Thursday, June 10, 2021

The Green, The Wash and the Rain!

Lonely little abandoned house - nearly swallowed up by the growing green!

I took these photos on a walk up Round House Road while the June Quiltvillians were in residence over the weekend.

It had been a couple of weeks since I'd been up here.  We had Zoey with us, and she enjoyed the leg stretch, leading the way as we walked along the river, then began to trudge up-hill into mountain farm land.

Morning beauty.

The grasses are growing so tall!

One lone cow - 

She moved off quickly when she saw all of us trying to photograph her!

Windblown tree against a paint brush sky.

Where is the rain?!

Love the white face and black eye patches!

The best views are from the top!

This group was stalwart enough to want to keep going past our usual turn around spot and make it up to the old family cemetery. 

I love this spot.  I've visited many times - but I think my favorite visits happen when newbies are with me and are seeing it all new to their eyes.

Beyond the cemetery -

Xenia and Terry and I power walked even further while the others slowly made their way back down toward the river.  Another mile maybe?  2 if you consider it was round trip - by the time we got back to the cars and joined everyone else we had done almost 4 miles of mountain walking.

Humidity is definitely BACK!  We were drenched and exhilarated, still waiting for rain.

Well done, ladies!

You wore me out!

This happened yesterday!

The washer/dryer is fully functional in the new second laundry spot at Quiltville Inn!

I had completed most of the laundry the day before - but there was still a load to go, so I gave the unit it's own initiation and put it through its paces.  HOORAY!

I already knew I liked this model (Don't have the model number in front of me, but it's from Lowe's and you can find it in their online catalog) and am thrilled we got another identical set.

It doesn't have a signal to let you know that the loads are done - but as I am usually back at the QPO Studio while laundry is running, I just use a timer.  I never liked a dryer signal anyway - 

And just about the time the initiatory load was done = the rain came! Click to Play:

I took this video just to show The Hubster that this gutter needs help. The crazy conundrum is - if it's raining you can't fix it.  When it's not raining, you forget to fix it.  LOL!

How am I doing today?  I am SO SORE.  My backside is black and blue.  My thumb injury is feeling better, but it was a challenge making beds yesterday even with Susan's help.  You don't know how much of a role your thumb plays until you injure it.  Even for the simplest of tasks.

I sit very gingerly.  Laying down isn't comfortable in any position.  And I still feel so stupid. But it will get better day by day.

And the fun continues!

Today's stop on Pat Sloan's Holiday Celebrations book tour - Aurifil Thread! Don't forget to sign up for their Gift-Away while there!

I've loved visiting the other stops along this tour since it began with the TWO mega-giveaways from Martingale happening now (see the prize packs on my May 31st POST. You can enter on their blog here, and over on Instagram here.) and seeing what everyone has been making from Holiday Celebrations.

Don't forget to enter for my own gift-away on Pat Sloan's Holiday Celebrations Tour. Did you get your entry in on that post yet for my gift-away?  Be sure to hit up all of the stops along the way!

The B.E.A.S.T. quilters began to arrive yesterday afternoon - luckily in between rounds of rainfall.

First the Ohio contingency - which was followed by a St Louis group, and finally the Utah group arrived about 8:30pm - it's a wonderful reunion for SO MANY!  It was wonderful to witness and partake in the hugs all around.

After getting everyone in and settled, I returned home through mist and sprinkles ready to settle in for the night.

No stitching happened yesterday - I couldn't find a comfortable way to sit at the machine.  I couldn't find a comfortable position in my hand stitching chair at home either.

Who would think that I would find a new appreciation for the ability to just SIT and sew?

I'm uber excited to spend retreat with the B.E.A.S.T quilters - as we are including a Wonky Wishes workshop that will be spread out over the time they are here.

It's a good thing - it's raining again, but what else have we got to do but stay inside and sew?

How are things shaping up for your Thursday ahead?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

It is okay to change your mind about things you once thought you never would.
We were never put here to stay in the same place.
You are not a tree.
If you need to, pull up roots and move!



  1. Hope you feel better very soon--this adds meaning to the saying that something "sticks out like a sore thumb"!

  2. One of the things I really appreciate about you Bonnie is how you support other quilters, like your mentioning Pat Sloan's book every day. Many quilters have their day and then don't mention it again. And I think you have a nice balance in your blog with the retreaters that respects their privacy too. Love seeing all the quilts, that's for sure!!

  3. Curious? What does B.E.A.S.T stand for?

  4. Your blog is something I look forward to everyday. Had surgery Monday - spinal decompression and fusion. Home on Tuesday. Drug fog so no handwork for a while but enjoying your blog esp about your hikes!

  5. You have such a beautiful area. I always love it when you share the pictures of your hikes! But, does anyone else look at that abandoned house and think that it would be a great sewing building?! HAHA...
    I hope that you continue to heal quickly. Enjoy the new group and the rain. Today I am running a few errands and then continuing to clean my mess. Putting together a little red, white, and blue project in between.
    Happy quilting!

  6. It absolutely poured here too. I told my parents that it is easy to believe they live in a "Temporate RAIN Forest." 3 collars and 6 fitted sleeves await me today. I lost a day to sickness from second vaccine shot. But glad that is over. Can't wait to get these shirts done and back to some quilting!

  7. So sorry to hear about your fall. It does take a lot of time to heal. Last December after spending 6 weeks to prepare for a move from our farm of 30+ years and the movers coming in the morning I fell asleep on the stool at my kitchen counter and fell off hitting the hardwood floor. I wound up with a simple fracture of my tail bone and 3 broken ribs. The ribs healed quickly but the tail bone took 6 weeks of PT and my balance still is off. So be very careful Bonnie and try to not do too much. I enjoy your posts and seeing all the animals and anxiously awaiting your next project. I have several of your patterns on hold because of the fall and lack of strength to finish getting my sewing room in our new house set up. Thank you for all that you do for all of us.


  8. Ohhhh been there. Talk about silly wacky can’t-do things!!! Getting in and out of the shower after trying to also wash your hair!
    You need a soft quiltie online hug 💕😁💕
    You got one

  9. We are having flooding in Arkansas. More rain than on record. It is south of our location, but I feel so sorry for those it is impacting. Hope you are feeling better soon from you fall. Enjoy the B.E.A.S.T. I too wonder about there name?

  10. I know it’s warm there, but maybe a soak in the hot tub would help the soreness. I also know what you mean about the thumb…I have tendonitis in both of mine, and making the beds it torture!!! But, so is picking up a glass of water some days…😢. Hope you feel better soon.
    I’m off this morning to look at pictures of your quilts. I’m trying to work out a border on one right now, and I’m not satisfied with it yet. I now know what you mean by ‘the quilt will tell you what it needs’. It’s just not talking loud enough yet, so I thought maybe I’d get some ideas from yours.

  11. Thank you for sharing the pictures of your beautiful area! Bet those lovely colors and views inspire more quilts! Hope you feel better soon!

  12. We need rainier in Iowa so the sight and sound of it was a treat. Thank you for all the beautiful photos and videos you include in your blog. It sounds like the Inn is busy, busy. I am so happy for you on it's success! Blessings to you for all you do!

  13. Bonnie, Try T-Relief or Traumheel if you can find either of these locally or online. They are both terrific for bruises and sprains, and all natural. I use both the cream and the oral tablets whenever I have muscle injuries.

  14. Get well soon! I know you'll enjoy the quilters.

  15. I had a similar fall in May. I quickly made a chiropractor appointment and a massage appointment. That helped me get on my feet much faster with less bruising than I would have thought possible.

  16. Beautiful pics and a wonderful retreat with the June group! Take care if yourself and try to take it easy... I keep thinking about a massage table with the head hole while laying on your stomach to get comfy while your tail bone is bruised. :(

  17. I love your blog posts. Great to see that Quiltville Inn is in full swing. Happy stitching retreated.

  18. I suppose that's why the adage "it sticks out like a sore thumb" is common usage. So sorry you took such a fall. Dealing with any one of those bruises is hard. You're dealing with so many and not playing the I quit game. Praying you heal quickly and without lasting problems.

  19. Are you sure you didn't break anything?

  20. You sure live in a beautiful place! Love to see your pictures. Wishing you are on the mend quickly!

  21. Gutter fail - we have a Victorian house and when we had our new roof done, our contractor put 'commercial size' gutters with guards on the house. It makes a huge difference in downpours like you had. My daughter has a tudor style roof and just did the same thing. I hope you start feeling better soon. Lots of great advice from others above.

  22. So sorry to hear about your fall and injuries, Bonnie! Sitting on a blow-up doughnut ring helped me when I broke my tailbone. Also lots of ice. It took a good 6 weeks to heal. OUCH.

  23. Great post as always!!! I would like to pull up roots and move by you, love all the hikes you girls go on!!! Such beautiful views and always a great time! Feel better Bonnie that was some flight straight down the stairs! Rest up!Have a great week-end.


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