Saturday, June 19, 2021

Coloring Our World!

There are happy colorful things happening!

I walked in to the Quilting Quarters to find a wide array of Sugar Top blocks up on the design wall - a super fun mix of recycled shirts and fabrics in wild rainbow colors.

Everyone who comes and stays brings so much creativity into this space - and it is so exciting to see everyone's twists and turns on patterns I have loved making myself!

Nearly Lemoyne is filling this wall!

How each quilter chooses and pairs her fabrics makes each block uniquely her own!

This is one of the reasons that I don't provide kits - why have them all the same?

Fair & Square is under way from Scraps & Shirttails II  out of wild prints and colors!

This is going to be a show stopper!

Love the hexagon flowers on the left -

And the Winter Blues in progress on the right!

Watching the weather, it was determined that last night would be the best night of this retreat to have the fire pit going in the back yard.

Oh yum!!!

With so many retreats and fire pit nights, the only thing I've felt like indulging in is just a plain old roasted marshmallow or two.  No cookies, no chocolate, no graham crackers - Maybe it's akin to working in a donut shop - that after a while it's just all too much and you don't want to eat it any more?  

Maybe this is a GOOD thing? LOL!

All was going on swimmingly - and Zoey was behaving herself until she caught whiff of a bunny or something and off she took to the creek below, and no amount of calling her would bring her back.  She was on the scent!

Once she was discovered running down across the creek, we knew we had to go and physically retrieve her because once her nose is in gear, her ears shut off.

The hubster brought her back, and she was so proud of herself, soaking wet and grinning from ear to ear.

Selfie with Irene!

There will be no more free-roaming in the back yard!  It's tether time because we are not going through this chasing rabbits thing again!

How Lola celebrates Caturday!

I spent some time yesterday morning sorting through some strips - deciding what can go in the string buckets, what needs to be sliced down into Scrap User's System strips - and making plans for future quilts I can't wait to make.

Some of this is being cut into pieces for our new Leader & Challenge releasing in a couple weeks!  New fabric to play with and a project to put it to use right away - it's a wonderful combination.

A seat cushion with room to protect my healing tailbone has been ordered.

In the mean time, standing and pressing and cutting is something that I can do while I make ready for our Leader & Ender challenge release day.

Check out Tasha's ladders for Bitcoin!

Tasha! Your ladders are looking fabulous! Thanks for tagging me - keep sharing your progress!

The PDF patterns for both Rivanna and Bitcoin are priced at $9.00 each - that's 25% off through June 30, 2021.  

While they may be purchased separately, you can purchase both together in the Rivanna + Bitcoin Bundle and save even more!

This bundle offer is only good through June 30th, 2021 at the low price of just $16.00! (Must purchase from the bundle listing - not as individual patterns.)

If this is your first time downloading digital patterns from my store to a computer click HERE.

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While on the introductory post, be sure to enter our gift-away!  

I'll be drawing for one lucky winner who will receive the pattern bundle AND a Facets of Blue fabric roll from Cotton to Quilts!

Irene also has Fabric Rolls in other varieties as well - check out the neutrals to go with your blues, but also the scrappy rolls which are great for enhancing your stash for Bitcoin!

So here we are at Saturday - the weekend is at hand!  What do you have in store?

I know I'll be spending video chat time with my dad for Father's Day - he is hunkering inside as the temps in the Phoenix area continue to climb. 115 is pretty danged awful.

We have been calling his summers there "reverse winter" as it's too hot to be out in it, but at least you don't have to shovel it!

Quiltville Quote off the Day -

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut because we don't know what the road ahead has in store and we're afraid to take a step.
But if you don't, you'll never get anywhere! Take the step!
Vintage churn Dash quilt found in Kentucky.
I love the simple quilts the best!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone - we'll catch you back here on Monday!



  1. When I had my back fused, it was about a year until I could sit comfortably to sew. I wasn't going to stop sewing, so I made an "extension" table for my sewing machine. It was about 12" tall - made of pumbing pipe attached to a piece of plywood. My footpedal was long enough to reach the floor. I sewed standing for a long time. My son's wedding quilt - king - was completely sewn standing up. I even took my table to quilting classes. It was just so important to do something to get my mind off my back, so quilting was it! I hope you can find something that will help you do the things you like too do.

  2. Had lumbar fusion on 6/7. Like you. I think I can soon handle standing to cut and press!

  3. I've only now put two and two together and realized how not being able to sit and sew is truly messing with the new L&E coming so quickly, and your need to get the new mystery quilt done--on top of all else that keeps you running. Prayers, Bonnie, that you heal quickly, the pain is gone, and that the new seat cushion does just what you need it to do.

  4. My 1st job was in a bakery. The smell still makes me nauseous.
    The only donut you will see me eating is a glazed covered in crushed peanuts.

  5. It's funny that you say you like simple quilts the best. Your designs are anything but!

    1. After making 6 (so far) of Bonnie's quilts I will counter with this comment: they ARE made up of simple units -- just a lot of them! Her genius is in how color and contrsst combine from simple units into complex overall design. I confess to being a design snob with an obsession for geometric pattern who until I discovered Bonnie had never used a design other than my own. She has unlocked the secret to great design and if the quilt is approached one unit at a time, as per her superb instructions and illustrations, one can easily produce an amazing quilt. It just is not done in a day or even a week because of the small scale of the units, but at the end I have learned a ton about piecing and have 6 "wowser" results that are 'simply' beautiful.

  6. I love seeing the retreat photos, so much color! Color me happy! Love all the blocks and how everything is coming along. One of these days I will make it to a retreat.But first I'm inspired to add some color to my life...gone shopping... be back soon, lol

  7. Last year I signed up for a BOM from one of my local quilt shops. It was COVID and I wanted to help her out. The picture was of Batiks. The fabrics were not, but I understood that it was a "make do" BOM. Progressing on I have been trying to put the quilt together today - the blocks are all made. Scrappy is not always pretty. LOL It is part of my Guild UFO challenge this year so it will me finished, but maybe not loved. I am titling it "COVID Havoc 2020."

  8. Your quote and saying today are so true! We should all pay attention to this.

  9. As some others have suggested, you might want to consider a stand-up sewing station for a while. I know there are some quilters who do all their sewing standing. Maybe Zoey's rabbit chasing adventure explains how you can to find her seemingly abandoned. She may have wandered far from home while chasing something. Since her original owner did not have her chipped, both Zoey and you lucked out in finding each other.

  10. Thank you ever so much for including pictures of your quilter guests' progress. Age has caught up with me and is limiting my adventures with quilt groups and conferences. Your "bits and pieces" are so inspiring to those of us who are no longer traveling far. A bonus - your dog and cat tales always bring a joy to my day.

  11. I live in the country and have a chocolate lab that follows her nose right into trouble! She wears an electronic collar every day (taking off at night to charge). She will not respond to her ears either when she is on the scent of something, but that electronic collar buzzing on her neck gets her attention and she will turn around and come back. She is a chewer and tying her up would only result in a chewed tether....
    Just a thought for Zoey.
    (The electronic collar has 3 settings, a bell, a buzzer (similar to having the phone on vibrate) and a shock (with multiple settings for level of shock). We have the shock level turned to the lowest setting. Not that we shock her, but have accidentally bumped the button before. I prefer to use the buzzing sensation as that seems to get her attention the best.)


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