Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Bye Bye, BEASTS!

The BEAST Quilters loaded it all up and were on the road toward their home destinations as of yesterday morning.

Farewells are SO HARD!

I can still hear the echoes of their machines and laughter ringing, even though the house is silent and empty. (But only until this afternoon!)

Thank you so much, ladies!

By the time I arrived yesterday morning Bryce and Joyce were already Ohio bound.

Suzy and Emily would soon be pointing their stuffed to the gills car toward St. Louis.

Marcia was planning on some junk shop wandering in Wytheville before she hit I-81 and began her long journey back to Syracuse.

And the remaining 7?

Pros at Car Tetris!

They left early enough that they could drive through historic Old Town Salem before catching their homeward bound flight in Raleigh.

I began running laundry in TWO washers/dryers and by 3:30pm ALL WAS DONE!  Hooray!

The sun was out on Monday and we could get porch photos!

Karlene sewed into the wee smalls on Tuesday morning just to finish her beautiful Grassy Creek quilt in batiks!

This morning I found text messages that everyone had arrived back home, tired but exhilarated.

And it was 103 in Utah - much different than the balmy 70s we had here yesterday!

Zoey wants to know where the ladies went -

She is making sure the wagons stay put until they come back!

I also want to thank EVERYONE for the wonderful response on yesterday's PDF pattern release day!

The PDF patterns for both Rivanna and Bitcoin are priced at $9.00 each - that's 25% off through June 30, 2021.  

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This bundle offer is only good through June 30th, 2021 at the low price of just $16.00! (Must purchase from the bundle listing - not as individual patterns.)

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While on the introductory post, be sure to enter our gift-away!  I'll be drawing for one lucky winner who will receive the pattern bundle AND a Facets of Blue fabric roll from Cotton to Quilts!

Today - I've got to get a stupid paper notarized, and it is not easy finding a notary in these parts.  It's a run around errand that costs more in gas and time than it's worth, but I'll take care of it this morning and be back in time for today's arrival of our next group Sisters of the Stash!

Beds to make, towel baskets to be made ready, ironing stations to cover with new freezer paper, sewing stations to be laid out with goodies - it's going to be a busy day.

How about your Wednesday?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Remember life without having to carry a phone around with you wherever you go?
Remember dinner tables where no phones were present? Remember standing in a line where NO ONE was face down into their phone? When actual people around you meant more than what was on the screen, be it a text, an email, a social media post or a YouTube video?
Let's bring more of that back!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!



  1. UPS Stores usually have Notary Services. I know that Galax has a store.

  2. Around here, in Connecticut, there are notaries at the bank, and if you have an account there, they don’t charge you! Good luck!!

    1. yes! Many banks have that service. It is wonderful!

    2. Yes, I was going to say banks also. Linda is right they don't charge if you have an account...

  3. My family has never had a problem with phones at the table but I've seen ideas where you put all the phones in a basket so the table is phone free does it work?..
    Surrender your phone at the door like the old west when you had leave your guns with the sheriff. LOL

  4. Hello from Melbourne, Australia.🇦🇺
    I’ve just bought the pattern bundle, thanks for a great deal, Bit Coin looks like a scrap buster & adore Riviana.
    Always great to see ladies having fun……something I will dream of.

  5. phones not allowed when we're "visiting" -- be it at the dinner table or around the coffee table! It's simple and easy... like quilting (LOL) follow the rules and everything works out fine. I hope your bruises and sore muscles are healing... nothing like preparing for "company" to make you move! sigh... love that Zoey! what a sweet girl, she's probably feeling a bit lonesome! no ponies, no walks, where's Ivy? Yup... busy busy busy... thanks for sharing your life and the Inn... love love love the sampler and was tickled to read someone asking if a pattern would be forthcoming!!! Keep hydrating and continue to take care. Cats in Carlsbad CA

  6. Wow!! Did these girls WORK!! Very impressive, ladies.

  7. I may have mentioned it before, but I just love hearing about the goings-on at Quiltville Inn. It makes me happy. And I love your two new quilts! They are so beautiful. Can't let my mom see Rivanna or she will want one. Hoping to make it to the sewing machine today.

  8. I really love the peaceful palette of Karlene's Grassy Creek... I'm starting to collect fabrics to attempt a similar kind of result for the next mystery!

  9. LOVE the quote! And Rivanna makes me smile every time I see it. It reminds me a lot of Blue Ridge Beauty! It should have a terrific response! Safe travels to the quilters coming and going!!
    Today is laundry day and sewing!! Now that I am all cleaned up I can sit and sew until my heart is content! Have a great day!

  10. I am sure all of the cleaning is exhausting but it must be sew much fun organizing and getting ready for a new group :)

  11. Realtors are usually notaries. Banks. Credit Unions. Thanks for the great patterns - they are fantastic. Can't wait to get started. Don't do a lot of sewing in summer time. But this may change my mind.

  12. The only telephone in the house when I was growing up was on the wall in the kitchen and if it rang during meal time, we weren't allowed to answer it.

    1. Sounds like the home I grew up in. I also have distant memories of "Party Lines" and I don't mean Konga!

  13. I too love hearing about QuiltvilleInn. It sounds like fun and the pictures are happy face pictures.

  14. My grandsons never have their phones at the table, in fact I have never seen them use them when I have been visiting except for when we get into a discussion and need google to answer a question. They don't allow the tv on at dinner time either. All of these rules were not made by the parents but the boys themselves. They are video game fanatics but as soon as granma comes they stop playing for the duration, again this is their decision which makes me even more proud of them as they do it so willingly.

  15. Love your quote. No phones allowed at out dinner table and our three teenagers are happy to oblige. Love seeing all the going’s on at Quiltville Inn, just a pity New Zealand is sooo far away to visit!

  16. The buggies are a great addition to unloading cars. They had a lot of fun! Lucky Ladies. Glad you can get the laundry done in short time now with double the Washer Dryer sets.

  17. Re your quote of the day: I remember the times when one made friends during a long train ride. Just because someone in the compartment startet chatting and on arrival time drinks and food were shared, adresses were exchanged. Often the beginning of some long lasting pen friendships. Does this still happen nowadays?

    1. Nowadays, we often meet on line. I met a group of wonderful quilters thru an AOL message board in 1999; we became real-time friends, meeting in various locations around the country, depending on which of us was hosting our "quilt camp." Despite life events, many of us still meet as often as we can; correspond daily. :-)

  18. Curious about covering ironing stations with freezer paper - to keep them from getting dirty/stained? May do this at our church guild!

  19. It made me smile to see the BEAST quilters on the steps in front of Quiltville Inn, settled so beautifully amid the early summer greenery. I know it's a ton of work for you, but your heart must be so full when you stop and think about how your dream has become a reality. I hope to be able to visit with MY quilting sisters some day soon. May the healing from your tumble soon be accomplished!

  20. That’s where we go too, our Credit Union. Beautiful quilts Beasties!

  21. We just came back from camping for several days with good friends. No cell service available! We had a lovely time. I'm glad you have two washer sets now; that does speed it up!


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