With inspiring photos, easy-to-follow instructions, and 17 terrific designs at your fingertips, you're on your way to a great year!

I have added Holiday Celebrations to the Quilting All the Time category of the Quiltville Amazon Affiliate Store. Use your PRIME from wherever you are and have the book in your hot little hands in just a few days! 

Today, head over to visit Amy Smart at Diary of a Quilter for her post about Holiday Celebrations and her own gift-away!

Amy lives in Utah, is 2 hours behind me time-zone wise, so we'll cut her some slack if her post isn't live when you click the link.  Be sure to come back and check later today if it isn't there yet, you don't want to miss her post and gift-away.

And if you haven't already - Enter the TWO mega-giveaways from Martingale happening now (see the prize packs on MONDAY'S POST). You can enter on their blog here, and over on Instagram here

Tag a friend in the instagram comments and they can receive a free book too!

Binding and sleeve finished!

But there was no way to get to where I needed to stitch down the label last evening.  I think I'll be taking a quick minute to do that while stitching down the binding on the  Holiday Celebrations project!

It looks like it's going to be rainy off and on today - but I'm still hoping to get some of the gals out on Round House Road for a good long walk today.

We need to do something to walk off yesterday's yummy food!

How is your Friday looking?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -
Vintage quilt found in Kentucky.

To reach any goal, you first have to make one!
What you do today will lead you into your tomorrow.

Which direction do you want to go?

Happy Friday, folks!



  1. Thank you for explaining about the block tutorial. I am new to your blog so did not know if I had missed the tutorial. I have started using leaders and enders after reading about yours so am looking forward to taking part in the next challenge.

  2. WOW!! That spread! Hopefully there will be enough leftovers so you can sew for a couple of days! :)
    Today's goal: Picking up our new glasses and getting back before MORE rain falls. Now, I enjoy the rain as much as the next person, especially after a drought, but we sure could use a chance to dry out so we can get some outdoor projects finished around here before we take a summer trip!
    I am also going to try and at least start the binding process on my latest finishes so they can go home to their new owners this weekend.
    Have a great weekend!!

  3. I've been procrastinating all week. I need to put 2 more sides of inner borders and then a wider border on this youth bed sized quilt. It is for our guild's booth at the state fair and will need to be turned in tomorrow so it can be quilted and bound (by someone else). It's a cloudy day and really it will not take me long to get it done this morning.

  4. LOL are you walking to get off yesterday's calories or getting ahead start on today's. It looks like these ladies can and do cook and do it as well as they quilt. My husband would be envious!!! I believe I may be looking at some leftover teals and creams to gather to get ready for the Blue and White one you are promising. Have fun with the ladies.

  5. I love your "new look" photo on the blog and profile page!!

  6. Today is a searching day. A group of strips that was safely put away to make binding for a specific quilt have disappeared! When originally cut to be used in the quilt, my math was off. So, I decided to use them for the binding. Now I can't find them. Wonder if they got tired of waiting and took or hike, or maybe they are playing hide-and-seek? Oh, I need to feed my roses today too.

  7. I just finished shortening some curtains now back to quilting. Thanks for sharing all the fun at the Inn. My hope is to visit someday.

  8. Can't wait until your quilt is done and pattern released. Love it!

  9. Judging from the national weather forcast last night you are just being missed by a terrible storm hitting the east coast, up from the south!
    Lucky girls!

  10. I have a WONDERFUL recipe for a French Toast Casserole, but haven’t made it in many, many years. Man is is yummy. I used to use this wonderfully dense round loaf which I purchased from a local bread place. They have long since closed, and I haven’t ever found a good bread to use for it. Looking forward to seeing the pecan crumble which will make that treat ever so much better.

  11. I have cookbooks from several beautiful inns which are filled with absolutely wonderful recipes. I think one from Quiltville Inn filled with great recipes provided by you and your guests would be an absolute "must have"!

  12. I love your scrappy Cabin Corners quilt above. You tell us there's no rhyme or reason and magically a pattern emerges! Looking forward to the progress!

  13. I love the way the critters love to hang with you when you’re doing binding. I don’ t have cuddly pets. One gets too hot, one only cuddles with her DAD, and the cat, well, she ‘s a cat. She needs no one. I love the quilts, and for one, am glad you won’t have the patterns ready! I just got Chasing Rainbows and pulled fabric for it! And of course the L and E! I was just thinking- “it’s only 5 months till mystery!😱” There’s not enough time! I’m not very fast, and was hoping to get maybe 2 of the other mysteries finished before the new one! (I have 4) But, I am putting together En Provance, so that is close. So, my opinion is- take your time! Don’t be in such a hurry!😂

  14. Oh boy! I can't wait for you to post Tonni's Sourdough and French Toast Casserole recipes. They would be a bi hit at my family Beakfast gathering! Wonderful Inn, Good People, Beautiful Quilts AND delicous food.....Can it get any better?!! <3 :)


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