Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Flaming Orange!

I know nothing about gardening.

But I LOVE flowers, and there are some pretty ones blooming now along the side porch at Quiltville Inn.

Bright flaming orange azaleas - and they are stunning, especially when driving around and seeing them next to a bright purple rhododendron. (Oh there is a quilt color plan for you!)

I'm sure these bushes need some pruning.

And yes, that is a volunteer walnut growing up through the bush that needs to be taken out. It must have grown from one of the squirrel's secret walnut hiding spots.  I keep finding broken open shells all over -

Yeah, it's pretty spindly.

And there are 3 or 4 of these bushes blooming right now - or trying. This is the best one of the bunch.

I mentioned yesterday that the days after a 3 day holiday weekend leave me feeling short sheeted and that it is harder to fit in all of the 'Must Do's" after the "Didn't do a thing!" day.

And that is exactly what happened yesterday.  Susan was over to clean the inn for the group arriving today.

I went and dropped the van off at the collision repair place at 12:30, came back to help Susan make beds (It goes much faster with two people and I love the chit chat time!) I finished getting the mail order from the long holiday weekend out the door, and at 3:30 the Hubster picked me up and we went to go to Galax and pick up my rental car.

It's a little Chevy Malibu - I think it is the same model that I had the LAST time my van needed fixing after being hit by a deer.

It's fun and zippy and has new car smell.  I think I'll be okay with this for a week or so.

It really limits my ability to take groups for hiking or biking, but as stated - perhaps someone else has a bigger vehicle we can use until the van is fixed.  it will work out.

Anyone know what this is??

This is my on-demand hot water heater for the new washer/dryer set up that is going in!  YAY!

This is going to happen - it's really going to happen. Simply having 12 guest beds has shown me just how much 'behind the scenes" stuff I had taken for granted.  The next time I stay in a hotel, the laundry crew is getting a big tip from me because I know how endless it all is.

No complaints - I love clean laundry fresh out of the dryer.  I'm just more aware of how many loads and how much time it takes to wash those loads comes into play.

I'm giddy over the prospect of 2 washers, 2 dryers and my inner 11 year old is like "WHAT?!?"  LOL!

My one moment of fabric petting!

What do I have here?  Pre-cut and pressed LABELS!

I love using my older and languishing white-on-white fabrics for my labels.  I cut 6'' to 8'' squares, (Smaller quilts get a bit smaller label) and press them on the diagonal.  They are sewn to the corner of the quilt during the binding process.
My labels are hand written in fabric pen – the Pentel Gel Roller for Fabric being my favorite.  

I have linked to these both the set of 2 shown here, and also available in a box of 12 in the Quiltville Amazon Affiliate Store.  You’ll find them in the Quilting All the Time category. 

Direct link to item HERE.

I have a couple of quilt finishes coming up, and labels will be at hand!

Lola couldn't care less!

My sneak peek for Pat Sloan's Holiday Celebrations tour!

What am I making here?  You'll just have to wait for Saturday to see!  While the pattern directions didn't recommend the Simple Folded Corners ruler for this technique, I knew I could grab it and make an easy go of the stitch-and-flip corners I needed for this unit!

Just a few more days and I get to show you just where these units ended up.

Let's continue on to our next stop in Pat Sloan's blog tour for her new book Holiday Celebrations.

Come join the fun as Pat Sloan takes you on a joyful journey through a year's worth of celebrations. You'll find easy patchwork and fusible-appliqué; projects for Valentine's Day, Easter, the Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. 

Stitch welcoming lap quilts and table toppers, plump and pretty pillows, trick-or-treat totes, cozy Christmas stockings, and more. Keep your home décor looking fresh and cheery as the seasons change, and always have the perfect pattern on hand for a housewarming or holiday gift. 

With inspiring photos, easy-to-follow instructions, and 17 terrific designs at your fingertips, you're on your way to a great year!

I have added Holiday Celebrations to the Quilting All the Time category of the Quiltville Amazon Affiliate Store. Use your PRIME from wherever you are and have the book in your hot little hands in just a few days! (And while you are at it, add a pack of those Pentel Gel Rollers for Fabric linked above!)

Today, head over to visit Andy Knowlton of A Bright Corner for her post about Holiday Celebrations and her gift-away!

Her project turned out SO cute and makes me want to dig into the Halloween fabrics IMMEDIATELY!

And if you haven't already - Enter the TWO mega-giveaways from Martingale happening now (see the prize packs on MONDAY'S POST). You can enter on their blog here, and over on Instagram here. Tag a friend in the instagram comments and they can receive a free book too!

The June Quiltvillians arrive this afternoon!  The fix-it guy for the fridge ice-maker is also supposed to come today.  I'm hoping that he comes while the fridge is still empty, as well as the house.

Ice from the countertop ice-maker has been bagged and stored in the back entry freezer just in case.

The washer/dryer for the new laundry area is also supposed to arrive this week?

It's going to be nuts, but I know we are going to have a good time.

Anything fun happening for your Wednesday?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage Tennessee Waltz quilt found in Kentucky.

Dancing isn't something that happens just with our feet, dancing is something that happens with your soul and it starts in your mind!
Throw yourself into the happy dance of life!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!



  1. Happy Dance!! The sun is out! (first time in days)

    1. I agree Judy, we have sunshine today too! It has been weeks of rain, and we are getting immediate hot 80 degree weather to go with it. But I will survive as I can stay in my cool basement and sew!

  2. I'm off to barn quilt paint this morning. Good times! Marilyn Marks

  3. Beautiful Exbury Azaleas, the rhododendrons might be jealous.

  4. Your orange azaleas are beautiful!!! My favorite color!!

  5. Beautiful Exbury Azaleas, the rhododendrons might be jealous.

  6. Your orange azaleas are beautiful!!!my favorite color!

  7. I love that you are on the Pat Sloan book tour. You two are my favorite bloggers, pattern designers and teachers!

  8. We call Lola's pose the "please rub my tum" pose at our house. We did have one cat that would do this to lure your hand and then wrap all four legs around your hand and commence with the bunny kicks!

  9. You're reading my mind today, Bonnie! I have a quilt to label and I was just thinking, "I wonder if I can quickly find a blog post where Bonnie mentions the pens she uses ..." Doesn't get much quicker, lol! Thank you : )

  10. Love, love, love your Quote of the day. I keep telling my adult grandchildren age is how you feel about it!

  11. The colors of your rhododendron and azalea shrubs are awesome. That orange is something else, for sure! Spent flowers from both shrubs should be cut out within 1-2 weeks of dying out. If done much later, you end up cutting off the new growth that starts to form for the next year’s flowering. Have fun with the new group coming to the Inn!

  12. Yes getting ready for our annual subdivision garage sale and my grand daughter is having her 1st baby any minute. I will be a great grandmother for sure by this evening.

  13. My Wednesday was productive, I finished hand stitching the binding down on my latest scrappy. That always makes me feel like I accomplished something. Now to move on to another project, After I do some repair work on a wall hanging that I gave my son several years ago. His wife must sand blast the quilts I gift them, becaause I had to replace abinding on one after only a few years. This one really shouldn't be washed at all is a wall hanging. A Bengal Tiger applique piece. Then I think I will just play with some ideas for a Halloween wall hanging. I have to take a break from Bed quilts I have more than I or my children can use. I would gift them to others, but not everyone is a scrappy quilt person.

  14. We bought a house with scrawny azaleas too. I did some research and learned that they could be trimmed down by 1/3 to promote growth from the bottom. I did this for 3 years and fertilized them and WOW! They were beautiful. Gardening is a long process, not unlike making a beautiful quilt!

    1. Sometimes making a beautiful quilt is a long process for me. I just finished a Double Irish Chain quilt that was started in a workshop in 2005. LOL

  15. Orange and Purple! Perfect for a quilt. My Unity quilt is orange, purple and turquoise, made with 10" fabric squares exchanged with 50 lovely "Pink Ladies". Do you remember when I met them in Iowa at one of your classes and they "adopted" me.
    Quilty friends are the best! (Nothing rhymes with orange or purple).

  16. Here in Montclair, Ca. we will begin having HOT weather today. Today the prediction is for 93*. It is supposed to be in the 90s on up to 101*. Yikes!!!! I'm not ready for this kind of heat. I'm sure glad I have whole house air conditioning. Thank you so much for sharing how to make the corner quilt label. I made one to share with my quilting friends this coming Thursday. Some of them might have missed it just like I did until today. I ordered a pack of 2 Pentel gel pens. I read the comments about it on Amazon and people loved them. I was a little worried about them being bold and writing a little wider than the other pens. But I will get used to it. Did anyone happen to read on of the comments that said she found the pen is erasable on paper. She hasn't tried to erase it on cloth yet. It would be nice if it will erase on cloth. Happy Quilting!!!


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