Saturday, June 12, 2021

Stringing, Treadling, and More!

This spectacular gift for the Inn was lovingly handstitched by Lani.

I am still so flabbergasted, it brings me to happy tears.

Do you see all of the things she added just to this close up?  There is Zoey at the bottom.

2019 is when we held our first beta test retreat, the first retreat of 3 before Covid shut our doors for a season.

She graphed out and stitched the inn itself!  She even shared the graph she drew with me - imposing it over an actual photo.

The two cats Lola and Ivy are there as well.

Here is the whole thing.

I just love it SO SO SO MUCH!

I'm going to find a place (in the dining room I think) where it can be admired and enjoyed by all.

Thank you so much Lani!  I am so excited to have you under my roof this week!

Even with the ever-present rain we have enjoyed our time together so much.  Such a great group of ladies!

Ready for a wonderful lunch of carnitas!

The instant pot is getting a workout (Thanks Go-go Kim!) and I'm going to be collecting recipes - this was the most tender tasty pork!


Yesterday's extended workshop time - String pieced sashings for Wonky Wishes!

We had several quilters who had not done any string piecing before - and I love watching quilters become quickly addicted to the fun of sewing narrow strips of fabric over phone book paper foundations.

Just remember to put that stitch length way down so the paper is easier to remove!

Wait till you see where these pops of red end up!

Atta girl!  I love that recycled plaid shirt!

One block framed!  Fun fun fun fun!

Sarah and her first treadle lessons!

Sarah is sewing on the first treadle machine I ever bought - found in Baker City Oregon around 1992.

It was many many years later when I finally dug in, determined to get the machine functional to learn how to use it myself.

It then became a bedside table in our guestroom at the Wallburg house for nearly a decade, unused.

I brought it up here a few weeks ago during the current going through and relocation of all the things.

Serial number!  Let's look this up!

She is a 115 - one of 5000 commissioned on December 10, 1913.

Triangles and Treadling!

Two sisters on retreat!

Though I got the machine cleaned and oiled and new needle put in - after a short go we started having problems and I think the timing has slipped.

The 115 is a full rotary hook, unlike the model 15s.  At first I thought I put the bobbin case in wrong. (But it was the same way it was inserted before when it worked?) The needle is hitting the bobbin case and we had to move this machine head out and opt for something else.

1967 Brother Citation head in a 1913 Treadle Cabinet! LOL!

Well, why not?!

This is Petula.  I found her at a thrift shop years ago.  She sews like a dream, and was the perfect candidate to keep Sarah treadle sewing.

She is based on the model 15, has a round bobbin - and is a smooth stitcher.

We will see today if that solves the issues we were having with the 115.

In other news - I picked up my van Moby last evening - all fixed! YAY!

There is less pain when driving the van, unlike the low seating position of the Malibu rental car.

The freezer also has its new icemaker installed and is working - YAY again.

My injuries and the intermittent rain (sometimes heavy with thunder) have kept us rather housebound.

I may be sending the ladies on field trips without me today as I think it's time that I hit urgent care and have this looked at.

I can't sit comfortably.  I can't lay down comfortably.  I don't sleep well - I can't lay on my back, and my side or my stomach can only be tolerated for a little bit.

I'm not usually whiny - so that means it is time to get some help for that stupid stair fall that happened on Tuesday.  It's been enough days to know that it isn't going to get better simply by waiting it out without help.  So that is the plan for today.

Urgent care opens at 9am. I'll be there.

And the fun continues!

Today's stop on Pat Sloan's Holiday Celebrations book tour Mellissa Mortenson of Polka Dot Chair. Don't forget to sign up for her Gift-Away while there!

*NOTE*  As I write this morning, her post is not yet live - but should be soon, so if you can't find it, please come back!

I've loved visiting the other stops along this tour since it began with the TWO mega-giveaways from Martingale happening now (see the prize packs on my May 31st POST. You can enter on their blog here, and over on Instagram here.) and seeing what everyone has been making from Holiday Celebrations.

Don't forget to enter for my own gift-away on Pat Sloan's Holiday Celebrations Tour. Did you get your entry in on that post yet for my gift-away?  Be sure to hit up all of the stops along the way!

Now you know all about what is going on in my world - how about sharing with me what is going on in yours?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

The secret of why we are where we are is found in our daily routine!
What is one area you would like to see change for the better happening today?
I need to make better use of squandered time. There. I said it. You?

Have a wonderful weekend - I'll see you back here on Monday!



  1. El cuadro a punto de cruz es precioso y un bonito detalle de Lani. Me encanta ver como disfrutan las quilters , quizás un día sea yo laque se lo pase bien ahí , porque es un entorno maravilloso .
    Espero y deseo que todo quede en el susto y se recupere bien de la caída.
    Me encanta ver cada día su blog desde 2006. Un abrazo

  2. I fell and cracked my tailbone.... the cure... t i m e

  3. I'll be sewing today with friends, about 15 of us. I'll be working on Laundry Basket Quilt's SAL from last month and your pattern for Irish Courthouse. Have a great weekend and I hope Urgent Care can help you out!

  4. Hope a trip to the Chiropracter will put everything back where it belongs, so long as your pain level can tolerate the manipulation... hoping even more that nothing really serious is found and you're put to rights soon! As an older person w/chronic arithritis, that sometimes flares up you have my empathy trying to find ease in your body... Hugs, prayers and blessings, Cats in Carlsbad CA

  5. Such a beautiful gift. Absolutly gorgeous! But you deserve it Bonnie. Thank you Lani for honoring her!!

  6. Good morning Bonnie. I'm glad you're going to get your injuries looked at. I understand completely the reluctance to spend time in a waiting room and the idea that it will heal on its own. I'm pretty sure I invented the concept! Lol As for me, I dropped 3 flimsies off at the longarmer yesterday, today I need to check on my honey bees and maybe add more honey supers. Oh and dishes and house cleaning need to happen but not sure if they will. Wishing you speedy recovery.

  7. After reading your blog, I cannot imagine that you squander any time! I also cross-stitch, and what a beautiful picture of your inn - Lani did a wonderful job, and I am so impressed including your pets. Also, prayers for your healing and pain control so you can get some good sleep.

  8. Beautiful work Lani.

  9. Beautiful work Lani.

  10. right there with ya on being uber uncomfortable...slowly improving but 6 weeks out still a way to go...be patient...go slow and rest!

  11. Wow, the cross stitch sampler is wonderful! Hope your trip to Urgent Care went smoothly and you are on the road to recovery

  12. I agree. If I could get back all the time I've wasted it would add years to my life! Feel better.

  13. 🙏🏻🙏🏻 That you are soon feeling better. I LOVE the needlework that Lani made. It’s a treasure. Blessings to you. ♥️♥️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  14. So sorry to hear you are still in pain from your fall. Hope they can fix you up today. What an amazing gift that stitchery is with all the special details included!
    I need to spend less time scrolling and playing games on my phone!

  15. Lani's needlework is just amazing!!! Squandering time---that describes me to a T !!! Have always loved Wonky Wishes, gotta get it out again. Be Well!!

  16. Praying that Urgent Care can figure out a plan for you to get to feeling better quickly. Your fans need you, as well as you need sleep. This group is so much fun for you to post about, even without the outdoor hikes. Lani is a really talented person and I love love the cross stitch. WOW!!!!

  17. I hope you are able to get some help from the Urgent Care today. Good luck. I’ll be working on a quilt for my sister that my grandmother began in 1992 during Hurricane Andrew. She never finished it before passing away, so I will.

  18. The sampler is just beautiful and the pets all look so happy! I know we are glad whenever you share their antics. :-) I hope you have gotten some help on your pains by now since it is almost noon my time. I will be quilting more on my quilt-as-you-go dresdens this weekend. I am hoping to get the last row all individually quilted and then sewn together to join to the mother ship that is all quilted! Yay! So I guess I had better get started. I hope you are in less pain after today. K- lkw2x6-apq@yahoo.com

  19. Having done many cross stitch projects, I know the SUPER amount of time and love that Lani put into that cross stitch. It's beautiful!! Hope you feel better soom!

  20. Oh, Lani!! Wonderful job and a perfect gift. Bonnie, hope you get to feeling better1

  21. I'm so amazed and impressed by Lani's cross stitch! Beautiful gift lovingly made. I'm bouncing back and forth between gardening and quilting, enjoying retirement so much. Cooking, too, but that's not as much fun. 😊 I haven't figured out the difference between wasting time and resting. Seems like I run out of steam so much quicker now, so I rest, and when I rest, I read or scroll on my phone, so I guess that's wasting my time. I figure as long as I'm happy, that's good. I so hope you can heal soon, Bonnie! Best wishes!

  22. I had a wonderfully productive day yesterday. Got the backing done for one quilt top and binding made for that one and another. Payed for standing at the ironing board for so long though…lower back was not happy last night. Had some trouble going to sleep, but slept till 11:30am this morning…😵. I think my horrendous allergies yesterday contributed to that. I woke up with purple circles under my eyes…a sure sign of my allergies. Trying to get moving this morning. Would love to get started on quilting the quilt top today, but I think since I’m straight line quilting it, I want to spray baste it. But, I can’t get to my spray basting wall right now. May have to get inventive. Thought about trying to come up with some kind of design to do it on the mid arm, just so I don’t have to baste it…still mulling that over.
    I sure hope you can get some relief. I fell off the kitchen counter several years ago (DON’T ASK), right on my tailbone. Didn’t break it, but bruised it really bad. A donut was my best friend for a couple of months. Prayers for a full recovery! May not be quick, but hopefully it will ease up so you can sleep.

  23. Your treadle sewing machine story reminded me that my grandmother sewed on a treadle machine and made dresses for her younger 3 daughters. She used one pattern and fabric and sewed all three at the same time. For example, sewed the tops of each, then all the sleeves, then the skirts. She rotated who got the first finished dress. Think of the calories burned treadling!

  24. I hope that you get fixed real soon. Love the needlework. When will you start selling kits? I think people will line up. It's the nicest that I have seen.

  25. I’ve been trying to catch up with your blog before I commented… the picture in my mind of you falling down those stairs… it hurts to think about it. That’s awful! I’m so sorry that happened, but amazed you didn’t break anything! However, your Urgent Care visit might find a cracked tailbone & deep tissue bruising. Hopefully all will be fine with time, & maybe a donut seat pillow?! Bless your heart…

    I have enjoyed this week’s blogs and all the quilting, hiking photos (when they happened) and YAY for ice makers, second washer/dryers and Zoey’s clean teeth!!

    Love the treadling… I hope to actually make a Civil War Era quilt on my 1898 Singer. The main issue is that it has the shuttle bobbin & I have trouble filling it with thread! Any suggestions are welcome…

    I accept the challenge… I need to change my everyday lazy mornings!! At least I need to be sewing while I watch Perry Mason & the Waltons haha! (Well I DO that sometimes!)

    Praying you feel much better soon!!

    Have a blessed day! Marci Hitchcock💕

  26. Lani - what a beautiful and thoughtful gift! Bonnie, you are such a special person and have touched so many hearts. You deserve the blessings.

  27. I am right there with you about squandering time, although with all that you accomplish, I find it a little hard to believe that you are guilty of much of that.
    The X-stitch is amazing! That may be pattern material, hmmm?
    I am working on a new project with lots of HST so the Easy Angle ruler is getting a workout!

  28. After breaking my tailbone more than once, I can tell you that it is a long process to heal. So sorry to hear that it's still hurting so bad. Take it easy on yourself.

  29. I pray for you each day that your soreness will ease, but glad to hear that you are getting it checked out to be sure nothing is seriously wrong. Hopefully only some major bruising which is just as painful to heal. I love the gift that was made for your Quiltville Inn, it so adorable. I put the backing on my nine patch quilt with my homemade spray basting and hope to finally get started with free motion quilting this next week. It has been forever since I have been able to do much sewing. I have spent several weeks now dealing with Dr. visits with my hubby trying to figure out what is going on with him. He is having a stress test this next Wednesday, and has to start rehab too for a frozen shoulder that if it gets no better might need surgery on it. So I am fighting for little dribbles of sewing time these days. I wish I go come to a retreat and get away. But I can't even manage my weekly quilting group as these Dr. visits seem to be on Wednesday which is my quilting day.

  30. What a beautiful needle point!
    What a coincidence! I moved to Baker City in 1993, and purchased my first treadle there. It was a Singer 66 Red Eye.
    I fell on my tailbone 3 times in my 50's. Now it dislocated often. Chiropractor took images after the 3rd fall and discovered I have degenerative discs. Hope that isn't your issue, but may want to have them look for it. Best Wishes!

  31. Beautiful stitch work! Hope you get some relief from your aches and pains after that scary fall.

  32. Sending healing thoughts your way, Bonnie!

  33. Wow, the cross stitch sampler is beautiful!! And so special that she added all the custom touches! Hope your injuries aren't anything serious & you get better soon!

  34. Hope everything goes ok with your checkup at Urgent Care. My daughter and I are currently nursing our 9 Yr old Labrador who had surgery on a slipped disc in his neck a week ago. He's now back to his "I don't walk I run" self so keeping him steady and calm is quite a task! Especially when we're both wheelchair users! One week down, another 7 to go....... :)

  35. Lani’s gift is just stunning isn’t it! And it says so much about humans stunning capacity of love for each other.

  36. Bonnie, I read each and every blog post, I do not always comment. 🌹
    Reading this one made me very happy. I absolutely adore the cross stitch.
    Everything about this post today was just so wonderful... except the fall and the tail bone. Terrible injury. I hope and pray you have good healing. Go see an ortho doc and get at least an x-ray.
    I am an old ortho spine nurse and I know these injuries take time to heal.
    when the pain gets angry, ice it for ten minutes. I know sleeping on your tummy is not what you like doing but do what you need to do to get sleep. During the day, it is amazing what you can do resting on your stomach, cross stitch, get all of those bindings done, clean up your computer, go through all of that stuff and throw it away and then restart your computer .... any more ideas, let me know 😂😂😂 you are a gem💎 and do not deserve to be suffering from pain🌹

  37. What an amazing gift, the stitchery is awesome. Hoping you feel better soon, and it isn't a serious problem.

  38. What a beautiful needlepoint! Lani has a new graphic career ahead :-)

    Glad you are heading in to have it checked out; hopefully, rest is the answer.

  39. Wow Bonnie - feel better soon! Praying

  40. Hoping to quilt some cosies for my sewing machines today. Lots of 2" squares put to use. Hope all goes well at Urgent Care and that time is the only healer needed. I love your sampler - what a great gift. You will treasure forever.

  41. Beautiful needle point of Quiltville Inn! Hope you get to feeling better very soon! Nothing worse than being in pain and uncomfortable. All my best wishes. Thank you for sharing so much with us!!

  42. Beautiful needle point of Quiltville Inn! Hope you get to feeling better very soon! Nothing worse than being in pain and uncomfortable. All my best wishes. Thank you for sharing so much with us!!

  43. Oh my goodness, I hope your injuries to your back will be something that can heal with time with some pain medication to help while your back heals.
    I'm 84 and took an unexpected fall on March 11. I landed on my behind. I've had exrays and CT scans. It turns out I have fracture in my spine just below my waist. The pain is brutal and I sure do sympathize with you, Bonnie.

    I love the needle work given to you, by Lani. It is absolutely amazing. She captured it all.

    I made a queen size scrappy quilt for my husband quite a few years ago. He loved sleeping with it.

    Lola's coloring looks so beautiful in today's picture. It's like a beautiful fall quilt.

    I'm having a beautiful day today. I picked some sugar snap peas and green beans. Tied up my 2 tomato bushes took a rest and spotted a scalloped squash plant only just sprouted Yummy veggies this summer. Winter squash is coming along nicely.

  44. I’m sorry to read that you’re still hurting. I said to a sewing friend that you usually “take a licking and keep on ticking!” Good luck!

  45. Wonderful cross stitch in so many ways!

  46. Please take care of your health!! We need you to much! I love reading everyones post and your blog. I always feel so inspired to get busy! hugs!

  47. Fingers crossed and prayer wheel spinning that urgent care can get you on a recovery path quickly. Soft tissue injuries often take more time to heal than bone injuries. :( But on a happier note so glad to see another 115 still sewing! My treadle machine is also a 115 from 1913, and yours looks to be the same table as mine with the pretty gingerbread trim on the sides. Regarding the hitting the bobbin case issue, I would check to make sure there is nothing preventing the needle from being fully inserted up into the needlebar. As long as you have the original bobbin case installed it seems there shouldn't be anything else that could cause bobbin strike.

  48. Love, love, love Lani's cross stitch. I have ben looking for a sampler like this for several years. This one has wonderful colors in it. Would she be willing to tell me if it is a published pattern and a source for it? susielee47@hotmail.com

  49. Absolutely beautiful cross stitch sampler, what a wonderful heartfelt gift. Take care and I hope urgent care can help you.

  50. What a STUNNING gift! Beautiful, and heartfelt! I used to cross-stitch before I started quilting, I’ve never looked back, too many quotes to create and gift before I expire!

    I hope the chiropractor can help, I swear by ours, and any others I’ve seen in the past 40 years. Rest, too. An anti-inflammatory too might help. Get well soon, do you’ll be back hiking and sewing as soon as you can!

  51. I hope you feel better soon. We also have wooden stairs; and I keep telling my hubby we need a carpet for those stairs! I had a guy come out and give me an estimate (from Lowes) to put the carpet down and he wanted to 'cut a groove into the wooden stairs to fit the carpet'. That didn't sound right to me. After reading about your accident - we are going to tackle this project again! I hope you feel better soon!

  52. Could you have broken your coccyx bone?
    It might help to see a physical therapist. My husband injured his knee while sledding, the PT is really helping.
    Get well soon.


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