Thursday, June 17, 2021

Another Day in the Scrap Mines!

This happened yesterday!

((And Lola helped - sort of!))

My amazing friend Carrie sent a couple of boxes of "hunks and chunks" as she called it - destined to find their place in future quilts.

As Susan busied herself making all things right with the upstairs at Quiltville Inn (Tuesday was downstairs day, Wednesday is upstairs) I had some time to paw through the gift boxes of awesome fabric scraps and sort things into color piles.

I LOVE doing this!

There is something so "ZEN" about being surrounded by possibilities - thinking of what these will become.

When there is a whole rainbow around you, the color themes and plans are infinite.

Click to Play:

Now the job becomes - which pieces will be stripped down to Scrap User's System sizes right away - or will remain as bigger pieces in case I need them for a couple of projects I've got up my sleeve behind the scenes.

You all know what Summer means for ME, right?  There is a Leader & Ender challenge to be revealed right around the corner, and on the tails of that we need this year's mystery top completed by Halloween so we can get the colors and yardage out there.

The wheels are spinning!

And here we go again!

The Sisters of the Stash began arriving around 4pm - cars, vans & trucks - Oh My!

Last week's pouring rain has left us with so much lush green - and the temps have been mild in the 70s.  If you look at the top of the photo you can just about see the grill we've moved to the porch.

We have several groups this summer who have requested to use the grill - last night's welcome dinner was burgers with all of the fixings.  Yum!

Sandra's gorgeous cranberry featherweight!

I snapped this photo quickly as I was walking by - because I had some other visitors as well.

Jeff brought Ashlyn and Casden up for the first time!

Since Jeff is responsible for quite a bit of dry wall repair and painting of walls and trim inside the Inn, it was wonderful to let him show Ashlyn around - of course Casden at 5 years old wanted to know where Zoey was and could they please go there soon?  LOL!

And we did.

After a tour of the inn and the QPO, I headed with them back to the cabin for dinner on our own porch where Casden could play with Zoey until he was tuckered out.

And can I just say that my heart is so full that he has started calling me Nana?

One of the retreaters stopped to greet him and asked "Casden, do YOU have a Scooby Do quilt?"  His eyes got big and wide and he said "YES I DO!"  (He must have thought she was magic for knowing all of this.  LOL!)

This is also going on - I awoke to it this morning.

The clear non-skid strips are being applied to the stairs at the cabin so I don't take a tumble down them again.

They are thick and grippy - and I like that they are clear.

They have a peel off backing, and come with a roller to get all of the air bubbles out. 

They are 6'' x 30'' and come 14 in a pack. 

We will also be adding these to the stairs at the inn as I don't want anyone falling down wood stairs there either.

I have added them to the Around the Inn category of the Quiltville Amazon Affiliate Store.

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Today I'll be doing some of that "behind the scenes" work while the Sisters of the Stash retreat next door.

While I won't be hiking or doing long walks or anything strenuous for the next couple of weekends at least - there are some who have been here before and they will be heading up the groups who want to get out and see some of our beautiful area.

The tailbone is going to take a long time to heal - but I'll get there.

What is in store for your Thursday ahead?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Cute quote with a great life lesson!
I think this is one reason why Quilters get their hands busy when life gets stressful. It helps us work through the issue while doing something creative and positive while giving us something to show for it.
Put it all in there, into that quilt you are working on.
Vintage pickle dish quilt found in North Carolina⁣
Don't you wonder what our quilts would say about us if they could speak?
Have a wonderful Thursday, peeps!⁣



  1. Have a great day Bonnie and I’m glad you are on the improve. What a big step to be called Nana by Camden. Treasure every moment as they disappear quickly. Wishing you many more special memories.

  2. Most of my tops would say "could you hurry up an get me finished" LOL Quilts can be as impatient as children sometimes.

    1. I think mine would say the same. Do they know each other? How do they communicate?

  3. Yea, being Nana is the best!! I see how you love to sort those piles of color. Happy to be scrappy. Have a great weekend 😀

    1. My step children thought it was so funny to start calling me Grandma Dorothy when I was 23. Yelp I loved it but not for the reason they loved it. Just though it was funny. Now those kids have children and I am still Grandma Dorothy. DH and I have been married 50 years now.

  4. have a wonderful day! I'm having my sewing sisters over tomorrow so I will be cleaning and getting ready!

  5. Enjoy your visit Bonnie!

  6. Oh! Oh! Oh! We need those strips. I am staying in my parents basement of their "cabin" while (fingers crossed) finally purchasing my own place. There are 15 treacherous steps that look just like yours. And the railing has gaps in it! Just another project for my dad. Anyway! I know what he gets for Father's Day. lol

  7. Best quote ever! I'm often accused of worrying too much. Think I'll stick to sewing. Way more fun! Thanks, "Nana"! Keep up the good work of resting that tailbone of yours.

  8. Love the quote of the day. So true!
    There's nothing better than being a grandma!!! Best hugs in the world.

  9. Talked to DH and we're going to get those treads for our basement stairs! As far as quilty things go, I'm going to take my box of scraps and sort them by color so I can then take one color at a time and organize by size (or cut down if needed). After a month away from the project, last night I started back on Winter Blues. Unfortunately "where did I leave off and what needs to happen next" has to be figured out before I can really start again.

    1. Someone gave me some advice about making myself a note as to what the next step is. As I say, they gave me the advice, do I remember to do it? haha

  10. Yay! Nana Bonnie! How sweet.

  11. I have to ask about the step grippy things, do they catch all the dog hair? my dog sheds like crazy, but I also took a tumble on my bare steps and broke my foot! I find them interesting because they are clear.

  12. My Dear Bonnie: Please DO Take it easy for the next couple of weeks, and as you say, YES, Your tail bone will take quite awhile to heal. As we get older, everything takes longer to heal.

    My Thursday consisted of going to Donna Week's "Quilts for U" Sale out on the way to Sterling. She had Batiks for $8.00 a yard. Flat Cottons were 40% off, and if you bought the rest of the bolt, it was/is 50% off. FQs are $1.50, except Batiks are $2.00. I helped put a dent in the Batiks. She is making room for new stock!

    I put off digging at my friends for Lilac Shoots, Mountain Bluettes, but will do that Monday after class of on WED. After PT. Now it is time to spend time w/ my garden and perennials.

    Kasilof, AK
    Where it was rainy yesterday, but sunny at times and cloudy at times today!

  13. I will finish up the baby quilt top with the Diamond tile blocks I made over a year ago. I love that pattern and when I went to find my issue of Quiltmaker to find that pattern in the the Addicted to Scraps column, I must have every issue but that one. I am sure it is still somewhere in my sewing space, I just haven't found it yet. That is one of my favorite scrappy blocks. And I am piecing the outer border now with light fabrics in strips. Must add a small inner border to set it off and then add the pieced outer border. Then the sandwich part, which is not my favorite part of the process. I am making small quilts or table runners now as I have not need for bedsize quilts in my home. I have two for each bed, and have a couple put back for grand girls... I really do like making large bed size quilts though. I will do a little playing and some art quilts maybe.

  14. I broke my tail bone in Jr. High and still remember the pain. I brought a "doughnut" (like a blown up innertube) to school to sit on. It is hard to be patient but it will heal.
    We just put black rubber treads on the steps going up to the pool deck for the same reason: to be safe.
    It was fun to watch you sort your newly acquired scraps. I'm kind of the opposite, as they overwhelm me. I have so many projects that I will never get to the scraps that they leave behind. Luckily we have an art store that will gladly take them for purchase by others who can use them.

  15. have fun playing with your lovely pile of scraps. I got a bunch scraps about a week ago and i felt like it was Christmas! It is the small thimgs that make us happy :)

  16. I broke my tailbone many years ago. Since you didn't break anything, you might heal faster, but my tailbone ached for a couple years. Doesn't bother me anymore, but for a while there, I thought it would last forever.....


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