Tuesday, June 29, 2021

The Great Monday Escape! *And Gift-Away!*

The wild rhodies are blooming in my woods!

The big domestic rhododendron in front of the inn blooms bright fuscia pink around mother's day - but the ones in the woods around the cabin come out much later - mostly white with the palest shade of pink -

I've been watching these buds for weeks giving them the "Come on! Bloom, baby, bloom!" encouragement.

Why are they so shy?

Blooms are much smaller than the big one in front of the inn porch -

But I love them all the same!

I'm keeping a watch on them - singing my encouragement song - The only thing that disappointed me this spring/summer was the freeze we had in late spring that pretty much did a number on my lilac hedge.  Very few blooms - so I guess we will have to wait again for that show next year.

Yesterday I planned on sewing.  I really did.  

But once the mail was dropped off at USPS, and the laundry was completed, the towel baskets prepped and placed at the end of each bed - the ironing stations recovered with new freezer paper, the design walls de-threaded by sticky roller -

I looked at my watch and it as 11:45am and I knew I needed to just GO GO GO GO and get some "away from here" for the day.

I headed to Galax.  There were errands to run.  I needed to restock things like dish soap, hand soap refills, and pick up some 4th of July decor stuff for the back porch to add some festive fun for the group coming in who will be spending 4th of July on retreat.

I wanted to check Goodwill for more irons - we had one die a couple of retreats ago. 

And I NEEDED Chinese buffet in the worse way!

I am the first one to admit that I didn't think I'd ever be going to a buffet again - or it would be a long long while.

But I heard great things about this place and all of the precautions they had in the works.  Masks worn when at the food bar.  Disposably gloves for serving utensils.

And that hot & sour soup - my soul nearly cried.  It had been so long!

This little business has done everything it can to survive the pandemic and I was happy to support their efforts and leave a generous gratuity. Delicious!

All of the "must do" errands run (There were no passable irons at Goodwill, but I'll keep looking!) and everything on my list acquired - I found myself downtown for an antique mall run.

Oh no!  You poor thing!

I love the blue - but I've been in the rehoming stage of things, not in purchasing.  This one was missing some parts, and is in pretty rough shape.

Perhaps someone will love it and take it on as a project -

I kept looking for vintage quilts to photograph - can you believe that there were none?  Only the Chinese made imposters labeled as "vintage" and "hand stitched"  

I was kind of bummed out until I saw -

I had one just like this back in the day!

Hello 1972!

I was 10 years old when this was all I wanted!

"Julie, Julie, Julie - Do ya love me?????"

How can this be nearly 50 years ago?

Zoey doesn't seem to care - LOL!

And now for something REALLY exciting!

I have been ABSOLUTELY blown away by the response for my newest patterns - Rivanna and Bitcoin!

And to celebrate, we are jumping in today with a beautiful blue/neutral Fat Quarter Bundle perfect for enhancing your Rivanna fabric pull - thanks to Mary of Mary’s Quilt Shop in Bedford, PA!

These are all from Mary's fabric lines - aren't they gorgeous?

And they could all be YOURS!  

So much blue/neutral goodness on the shelves!

If you are looking to enhance your stash for your own version of Rivanna, check out these gorgeous blues and neutrals designed by Mary Koval for Windham fabrics! 

Mary’s Quilt Shop is happy to pull together a hand picked selection of fat quarters or yardage for your project needs!

These fabrics are not available for purchase on her website - so drop Mary an email at Marysquiltshop@comcast.net for a custom fabric pull, just for you!  

Yes, shipping is available.
And because Mary is so kind to offer up this gorgeous bundle of Blue & Neutral fabrics - I will be extending the Rivanna and Bitcoin 25% off sale through 4th of July!  

We will draw for the winner of Mary's fabric bundle and the Rivanna + Bitcoin Bundle that goes with it on Monday, July 5th.

While Rivanna and Bitcoin may be purchased separately at the 25% off introductory price of $9.00 each (No coupon needed!) you can purchase both together in the Rivanna + Bitcoin Bundle and save even more!

This bundle offer is only good through July 4th, 2021 at the low price of just $16.00! (Must purchase from the bundle listing - not as individual patterns.)

If this is your first time downloading digital patterns from my store to a computer click HERE.

If you intend to download to an iPhone/iPad click HERE.

So let's get those entries in!

Winner must have fabric prize shipped to a USA Address. If you are drawn and live outside of the USA, we can ship your prize to a friend who lives inside the USA who can then forward it on to you.

And that's not the only thing that is going on!  Did you see our Simple Whatnots II Gift-Away that started on Saturday? 

Click the link for that post and get your entry in - you will LOVE this book!  (And all of the other goodies I'm throwing in with it!)

Whew!  That's a lot of Gift-Away Goodness!

Today there is another road trip - I've got a couple of appointments to attend to, and a run to the Wallburg house to pick up more needful things. I think two days galivanting around are good for my wandering spirit which hasn't gone much of anywhere in months and months.

The tailbone is on the mend - little by little - a bit better every day.

How about your own Tuesday plans?  Anything fun going on?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

I believe in right turns, left turns, and u-turns! If you don't like where your road is heading, change direction or build a new road!
And this is important: ⁣
Please don't judge someone else's road or tell them how they should be walking it, or what would make THEIR road better for YOU.
Just some random thoughts on this beautiful almost-end-of-June morning.

How can June pass so quickly?



  1. I don't get much time to sew these days, but I love reading your blog every morning. Always such a lift and bright start to my day! Thanks Bonnie, for sharing all your quilty goodness!

  2. "Julie, Julie, Julie do you care?..."!! I had a Bobby Sherman poster on my wall, but I'm thinking it was 1968 or so as a young teenager. Never had the lunchbox though! Today is errand day for me too, between the massive unbelievably hard rain storms we've been having for days. I'm also putting the binding on my July 4th themed quilt- cutting it close as usual!

  3. I read that you covered your ironing boards with fresh freezer paper. Is that to protect them from scorches etc. And does it make them slippery so that fabric is harder to press? Just curious as I am really tired of taking my big board cover off to wash LOL

  4. Yum. Garlic green beans and sweet and sour soup two of my very favorite things from the Chinese buffet. Finally getting a bit of my quilting desire back after a year of brain fog from the loss of my husband of 56 years. Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

    1. Barbara, so sorry for you loss of your dearest husband. Glad you're getting back to quilting.

    2. How much your heart must hurt, Barbara. My prayers are with you for the strength to continue your recovery. I pray you find some solace in quilting and in the wonderful memories you must have of your husband.

  5. You definitely are a busy lady, but oh so well organized and creative. I'd love to tag along with you to help, as I'm sure I'd be super inspired afterwards. Just wish we didn't live on opposite coasts! Beautiful fabric collection which I'd absolute love, love, love to make Rivanna with it.

  6. Bonnie - is there a for-sure way to spot those cheap foreign-made quilts at shops, flea markets, garage sales?

  7. Thank you for your blog, Bonnie! I so agree with the thought of the day. Let's not judge how or where others are walking, maybe they just need someone to walk alongside of them silently. Just love Zoey's pose! She is a hoot!

  8. That Zoey sitting on her head cracks me up every time you post a picture of her doing it. She has got to be quite the dog!

  9. The wild rodies are beautiful. So much beauty in nature if we only stop to look and enjoy! Zoey just cracks me up with her acrobatics! Love seeing her antics, as well as Ivy & Lola. Glad to hear that you are on the mend.

  10. Love that photo of Zoey. What a clown she is! You wore me out with all you did yesterday! And I really like the vintage quilt of quartered circles.

  11. Those white and blue fabrics are so beautiful together. I've been a blue and white sort og girl the last year.

  12. planning to add the sashing stips between the rows of the blue and beige bird quilt. I found a perfect border fabric in the same blue with red birds on it. I hope I have enough of that left to make a small border. I am not usually one that adds borders to my quilt but this one will have one. I am slowly tackling all those UFO's lurking in hidden spaces in my sewing space. When this one is finished. Two down... ???? to go. Sadly one of them is a quilt I was making for my best friend Diane. However she passed away a year ago before I finished it and could gift it to her. NOw I don't know if I want to finish it or not.

  13. I have one of those blue machines! I love it, use it with my walking foot. I call it Blue Rosie, as it was given to me by an old friend named Rosie. Also - I have a son living in Portland, as you do, and I worry about the weather they are currently experiencing - too far away to help (from PA) but they are still your kid even if they are in their 30's!

  14. Would love to meet you in Galax sometime when I am at the cabin in Fancy Gap I love Chinese but hubby not so much!

  15. That looks like a featherweight sewing table under that old machine. I would have snapped that up! they are hard to come by.

  16. I still have my Bobby Sherman lunch box. Since my name is Julie, my friends used to sing Julie, Julie, Julie do you love me to me all the time!

  17. Love that combination of blues and creams.


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